MediaMonkey Track List

# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Genre Rating Bitrate Media
110,000 ManiacsA Campfire Song3:14In My Tribe91987Rock 840Network
210,000 ManiacsA Room for Everything3:56Love Among the Ruins61997Rock 916Network
310,000 ManiacsAcross the Fields3:53Love Among the Ruins121997Rock 967Network
410,000 ManiacsAll That Never Happens4:58Love Among the Ruins101997Rock 962Network
510,000 ManiacsBecause the Night3:43MTV Unplugged121993Rock 941Network
610,000 ManiacsBig Star3:07Love Among the Ruins81997Rock 1060Network
710,000 ManiacsCandy Everybody Wants3:19MTV Unplugged31993Rock 978Network
810,000 ManiacsCandy Everybody Wants3:08Our Time in Eden91992Rock 988Network
910,000 ManiacsCan't Ignore the Train [#][Demo Version]2:52Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 222004Rock 1008Network
1010,000 ManiacsCherry Tree3:13In My Tribe41987Rock 947Network
1110,000 ManiacsCircle Dream3:27Our Time in Eden111992Rock 890Network
1210,000 ManiacsCircle Dream [Alternate Lyrics Demo] [#]3:25Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 2132004Rock 870Network
1310,000 ManiacsCity of Angels4:17In My Tribe101987Rock 880Network
1410,000 ManiacsDon't Talk5:04In My Tribe61987Rock 840Network
1510,000 ManiacsDon't Talk5:21MTV Unplugged51993Rock 950Network
1610,000 ManiacsDust Bowl4:12Blind Man's Zoo81989Rock 697Network
1710,000 ManiacsEat for Two3:31Blind Man's Zoo11989Rock 934Network
1810,000 ManiacsEat for Two4:22MTV Unplugged21993Rock 814Network
1910,000 ManiacsEden4:09Our Time in Eden31992Rock 895Network
2010,000 ManiacsEden [Alternate Lyrics Demo] [#]3:33Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 2142004Rock 870Network
2110,000 ManiacsEven With My Eyes Closed3:56Love Among the Ruins31997Rock 1036Network
2210,000 ManiacsEveryday Is Like Sunday3:15Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 272004Rock 926Network
2310,000 ManiacsFew and Far Between3:16Our Time in Eden41992Rock 959Network
2410,000 ManiacsGirl on a Train4:10Love Among the Ruins41997Rock 1010Network
2510,000 ManiacsGold Rush Brides4:11MTV Unplugged81993Rock 849Network
2610,000 ManiacsGold Rush Brides3:25Our Time in Eden61992Rock 906Network
2710,000 ManiacsGreen Children4:13Love Among the Ruins51997Rock 1032Network
2810,000 ManiacsGun Shy4:11In My Tribe71987Rock 869Network
2910,000 ManiacsHateful Hate4:31Blind Man's Zoo101989Rock 833Network
3010,000 ManiacsHeadstrong4:16Blind Man's Zoo61989Rock 987Network
3110,000 ManiacsHello in There4:26Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 252004Rock 958Network
3210,000 ManiacsHey Jack Kerouac3:26In My Tribe21987Rock 842Network
3310,000 ManiacsHey Jack Kerouac3:48MTV Unplugged61993Rock 979Network
3410,000 ManiacsHow You've Grown3:41Our Time in Eden81992Rock 784Network
3510,000 ManiacsI Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You3:39Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 292004Rock 788Network
3610,000 ManiacsIf You Intend3:05Our Time in Eden121992Rock 941Network
3710,000 ManiacsI'm Not the Man3:46MTV Unplugged41993Rock 817Network
3810,000 ManiacsI'm Not the Man3:25Our Time in Eden131992Rock 825Network
3910,000 ManiacsJezebel4:23MTV Unplugged111993Rock 745Network
4010,000 ManiacsJezebel4:02Our Time in Eden71992Rock 807Network
4110,000 ManiacsJubilee6:07Blind Man's Zoo111989Rock 740Network
4210,000 ManiacsLet the Mystery Be3:10Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 2112004Rock 934Network
4310,000 ManiacsLike the Weather3:56In My Tribe31987Rock 816Network
4410,000 ManiacsLike the Weather4:14MTV Unplugged91993Rock 974Network
4510,000 ManiacsLove Among the Ruins4:01Love Among the Ruins21997Rock 1080Network
4610,000 ManiacsMore Than This4:05Love Among the Ruins71997Rock 963Network
4710,000 ManiacsMy Mother the War3:32Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 122004Rock 966Network
4810,000 ManiacsMy Sister Rose3:12In My Tribe81987Rock 867Network
4910,000 ManiacsNoah's Dove5:07MTV Unplugged141993Rock 746Network
5010,000 ManiacsNoah's Dove4:31Our Time in Eden11992Rock 958Network
5110,000 ManiacsNoah's Dove [#][Demo Version]4:12Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 2122004Rock 916Network
5210,000 ManiacsPeace Train3:28Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 232004Rock 959Network
5310,000 ManiacsPlanned Obsolescence4:28Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 112004Rock 932Network
5410,000 ManiacsPlease Forgive Us3:24Blind Man's Zoo21989Rock 969Network
5510,000 ManiacsPoison in the Well3:08Blind Man's Zoo71989Rock 1000Network
5610,000 ManiacsPoppy Selling Man [#]3:34Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 212004Rock 958Network
5710,000 ManiacsRainy Day4:46Love Among the Ruins11997Rock 1054Network
5810,000 ManiacsScorpio Rising3:14Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 142004Rock 963Network
5910,000 ManiacsShining Light4:06Love Among the Ruins111997Rock 1028Network
6010,000 ManiacsStarman4:14Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 2102004Rock 876Network
6110,000 ManiacsStockton Gala Days5:29MTV Unplugged131993Rock 957Network
6210,000 ManiacsStockton Gala Days4:22Our Time in Eden51992Rock 911Network
6310,000 ManiacsTension3:30Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 132004Rock 960Network
6410,000 ManiacsThe Big Parade4:01Blind Man's Zoo31989Rock 941Network
6510,000 ManiacsThe Lion's Share3:03Blind Man's Zoo91989Rock 904Network
6610,000 ManiacsThe Painted Desert3:38In My Tribe51987Rock 884Network
6710,000 ManiacsThese Are Days4:53MTV Unplugged11993Rock 961Network
6810,000 ManiacsThese Are Days3:42Our Time in Eden21992Rock 973Network
6910,000 ManiacsThese Days3:28Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 282004Rock 910Network
7010,000 ManiacsTo Sir With Love4:16Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 262004Rock 939Network
7110,000 ManiacsTolerance4:16Our Time in Eden101992Rock 926Network
7210,000 ManiacsTrouble Me3:14Blind Man's Zoo41989Rock 846Network
7310,000 ManiacsTrouble Me3:40MTV Unplugged101993Rock 887Network
7410,000 ManiacsVerdi Cries4:21In My Tribe111987Rock 564Network
7510,000 ManiacsWhat's the Matter Here?4:51In My Tribe11987Rock 911Network
7610,000 ManiacsWhat's the Matter Here?4:50MTV Unplugged71993Rock 933Network
7710,000 ManiacsWildwood Flower1:53Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings Disc 242004Rock 915Network
7810,000 ManiacsYou Happy Puppet3:38Blind Man's Zoo51989Rock 967Network
7910,000 ManiacsYou Won't Find Me There4:08Love Among the Ruins91997Rock 1022Network
80The 31st Of FebruaryGod Rest His Soul3:56Dreams Disc 191989Rock 738Network
81The 31st Of FebruaryMorning Dew3:46Dreams Disc 181989Rock 876Network
82A la Carte Brass & PercussionAfter the Rain4:35Boogeyin41994Jazz 813Network
83A la Carte Brass & PercussionBlues a la Carte8:19Boogeyin91994Jazz 912Network
84A la Carte Brass & PercussionCalcutta Cutie6:19Boogeyin71994Jazz 814Network
85A la Carte Brass & PercussionCantaloupe Island5:16Boogeyin101994Jazz 850Network
86A la Carte Brass & PercussionCanto Para Elegua1:11Boogeyin51994Jazz 908Network
87A la Carte Brass & PercussionLucy I'm Home2:15Boogeyin111994Jazz 884Network
88A la Carte Brass & PercussionPapa Was a Rolling Stone5:58Boogeyin11994Jazz 868Network
89A la Carte Brass & PercussionSidewinder4:34Boogeyin61994Jazz 908Network
90A la Carte Brass & PercussionThat Mellow Saxophone3:14Boogeyin31994Jazz 888Network
91A la Carte Brass & PercussionTipitina4:12Boogeyin21994Jazz 886Network
92A la Carte Brass & PercussionWho Do da Voodoo?5:05Boogeyin81994Jazz 902Network
93Aaron & Art NevilleGo To The Mardi Gras5:08Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert32005Jazz 898Network
94Abbey LincolnA Time for Love8:39You Gotta Pay the Band101991Jazz-Vocal 756Network
95Abbey LincolnAnd How I Hoped for Your Love3:35You Gotta Pay the Band61991Jazz-Vocal 749Network
96Abbey LincolnAnd It's Supposed to Be Love5:13Wholly Earth11999Jazz-Vocal 846Network
97Abbey LincolnAnother Time, Another Place7:16Wholly Earth81999Jazz-Vocal 848Network
98Abbey LincolnAnother World9:13Wholly Earth51999Jazz-Vocal 881Network
99Abbey LincolnBird Alone8:31You Gotta Pay the Band11991Jazz-Vocal 741Network
100Abbey LincolnBrother, Can You Spare a Dime?6:44You Gotta Pay the Band41991Jazz-Vocal 704Network
101Abbey LincolnCaged Bird7:02Wholly Earth91999Jazz-Vocal 885Network
102Abbey LincolnConversation With a Baby6:37Wholly Earth61999Jazz-Vocal 857Network
103Abbey LincolnFirst Song6:31The World Is Falling Down21990Jazz-Vocal 590Network
104Abbey LincolnHi Fly6:33The World Is Falling Down71990Jazz-Vocal 772Network
105Abbey LincolnHow High The Moon (La Lune Est Grise... Mon Coeur Aussi)7:33The World Is Falling Down51990Jazz-Vocal 758Network
106Abbey LincolnI Got Thunder (And It Rings)5:49The World Is Falling Down41990Jazz-Vocal 835Network
107Abbey LincolnIf I Only Had a Brain5:32Wholly Earth71999Jazz-Vocal 887Network
108Abbey LincolnI'm in Love6:10You Gotta Pay the Band21991Jazz-Vocal 771Network
109Abbey LincolnLearning How to Listen6:29Wholly Earth101999Jazz-Vocal 842Network
110Abbey LincolnLive For Life4:49The World Is Falling Down81990Jazz-Vocal 712Network
111Abbey LincolnLook to the Star6:42Wholly Earth41999Jazz-Vocal 884Network
112Abbey LincolnMidnight Sun7:23Wholly Earth21999Jazz-Vocal 886Network
113Abbey LincolnSummer Wishes, Winter Dreams6:24You Gotta Pay the Band81991Jazz-Vocal 763Network
114Abbey LincolnThe World Is Falling Down6:21The World Is Falling Down11990Jazz-Vocal 827Network
115Abbey LincolnUp Jumped Spring4:35You Gotta Pay the Band91991Jazz-Vocal 789Network
116Abbey LincolnWhen I'm Called Home5:23You Gotta Pay the Band71991Jazz-Vocal 672Network
117Abbey LincolnWhen Love Was You And Me5:46The World Is Falling Down61990Jazz-Vocal 666Network
118Abbey LincolnWholly Earth6:01Wholly Earth31999Jazz-Vocal 946Network
119Abbey LincolnYou Gotta Pay the Band4:49You Gotta Pay the Band31991Jazz-Vocal 650Network
120Abbey LincolnYou Made Me Funny3:02You Gotta Pay the Band51991Jazz-Vocal 426Network
121Abbey LincolnYou Must Believe In Spring And Love5:58The World Is Falling Down31990Jazz-Vocal 671Network
122Abbott & CostelloWho's on First?4:30Baseball's Greatest Hits21989R&B 556Network
123Acoustic AlchemyThe Earl of Salisbury's Pavane3:06GRP Christmas Collection, Vol. 271995Christmas 667Network
124Adrian LeggCelandine3:21High Strung Tall Tales11994New Age 856Network
125Adrian LeggHigh Strung Suite: Hispanic Theme1:44High Strung Tall Tales71994New Age 824Network
126Adrian LeggHigh Strung Suite: Major Theme2:58High Strung Tall Tales91994New Age 821Network
127Adrian LeggHigh Strung Suite: Meditation6:02High Strung Tall Tales61994New Age 868Network
128Adrian LeggHigh Strung Suite: Thirds2:54High Strung Tall Tales81994New Age 864Network
129Adrian LeggMeditation Reprise3:17High Strung Tall Tales191994New Age 668Network
130Adrian LeggMud & Jigs3:30High Strung Tall Tales121994New Age 605Network
131Adrian LeggNaive II3:27High Strung Tall Tales101994New Age 682Network
132Adrian LeggNasenhaarmechismus1:14High Strung Tall Tales201994New Age 641Network
133Adrian LeggPaddy in the Synagogue/The Pregnant Folksinger3:22High Strung Tall Tales131994New Age 872Network
134Adrian LeggProfiles in Hormones6:35High Strung Tall Tales161994New Age 617Network
135Adrian LeggQueenie's Waltz2:28High Strung Tall Tales171994New Age 806Network
136Adrian LeggSharon Puckett's Knees3:23High Strung Tall Tales141994New Age 614Network
137Adrian LeggSilent Night3:16High Strung Tall Tales111994New Age 894Network
138Adrian LeggSong for Di3:38High Strung Tall Tales41994New Age 865Network
139Adrian LeggSweetheart3:20High Strung Tall Tales51994New Age 732Network
140Adrian LeggThe Cool Cajun4:27High Strung Tall Tales31994New Age 855Network
141Adrian LeggThe Crockett Waltz4:01High Strung Tall Tales21994New Age 821Network
142Adrian LeggThe Irish Girl5:14High Strung Tall Tales151994New Age 797Network
143Adrian LeggTwo Duties2:03High Strung Tall Tales181994New Age 557Network
144After Hours Big BandA String Of Pearls2:46Puttin' on the Ritz8   753Network
145After Hours Big BandAs Time Goes By2:45Puttin' on the Ritz10   818Network
146After Hours Big BandBackburner3:51Blue92008Swing 1002Network
147After Hours Big BandBahama Cruisin'3:29Puttin' on the Ritz4   736Network
148After Hours Big BandBlue4:20Blue62008Swing 804Network
149After Hours Big BandBoogie Express2:42Blue52008Swing 991Network
150After Hours Big BandCaution! Contents Under Pressure2:50Blue22008Swing 1045Network
151After Hours Big BandChasin' Bill3:12Blue72008Swing 998Network
152After Hours Big BandCherry Pink2:43Blue12008Swing 927Network
153After Hours Big BandCubano Chant3:39Blue42008Swing 1006Network
154After Hours Big BandFever3:17Puttin' on the Ritz7   745Network
155After Hours Big BandGroovin' Hard3:08Puttin' on the Ritz1   843Network
156After Hours Big BandI Remember Clifford3:35Blue82008Swing 839Network
157After Hours Big BandMask of the Chili Peppers3:05Blue102008Swing 1041Network
158After Hours Big BandMorocco3:47Blue112008Swing 911Network
159After Hours Big BandMy Funny Valentine4:39Puttin' on the Ritz5   755Network
160After Hours Big BandOne O'Clock Jump2:49Puttin' on the Ritz6   886Network
161After Hours Big BandOpus One2:41Puttin' on the Ritz3   862Network
162After Hours Big BandPuttin' On The Ritz3:03Puttin' on the Ritz11   830Network
163After Hours Big BandSatin Doll3:35Puttin' on the Ritz2   832Network
164After Hours Big BandSince I Fell For You4:40Blue122008Swing 887Network
165After Hours Big BandSumertime4:40Puttin' on the Ritz9   780Network
166After Hours Big BandTake the A Train3:12Blue32008Swing 920Network
167Ahmad JamalDolphin Dance5:09The Awakening41970Jazz 770Network
168Ahmad JamalI Love Music7:22The Awakening21970Jazz 699Network
169Ahmad JamalPatterns6:18The Awakening31970Jazz 833Network
170Ahmad JamalStolen Moments6:32The Awakening61970Jazz 756Network
171Ahmad JamalThe Awakening6:21The Awakening11970Jazz 807Network
172Ahmad JamalWave4:25The Awakening71970Jazz 810Network
173Ahmad JamalYou're My Everything4:44The Awakening51970Jazz 779Network
174Aimee MannAll Over Now4:02I'm With Stupid71995Pop Underground 901Network
175Aimee MannAmateur4:55I'm With Stupid61995Pop Underground 775Network
176Aimee MannBeautiful3:48The Forgotten Arm122005Pop Underground 902Network
177Aimee MannChoice in the Matter3:13I'm With Stupid21995Pop Underground 963Network
178Aimee MannChristmastime3:18One More Drifter In The Snow32006Christmas 791Network
179Aimee MannDear John3:07The Forgotten Arm12005Pop Underground 934Network
180Aimee MannFrankenstein4:28I'm With Stupid111995Pop Underground 840Network
181Aimee MannGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:06One More Drifter In The Snow82006Christmas 736Network
182Aimee MannGoing Through the Motions2:57The Forgotten Arm42005Pop Underground 940Network
183Aimee MannGoodbye Caroline3:53The Forgotten Arm32005Pop Underground 963Network
184Aimee MannGuys Like Me3:12Lost in Space52002Pop Underground 864Network
185Aimee MannHigh on Sunday 513:15Lost in Space22002Pop Underground 824Network
186Aimee MannHumpty Dumpty4:01Lost in Space12002Pop Underground 972Network
187Aimee MannI Can't Get My Head Around It3:37The Forgotten Arm52005Pop Underground 917Network
188Aimee MannI Can't Help You Anymore4:52The Forgotten Arm102005Pop Underground 898Network
189Aimee MannI Was Thinking I Could Clean Up For Christmas4:23The Forgotten Arm112005Pop Underground 919Network
190Aimee MannI'll Be Home For Christmas3:18One More Drifter In The Snow42006Christmas 739Network
191Aimee MannInvisible Ink4:59Lost in Space82002Pop Underground 800Network
192Aimee MannIt's Not3:27Lost in Space112002Pop Underground 786Network
193Aimee MannIt's Not Safe7:12I'm With Stupid131995Pop Underground 759Network
194Aimee MannKing of the Jailhouse5:19The Forgotten Arm22005Pop Underground 863Network
195Aimee MannLittle Bombs3:49The Forgotten Arm82005Pop Underground 847Network
196Aimee MannLong Shot3:13I'm With Stupid11995Pop Underground 861Network
197Aimee MannLost in Space3:28Lost in Space32002Pop Underground 895Network
198Aimee MannPar for the Course6:01I'm With Stupid81995Pop Underground 801Network
199Aimee MannPavlov's Bell4:27Lost in Space62002Pop Underground 969Network
200Aimee MannRay4:49I'm With Stupid121995Pop Underground 833Network
201Aimee MannReal Bad News3:53Lost in Space72002Pop Underground 813Network
202Aimee MannShe Really Wants You3:26The Forgotten Arm62005Pop Underground 907Network
203Aimee MannSugarcoated3:40I'm With Stupid31995Pop Underground 963Network
204Aimee MannSuperball3:05I'm With Stupid51995Pop Underground 840Network
205Aimee MannThat's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart4:19The Forgotten Arm92005Pop Underground 819Network
206Aimee MannThat's Just What You Are4:25I'm With Stupid101995Pop Underground 920Network
207Aimee MannThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)3:19One More Drifter In The Snow22006Christmas 680Network
208Aimee MannThe Moth3:46Lost in Space102002Pop Underground 875Network
209Aimee MannThis Is How It Goes3:47Lost in Space42002Pop Underground 802Network
210Aimee MannToday's the Day4:42Lost in Space92002Pop Underground 867Network
211Aimee MannVideo3:35The Forgotten Arm72005Pop Underground 876Network
212Aimee MannWhatever Happened To Christmas2:52One More Drifter In The Snow12006Christmas 723Network
213Aimee MannWhite Christmas2:58One More Drifter In The Snow92006Christmas 643Network
214Aimee MannWinter Wonderland3:46One More Drifter In The Snow62006Christmas 764Network
215Aimee MannYou Could Make a Killing3:42I'm With Stupid41995Pop Underground 785Network
216Aimee MannYou're with Stupid Now3:29I'm With Stupid91995Pop Underground 691Network
217Al DiMeolaErotic Interlude (Interlude #2)2:32Kiss My Axe81988Jazz-Smooth 841Network
218Al DiMeolaGigi's Playtime Rhyme (Interlude #1)2:35Kiss My Axe51988Jazz-Smooth 709Network
219Al DiMeolaGlobal Safari5:42Kiss My Axe91988Jazz-Smooth 914Network
220Al DiMeolaInterlude #32:00Kiss My Axe101988Jazz-Smooth 674Network
221Al DiMeolaKiss My Axe5:04Kiss My Axe31988Jazz-Smooth 900Network
222Al DiMeolaMorocco7:40Kiss My Axe41988Jazz-Smooth 824Network
223Al DiMeolaOne Night Last June8:20Kiss My Axe61988Jazz-Smooth 849Network
224Al DiMeolaOriana (September 24, 1988)5:19Kiss My Axe131988Jazz-Smooth 803Network
225Al DiMeolaPhantom7:52Kiss My Axe71988Jazz-Smooth 878Network
226Al DiMeolaPurple Orchids6:45Kiss My Axe111988Jazz-Smooth 849Network
227Al DiMeolaSouth Bound Traveler5:22Kiss My Axe11988Jazz-Smooth 883Network
228Al DiMeolaThe Embrace5:48Kiss My Axe21988Jazz-Smooth 912Network
229Al DiMeolaThe Prophet (Interlude #4)1:18Kiss My Axe121988Jazz-Smooth 790Network
230Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestBlues Everywhere5:54Night Train Revisited5 Jazz 842Network
231Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestBody and Soul7:31Night Train Revisited8 Jazz 801Network
232Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestC.B. And Me4:16Night Train Revisited9 Jazz 852Network
233Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestI Can't Get Started6:15Night Train Revisited3 Jazz 665Network
234Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestJumpin' the Blues6:37Night Train Revisited1 Jazz 924Network
235Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestMilestones5:00Night Train Revisited10 Jazz 870Network
236Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestNight Train5:04Night Train Revisited6 Jazz 837Network
237Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestSalty Papa8:41Night Train Revisited4 Jazz 819Network
238Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestThings Ain't What They Used to Be6:45Night Train Revisited7 Jazz 818Network
239Al Grey & Jimmy ForrestTruly Wonderful5:30Night Train Revisited2 Jazz 899Network
240Al HammermanAll New Songs3:38All New Songs12006Jazz 945Network
241Al HammermanFalling All Over2:40All New Songs82006Jazz 982Network
242Al HammermanKiss My Jazz3:30All New Songs62006Jazz 1007Network
243Al HammermanMake a Wish5:38All New Songs102006Jazz 925Network
244Al HammermanMr. Moon5:46All New Songs52006Jazz 936Network
245Al HammermanNew Kind of Cool4:08All New Songs32006Jazz 922Network
246Al HammermanNothing But Time2:57All New Songs42006Jazz 968Network
247Al HammermanOnly Julia5:19All New Songs22006Jazz 916Network
248Al HammermanRed Rover3:53All New Songs72006Jazz 880Network
249Al HammermanSomething About Her4:21All New Songs92006Jazz 1007Network
250Al StewartAlmost Lucy3:43Time Passages51978Rock 789Network
251Al StewartBroadway Hotel3:59Year of the Cat71976Rock 867Network
252Al StewartCarol4:25Modern Times11992Rock 951Network
253Al StewartEnd Of The Day3:08Time Passages91978Rock 754Network
254Al StewartFlying Sorcery4:23Year of the Cat61976Rock 867Network
255Al StewartIf It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It4:30Year of the Cat51976Rock 840Network
256Al StewartLife In Dark Water5:47Time Passages31978Rock 810Network
257Al StewartLord Grenville5:06Year of the Cat11976Rock 874Network
258Al StewartMan For All Seasons5:46Time Passages41978Rock 763Network
259Al StewartMidas Shadow3:13Year of the Cat31976Rock 740Network
260Al StewartModern Times8:15Modern Times81992Rock 887Network
261Al StewartNot the One4:35Modern Times41992Rock 880Network
262Al StewartOld Admirals5:56Past, Present And Future11974Rock 914Network
263Al StewartOn The Border3:23Year of the Cat21976Rock 922Network
264Al StewartOne Stage Before4:42Year of the Cat81976Rock 842Network
265Al StewartPalace Of Versailles5:23Time Passages61978Rock 817Network
266Al StewartPost World War Two Blues4:18Past, Present And Future51974Rock 999Network
267Al StewartRoads To Moscow8:01Past, Present And Future61974Rock 936Network
268Al StewartSand In Your Shoes3:05Year of the Cat41976Rock 882Network
269Al StewartSirens of Titan2:51Modern Times21992Rock 905Network
270Al StewartSoho (Needless To Say)3:55Past, Present And Future31974Rock 946Network
271Al StewartSong On The Radio6:24Time Passages81978Rock 866Network
272Al StewartTerminal Eyes3:23Past, Present And Future71974Rock 936Network
273Al StewartThe Last Day Of June 19344:46Past, Present And Future41974Rock 836Network
274Al StewartTime Passages6:42Time Passages11978Rock 804Network
275Al StewartTimeless Skies3:34Time Passages71978Rock 190Network
276Al StewartValentina Way4:04Time Passages21978Rock 835Network
277Al StewartWarren Harding2:41Past, Present And Future21974Rock 930Network
278Al StewartWhat's Going On?4:04Modern Times31992Rock 918Network
279Al StewartYear Of The Cat6:38Year of the Cat91976Rock 807Network
280Alan Parsons ProjectBreakdown3:52I Robot41976Rock 837Network
281Alan Parsons ProjectDamned If I Do4:50Eve61979Rock 851Network
282Alan Parsons ProjectDay After Day (The Show Must Go On)3:56I Robot81976Rock 838Network
283Alan Parsons ProjectDon't Hold Back3:37Eve71979Rock 922Network
284Alan Parsons ProjectDon't Let It Show4:24I Robot51976Rock 779Network
285Alan Parsons ProjectGenesis Ch.1. V.323:24I Robot101976Rock 749Network
286Alan Parsons ProjectI Robot6:01I Robot11976Rock 719Network
287Alan Parsons ProjectI Wouldn't Want To Be Like You3:22I Robot21976Rock 823Network
288Alan Parsons ProjectI'd Rather Be A Man3:54Eve31979Rock 911Network
289Alan Parsons ProjectIf I Could Change Your Mind5:43Eve91979Rock 788Network
290Alan Parsons ProjectLucifer5:06Eve11979Rock 877Network
291Alan Parsons ProjectNucleus3:22I Robot71976Rock 777Network
292Alan Parsons ProjectSecret Garden4:42Eve81979Rock 886Network
293Alan Parsons ProjectSome Other Time4:05I Robot31976Rock 802Network
294Alan Parsons ProjectThe Voice5:24I Robot61976Rock 774Network
295Alan Parsons ProjectTotal Eclipse3:12I Robot91976Rock 656Network
296Alan Parsons ProjectWinding Me Up4:04Eve51979Rock 838Network
297Alan Parsons ProjectYou Lie Down With Dogs3:48Eve21979Rock 839Network
298Alan Parsons ProjectYou Won't Be There3:34Eve41979Rock 862Network
299Albert CollinsAlbert's Alley4:04Showdown81985Blues 804Network
300Albert CollinsAll About My Girl6:51Live in Japan71984Blues 874Network
301Albert CollinsAvalanche2:39Ice Pickin'81978Blues 824Network
302Albert CollinsBlack Cat Bone4:58Showdown61985Blues 804Network
303Albert CollinsBlackjack6:29Showdown91985Blues 755Network
304Albert CollinsBring Your Fine Self Home4:31Showdown51985Blues 756Network
305Albert CollinsCold, Cold Feeling5:19Ice Pickin'41978Blues 664Network
306Albert CollinsConversation With Collins8:51Ice Pickin'71978Blues 614Network
307Albert CollinsHoney Hush4:28Ice Pickin'11978Blues 870Network
308Albert CollinsIce Pick3:08Ice Pickin'31978Blues 846Network
309Albert CollinsIf Trouble Was Money8:17Live in Japan31984Blues 777Network
310Albert CollinsJealous Man3:44Live in Japan41984Blues 898Network
311Albert CollinsLion's Den3:58Showdown31985Blues 835Network
312Albert CollinsListen Here!5:37Live in Japan11984Blues 890Network
313Albert CollinsMaster Charge5:11Ice Pickin'61978Blues 813Network
314Albert CollinsShe's into Something3:50Showdown41985Blues 782Network
315Albert CollinsSkatin'3:37Live in Japan61984Blues 846Network
316Albert CollinsStormy Monday7:17Blues Summit81993Blues 848Network
317Albert CollinsStormy Monday9:34Live in Japan51984Blues 769Network
318Albert CollinsT-Bone Shuffle4:56Showdown11985Blues 805Network
319Albert CollinsThe Dream5:32Showdown71985Blues 778Network
320Albert CollinsThe Moon Is Full5:01Showdown21985Blues 789Network
321Albert CollinsTired Man5:12Live in Japan21984Blues 892Network
322Albert CollinsToo Tired3:01Ice Pickin'51978Blues 783Network
323Albert CollinsWhen the Welfare Turns Its Back on You5:26Ice Pickin'21978Blues 780Network
324Albert King"Old Times"1:15In Session21999Blues 658Network
325Albert King"Pep Talk"0:51In Session51999Blues 531Network
326Albert King"Turn It Over"0:50In Session71999Blues 655Network
327Albert King"Who Is Stevie?"0:43In Session101999Blues 648Network
328Albert King(I Love) Lucy2:47King of the Blues Guitar161969Blues 847Network
329Albert KingAin't Nothing You Can Do7:11Guitar Man: An Essential Collection72001Blues 846Network
330Albert KingAngel of Mercy4:21Blues Power41995Blues 800Network
331Albert KingAngel of Mercy4:20I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]81972Blues 795Network
332Albert KingAnswer to the Laundromat Blues4:37I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]61972Blues 846Network
333Albert KingAs the Years Go Passing By [*]3:48King of the Blues Guitar131969Blues 637Network
334Albert KingAsk Me No Questions4:30In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw21983Blues 917Network
335Albert KingAsk Me No Questions5:03In Session41999Blues 1007Network
336Albert KingBlues at Sunrise15:11In Session61999Blues 860Network
337Albert KingBlues Power10:18Blues Power11995Blues 882Network
338Albert KingBorn Under a Bad Sign4:27Blues Power51995Blues 825Network
339Albert KingBorn Under a Bad Sign2:48King of the Blues Guitar71969Blues 769Network
340Albert KingBorn Under A Bad Sign4:25Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]6 Blues 808Network
341Albert KingBreaking up Somebody's Home7:19I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]31972Blues 807Network
342Albert KingCadillac Assembly Line4:22Guitar Man: An Essential Collection12001Blues 830Network
343Albert KingCall It Stormy Monday9:00In Session11999Blues 923Network
344Albert KingCall It Stormy Monday8:36Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]3 Blues 758Network
345Albert KingCall My Job4:25Guitar Man: An Essential Collection92001Blues 810Network
346Albert KingCalling on My Darling3:06Chess Blues Disc 461992Blues 430Network
347Albert KingChump Change3:40Guitar Man: An Essential Collection112001Blues 889Network
348Albert KingCold Feet2:48King of the Blues Guitar141969Blues 781Network
349Albert KingCold Women With Warm Hearts4:06Guitar Man: An Essential Collection42001Blues 991Network
350Albert KingCrosscut Saw2:35King of the Blues Guitar51969Blues 740Network
351Albert KingCrosscut Saw3:45Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]7 Blues 815Network
352Albert KingCrosscut Saw [#]4:39In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw81983Blues 879Network
353Albert KingDon't Burn Down the Bridge ('Cause You Might Wanna Come Back Across)5:07I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]71972Blues 820Network
354Albert KingDon't Lie to Me8:58In Session111999Blues 997Network
355Albert KingDon't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong8:37Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]7 Blues 733Network
356Albert KingDown Don't Bother Me [*]2:11King of the Blues Guitar61969Blues 755Network
357Albert KingDrifting Blues8:04Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]5 Blues 837Network
358Albert KingEveryday I Have The Blues4:17Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]4 Blues 829Network
359Albert KingFloodin' in California5:58In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw51983Blues 872Network
360Albert KingFunk-Shun3:46King of the Blues Guitar41969Blues 749Network
361Albert KingGood Time Charlie4:40Guitar Man: An Essential Collection122001Blues 780Network
362Albert KingGot To Be Some Changes Made9:39Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]4 Blues 796Network
363Albert KingGuitar Man5:05Guitar Man: An Essential Collection62001Blues 856Network
364Albert KingHigh Cost of Loving2:56I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]41972Blues 814Network
365Albert KingHoney Bee3:48In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw11983Blues 873Network
366Albert KingI Almost Lost My Mind [*]3:31King of the Blues Guitar121969Blues 667Network
367Albert KingI Found Love in the Food Stamp Line6:11In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw61983Blues 875Network
368Albert KingI Get Evil5:38Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]3 Blues 830Network
369Albert KingI Got the Blues9:05Guitar Man: An Essential Collection142001Blues 804Network
370Albert KingI'll Be Doggone5:41I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]51972Blues 858Network
371Albert KingI'll Play the Blues for You, Pts. 1 - 27:19I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]11972Blues 817Network
372Albert KingI'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town7:35In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw31983Blues 841Network
373Albert KingI'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town7:41Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]8 Blues 787Network
374Albert KingI've Made Nights By Myself6:44Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]6 Blues 814Network
375Albert KingKansas City [*]2:33King of the Blues Guitar91969Blues 744Network
376Albert KingLaundromat Blues3:22King of the Blues Guitar11969Blues 719Network
377Albert KingLittle Brother (Make a Way)2:49I'll Play the Blues for You [Stax]21972Blues 745Network
378Albert KingLove Shock4:01Guitar Man: An Essential Collection102001Blues 858Network
379Albert KingMatch Box Blues7:13Blues Power31995Blues 889Network
380Albert KingMatch Box Blues7:14In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw71983Blues 871Network
381Albert KingMatch Box Blues7:39In Session91999Blues 871Network
382Albert KingNobody Wants a Loser4:55Guitar Man: An Essential Collection22001Blues 810Network
383Albert KingOh, Pretty Woman2:48King of the Blues Guitar31969Blues 722Network
384Albert KingOoh-ee Baby7:38Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]9 Blues 766Network
385Albert KingOverall Junction8:21In Session81999Blues 996Network
386Albert KingOverall Junction2:21King of the Blues Guitar21969Blues 589Network
387Albert KingPersonal Manager4:30King of the Blues Guitar81969Blues 705Network
388Albert KingPersonal Manager7:34Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]5 Blues 765Network
389Albert KingPride and Joy5:58In Session31999Blues 973Network
390Albert KingRunning Out of Steam3:49Guitar Man: An Essential Collection82001Blues 855Network
391Albert KingSan-ho-zay0:53Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]1 Blues 786Network
392Albert KingSensation, Communication Together7:19Guitar Man: An Essential Collection52001Blues 841Network
393Albert KingSun Gone Down [Take 1]4:44Blues Power21995Blues 803Network
394Albert KingThe Feeling4:53Guitar Man: An Essential Collection132001Blues 778Network
395Albert KingThe Hunter [*]2:45King of the Blues Guitar111969Blues 756Network
396Albert KingThe Very Thought of You [*]3:49King of the Blues Guitar101969Blues 654Network
397Albert KingThey Made the Queen Welcome2:59In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw41983Blues 886Network
398Albert KingTruckload of Lovin'4:32Guitar Man: An Essential Collection32001Blues 856Network
399Albert KingWatermelon Man0:58Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]1 Blues 759Network
400Albert KingWhy You So Mean To Me8:05Wednesday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]2 Blues 808Network
401Albert KingWhy You So Mean to Me [#]4:16In San Francisco-Crosscut Saw91983Blues 886Network
402Albert KingYou Sure Drive a Hard Bargain3:21King of the Blues Guitar151969Blues 783Network
403Albert KingYou Upset Me, Baby4:53Thursday Night In San Francisco (Albert King Live [UK]2 Blues 851Network
404Albert KingYou're Gonna Need Me2:48King of the Blues Guitar171969Blues 891Network
405Ali Farka ToureAi Du7:11Talking Timbuktu91994African 791Network
406Ali Farka ToureAmandrai9:26Talking Timbuktu51994African 723Network
407Ali Farka ToureBanga2:34Talking Timbuktu81994African 677Network
408Ali Farka ToureBonde5:30Talking Timbuktu11994African 753Network
409Ali Farka ToureDiaraby7:26Talking Timbuktu101994African 696Network
410Ali Farka ToureGomni7:02Talking Timbuktu31994African 719Network
411Ali Farka ToureKeito5:44Talking Timbuktu71994African 729Network
412Ali Farka ToureLasidan6:07Talking Timbuktu61994African 895Network
413Ali Farka ToureSega3:11Talking Timbuktu41994African 688Network
414Ali Farka ToureSoukora6:06Talking Timbuktu21994African 804Network
415Allan VachéAll Blues7:02Mrs. Vache's Boys51999Jazz 888Network
416Allan VachéCotton Tail8:00Mrs. Vache's Boys91999Jazz 925Network
417Allan VachéDanny Boy3:43Mrs. Vache's Boys101999Jazz 618Network
418Allan VachéFalando de Orlando6:12Mrs. Vache's Boys81999Jazz 856Network
419Allan VachéIf Dreams Come True5:57Mrs. Vache's Boys111999Jazz 874Network
420Allan VachéI'll Remember April7:22Mrs. Vache's Boys41999Jazz 921Network
421Allan VachéJust Friends5:27Mrs. Vache's Boys11999Jazz 919Network
422Allan VachéJust Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)8:07Mrs. Vache's Boys61999Jazz 835Network
423Allan VachéLondon by Night5:48Mrs. Vache's Boys31999Jazz 646Network
424Allan VachéTangerine7:44Mrs. Vache's Boys21999Jazz 888Network
425Allan VachéThe Eel's Nephew5:15Mrs. Vache's Boys71999Jazz 646Network
426Allan VachéWhat Am I Here For?6:58Mrs. Vache's Boys121999Jazz 902Network
427Allman and WomanCan You Fool3:19Dreams Disc 441989Rock 768Network
428The Allman Brothers Band(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man4:57Beginnings121973Rock 892Network
429The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wastin' Time No More3:42Eat a Peach[MFSL]11972Rock 803Network
430The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wastin' Time No More7:03Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)22005Southern Rock 916Network
431The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wastin' Time No More6:29One Way Out Disc 212004Rock 1004Network
432The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wastin' Time No More5:46Peakin' At The Beacon32000Rock 945Network
433The Allman Brothers BandAin't Wastin' Time No More [Live]4:46Dreams Disc 351989Rock 838Network
434The Allman Brothers BandAngeline3:40Dreams Disc 4101989Rock 869Network
435The Allman Brothers BandBack Where It All Begins12:32An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set41995Rock 1003Network
436The Allman Brothers BandBlack Hearted Woman5:18Beginnings31973Rock 869Network
437The Allman Brothers BandBlack Hearted Woman6:30Peakin' At The Beacon72000Rock 960Network
438The Allman Brothers BandBlind Love4:42Enlightened Rogues51979Rock 975Network
439The Allman Brothers BandBlue Sky8:39An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set21992Rock 956Network
440The Allman Brothers BandBlue Sky5:12Eat a Peach[MFSL]81972Rock 861Network
441The Allman Brothers BandCan't Lose What You Never Had5:52Dreams Disc 411989Rock 919Network
442The Allman Brothers BandCan't Lose What You Never Had5:51Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 262004Rock/Blues 1027Network
443The Allman Brothers BandCan't Take It With You3:34Enlightened Rogues21979Rock 956Network
444The Allman Brothers BandCome and Go Blues4:55Brothers and Sisters31973Rock 893Network
445The Allman Brothers BandCome and Go Blues6:03One Way Out Disc 222004Rock 993Network
446The Allman Brothers BandCome And Go Blues (Live)7:01Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)32004Southern Rock 947Network
447The Allman Brothers BandCrazy Love3:44Enlightened Rogues11979Rock 978Network
448The Allman Brothers BandDesdemona9:20Hittin' the Note32003Rock 988Network
449The Allman Brothers BandDesdemona13:27One Way Out Disc 152004Rock 938Network
450The Allman Brothers BandDimples [Live]5:02Dreams Disc 241989Rock 906Network
451The Allman Brothers BandDone Somebody Wrong4:17The Fillmore Concerts Disc 161992Rock 872Network
452The Allman Brothers BandDone Somebody Wrong (Live)3:55Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)22004Southern Rock 905Network
453The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'3:31Beginnings91973Rock 874Network
454The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'3:48Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7041970Rock 981Network
455The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'4:04Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197021970Rock 960Network
456The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'4:12One Way Out Disc 122004Rock 998Network
457The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin'3:38The Fillmore Concerts Disc 131992Rock 889Network
458The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wonderin' (Live)4:15Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)12004Southern Rock 965Network
459The Allman Brothers BandDon't Keep Me Wondering4:07Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)12005Southern Rock 932Network
460The Allman Brothers BandDon't Think Twice (Live)6:41Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)82004Southern Rock 830Network
461The Allman Brothers BandDon't Want You No More2:25Beginnings11973Rock 899Network
462The Allman Brothers BandDon't Want You No More3:06Peakin' At The Beacon12000Rock 953Network
463The Allman Brothers BandDreams11:36An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set81992Rock 913Network
464The Allman Brothers BandDreams7:17Beginnings61973Rock 783Network
465The Allman Brothers BandDreams10:06Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (2)52005Southern Rock 916Network
466The Allman Brothers BandDreams13:04Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (3)12003Southern Rock 946Network
467The Allman Brothers BandDreams9:48Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7051970Rock 979Network
468The Allman Brothers BandDreams12:49One Way Out Disc 282004Rock 952Network
469The Allman Brothers BandDreams [#]4:55Dreams Disc 1131989Rock 716Network
470The Allman Brothers BandDrunken Hearted Boy7:33The Fillmore Concerts Disc 241992Rock 794Network
471The Allman Brothers BandDrunken Hearted Boy [#]6:54Dreams Disc 2101989Rock 764Network
472The Allman Brothers BandEnd of the Line5:43An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set11992Rock 941Network
473The Allman Brothers BandEnd of the Line4:41Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 2142004Rock/Blues 972Network
474The Allman Brothers BandEvery Hungry Woman4:16Beginnings51973Rock 867Network
475The Allman Brothers BandEvery Hungry Woman4:31Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7061970Rock 990Network
476The Allman Brothers BandEvery Hungry Woman5:21One Way Out Disc 252004Rock 1024Network
477The Allman Brothers BandEvery Hungry Woman5:56Peakin' At The Beacon42000Rock 978Network
478The Allman Brothers BandFiring Line5:17Hittin' the Note12003Rock 982Network
479The Allman Brothers BandGambler's Roll (Live)7:18Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)52004Southern Rock 897Network
480The Allman Brothers BandGet on With Your Life7:58An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set31992Rock 868Network
481The Allman Brothers BandGood Clean Fun5:11Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 2122004Rock/Blues 1009Network
482The Allman Brothers BandGood Morning Little Schoolgirl9:01One Way Out Disc 182004Rock 937Network
483The Allman Brothers BandHeart of Stone5:06Hittin' the Note92003Rock 982Network
484The Allman Brothers BandHell & High Water3:37Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 2102004Rock/Blues 977Network
485The Allman Brothers BandHigh Cost of Low Living7:52Hittin' the Note22003Rock 986Network
486The Allman Brothers BandHigh Cost of Low Living8:42One Way Out Disc 262004Rock 956Network
487The Allman Brothers BandHigh Falls27:27Peakin' At The Beacon102000Rock 919Network
488The Allman Brothers BandHoochie Coochie Man5:29Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7071970Rock 975Network
489The Allman Brothers BandHot 'Lanta5:32The Fillmore Concerts Disc 211992Rock 882Network
490The Allman Brothers BandI'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town [Live][#]9:23Dreams Disc 251989Rock 845Network
491The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory of Elizabeth Reed10:15An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set51995Rock 872Network
492The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory of Elizabeth Reed6:56Beginnings111973Rock 856Network
493The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory Of Elizabeth Reed11:34Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7081970Rock 972Network
494The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory Of Elizabeth Reed13:13Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197041970Rock 998Network
495The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory of Elizabeth Reed13:10The Fillmore Concerts Disc 141992Rock 901Network
496The Allman Brothers BandIn Memory of Elizabeth Reed [#]10:52Dreams Disc 491989Rock 859Network
497The Allman Brothers BandInstrumental Illness12:17Hittin' the Note102003Rock 1012Network
498The Allman Brothers BandInstrumental Illness16:42One Way Out Disc 192004Rock 1008Network
499The Allman Brothers BandInstrumental Illness (w/ Karl Denson)16:28Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)72005Southern Rock 968Network
500The Allman Brothers BandInstumental Illness39:33Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (2)32004Southern Rock 932Network
501The Allman Brothers BandInto The Mystic5:08Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (2)42004Southern Rock 891Network
502The Allman Brothers BandIntroduction1:04Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7011970Rock 787Network
503The Allman Brothers BandIntroduction1:10Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197011970Rock 770Network
504The Allman Brothers BandIt's Not My Cross to Bear4:56Beginnings21973Rock 803Network
505The Allman Brothers BandIt's Not My Cross To Bear5:12Peakin' At The Beacon22000Rock 896Network
506The Allman Brothers BandJelly, Jelly5:46Brothers and Sisters41973Rock 790Network
507The Allman Brothers BandJessica16:07An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set81995Rock 1014Network
508The Allman Brothers BandJessica7:30Brothers and Sisters61973Rock 967Network
509The Allman Brothers BandJust Ain't Easy6:07Enlightened Rogues71979Rock 909Network
510The Allman Brothers BandJust Ain't Easy [#]5:01Dreams Disc 481989Rock 826Network
511The Allman Brothers BandLeave My Blues at Home4:19Beginnings141973Rock 882Network
512The Allman Brothers BandLeave My Blues At Home5:07Peakin' At The Beacon82000Rock 942Network
513The Allman Brothers BandLes Brers in A Minor9:06Eat a Peach[MFSL]21972Rock 826Network
514The Allman Brothers BandLittle Martha2:07Eat a Peach[MFSL]91972Rock 682Network
515The Allman Brothers BandMaydell4:35Hittin' the Note72003Rock 985Network
516The Allman Brothers BandMelissa5:28An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set61992Rock 802Network
517The Allman Brothers BandMelissa3:57Eat a Peach[MFSL]31972Rock 846Network
518The Allman Brothers BandMelissa6:39Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (2)32005Southern Rock 851Network
519The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Blues5:14An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set51992Rock 780Network
520The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider2:58Beginnings101973Rock 800Network
521The Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider3:16One Way Out Disc 132004Rock 991Network
522The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam28:45Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (2)62005Southern Rock 898Network
523The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam28:20Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197071970Rock 1005Network
524The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam34:04The Fillmore Concerts Disc 231992Rock 873Network
525The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam [Live]33:40Eat a Peach[MFSL]41972Rock 822Network
526The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam Part I10:35Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.70101970Rock 969Network
527The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam Part II6:51Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.70121970Rock 955Network
528The Allman Brothers BandNeed Your Love So Bad4:02Enlightened Rogues41979Rock 885Network
529The Allman Brothers BandNever Knew How Much (I Needed You)4:29Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 2112004Rock/Blues 948Network
530The Allman Brothers BandNo One to Run With6:29An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set71995Rock 983Network
531The Allman Brothers BandNo One to Run With6:02Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 2152004Rock/Blues 989Network
532The Allman Brothers BandNobody Knows15:37An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set71992Rock 963Network
533The Allman Brothers BandOld Before My Time5:23Hittin' the Note52003Rock 892Network
534The Allman Brothers BandOld Before My Time6:27Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (2)12004Southern Rock 833Network
535The Allman Brothers BandOld Before My Time5:37One Way Out Disc 242004Rock 889Network
536The Allman Brothers BandOld Friend6:12Hittin' the Note112003Rock 876Network
537The Allman Brothers BandOne More Ride [#]2:41Dreams Disc 271989Rock 836Network
538The Allman Brothers BandOne Way Out7:06Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (3)32003Southern Rock 963Network
539The Allman Brothers BandOne Way Out5:15The Fillmore Concerts Disc 151992Rock 890Network
540The Allman Brothers BandOne Way Out [Live]4:57Eat a Peach[MFSL]51972Rock 847Network
541The Allman Brothers BandOne Way Out [Live][#]7:59Dreams Disc 3111989Rock 904Network
542The Allman Brothers BandPegasus7:32Enlightened Rogues31979Rock 932Network
543The Allman Brothers BandPlease Call Home4:01Beginnings131973Rock 813Network
544The Allman Brothers BandPlease Call Home4:30Peakin' At The Beacon52000Rock 832Network
545The Allman Brothers BandPony Boy5:51Brothers and Sisters71973Rock 729Network
546The Allman Brothers BandRain Delay1:14Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.70111970Rock 714Network
547The Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man4:49Brothers and Sisters21973Rock 900Network
548The Allman Brothers BandRevival5:56An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set91992Rock 930Network
549The Allman Brothers BandRevival4:06Beginnings81973Rock 856Network
550The Allman Brothers BandRockin' Horse7:23Hittin' the Note82003Rock 1045Network
551The Allman Brothers BandRockin' Horse8:44Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (2)42005Southern Rock 976Network
552The Allman Brothers BandRockin' Horse10:12One Way Out Disc 142004Rock 1030Network
553The Allman Brothers BandSail Away3:34Enlightened Rogues81979Rock 865Network
554The Allman Brothers BandSailin' 'Cross the Devil's Sea4:49An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set11995Rock 1002Network
555The Allman Brothers BandSeven Turns4:48Peakin' At The Beacon92000Rock 909Network
556The Allman Brothers BandSeven Turns5:08Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 2132004Rock/Blues 980Network
557The Allman Brothers BandSoulshine6:42An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set31995Rock 968Network
558The Allman Brothers BandSoulshine7:08Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)62005Southern Rock 937Network
559The Allman Brothers BandSoulshine (Live)7:09Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)62004Southern Rock 944Network
560The Allman Brothers BandSouthbound7:52An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set41992Rock 965Network
561The Allman Brothers BandSouthbound5:10Brothers and Sisters51973Rock 976Network
562The Allman Brothers BandStand Back3:27Eat a Peach[MFSL]71972Rock 848Network
563The Allman Brothers BandStand Back5:43Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (2)12005Southern Rock 960Network
564The Allman Brothers BandStand Back5:44Peakin' At The Beacon62000Rock 960Network
565The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues6:02Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)42005Southern Rock 913Network
566The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues6:05Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7021970Rock 973Network
567The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues4:25Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197031970Rock 976Network
568The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues5:22One Way Out Disc 112004Rock 993Network
569The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues4:17The Fillmore Concerts Disc 111992Rock 917Network
570The Allman Brothers BandStatesboro Blues [#]4:06Dreams Disc 211989Rock 879Network
571The Allman Brothers BandStormy Monday9:03Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197051970Rock 923Network
572The Allman Brothers BandStormy Monday10:39The Fillmore Concerts Disc 171992Rock 851Network
573The Allman Brothers BandThe Same Thing8:22An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set61995Rock 1030Network
574The Allman Brothers BandThings You Used to Do3:42Dreams Disc 4111989Rock 881Network
575The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More3:48Beginnings41973Rock 849Network
576The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More4:04Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7031970Rock 1001Network
577The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More3:45One Way Out Disc 162004Rock 990Network
578The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More3:46The Fillmore Concerts Disc 121992Rock 913Network
579The Allman Brothers BandTrouble No More [Live]3:46Eat a Peach[MFSL]61972Rock 851Network
580The Allman Brothers BandTry It One More Time5:03Enlightened Rogues61979Rock 974Network
581The Allman Brothers BandWasted Words4:20Brothers and Sisters11973Rock 909Network
582The Allman Brothers BandWasted Words7:11Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (2)22004Southern Rock 955Network
583The Allman Brothers BandWasted Words7:51One Way Out Disc 172004Rock 1001Network
584The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post5:22Beginnings71973Rock 843Network
585The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post14:07Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (3)12005Southern Rock 962Network
586The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post15:33Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (3)22003Southern Rock 995Network
587The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post14:46Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 7.3.7091970Rock 978Network
588The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post14:23Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 197061970Rock 985Network
589The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post15:31One Way Out Disc 292004Rock 981Network
590The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post22:38The Fillmore Concerts Disc 221992Rock 852Network
591The Allman Brothers BandWho to Believe5:38Hittin' the Note62003Rock 984Network
592The Allman Brothers BandWho to Believe7:21Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)52005Southern Rock 911Network
593The Allman Brothers BandWho's Been Talking (Live)10:08Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)72004Southern Rock 881Network
594The Allman Brothers BandWin, Lose or Draw4:46Stand Back: The Anthology Disc 272004Rock/Blues 877Network
595The Allman Brothers BandWoman Across the River5:51Hittin' the Note42003Rock 992Network
596The Allman Brothers BandWoman Across the River6:38One Way Out Disc 232004Rock 1050Network
597The Allman Brothers BandWoman Across The River (Live)8:21Instant Live: Raleigh, NC 8/10/03 (1)42004Southern Rock 976Network
598The Allman Brothers BandWorried Down With The Blues7:57Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (1)32005Southern Rock 893Network
599The Allman Brothers BandWorried Down With the Blues7:58One Way Out Disc 272004Rock 948Network
600The Allman Brothers BandYou Don't Love Me6:36An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set21995Rock 996Network
601The Allman Brothers BandYou Don't Love Me19:25The Fillmore Concerts Disc 181992Rock 844Network
602The Allman Brothers BandYou Don't Love Me/Soul Serenade [Live][#]19:28Dreams Disc 311989Rock 829Network
603The Allman Brothers Band, Susan TedeschiDon't Think Twice, It's Alright (w/ Susan Tedeschi)8:00Instant Live: Hartford, CT 8/3/03 (2)22005Southern Rock 813Network
604Allman JoysCrossroads [#]3:33Dreams Disc 131989Rock 812Network
605Allman JoysSpoonful [#]3:40Dreams Disc 121989Rock 809Network
606The All-Star SuperbandFly Me to the Moon2:39Live at Wongs82005Big Band 872Network
607The All-Star SuperbandGood Feelin'5:01Live at Wongs42005Big Band 931Network
608The All-Star SuperbandGuitar Intro to La Fiesta2:22Live at Wongs52005Big Band 517Network
609The All-Star SuperbandI've Got You Under My Skin3:41Live at Wongs112005Big Band 861Network
610The All-Star SuperbandJump and Bump3:00Live at Wongs12005Big Band 978Network
611The All-Star SuperbandJust In Time3:22Live at Wongs102005Big Band 907Network
612The All-Star SuperbandLa Fiesta6:14Live at Wongs62005Big Band 972Network
613The All-Star SuperbandLove for Sale4:47Live at Wongs22005Big Band 978Network
614The All-Star SuperbandTeach Me Tonight4:24Live at Wongs92005Big Band 896Network
615The All-Star SuperbandThe Lady is a Tramp2:30Live at Wongs72005Big Band 839Network
616The All-Star SuperbandTime After Time6:36Live at Wongs32005Big Band 885Network
617Amanda BaisingerBy Your Side4:16Short Songs (e.p.)22005Folk 797Network
618Amanda BaisingerEvery Time We Say Goodbye2:53Short Songs (e.p.)62005Folk 598Network
619Amanda BaisingerFar Away4:56Short Songs (e.p.)32005Folk 708Network
620Amanda BaisingerThese Days2:39Short Songs (e.p.)12005Folk 729Network
621Amanda BaisingerUp on the Roof3:18Short Songs (e.p.)52005Folk 795Network
622Amanda BaisingerWelcome Sunrise3:33Short Songs (e.p.)42005Folk 720Network
623Ana CaramAnjo de Mim4:19Blue Bossa82001Jazz-Latin 714Network
624Ana CaramBlue Bossa4:27Blue Bossa22001Jazz-Latin 747Network
625Ana CaramCorcovado4:04Blue Bossa42001Jazz-Latin 673Network
626Ana CaramDesafinado4:22Blue Bossa12001Jazz-Latin 746Network
627Ana CaramFly Me to the Moon4:09Blue Bossa72001Jazz-Latin 709Network
628Ana CaramInútil Paisagem4:21Blue Bossa62001Jazz-Latin 690Network
629Ana CaramO Vento4:44Blue Bossa102001Jazz-Latin 634Network
630Ana CaramPura Luz3:20Blue Bossa122001Jazz-Latin 725Network
631Ana CaramSó Por Amor3:18Blue Bossa112001Jazz-Latin 799Network
632Ana CaramSó Tinha de Ser Com Você3:53Blue Bossa52001Jazz-Latin 743Network
633Ana CaramThe Telephone Song2:45Blue Bossa92001Jazz-Latin 766Network
634Ana CaramTriste3:27Blue Bossa32001Jazz-Latin 739Network
635Anders VercelliAlice in Wonderland2:47The Way You Look Tonight42006Jazz 845Network
636Anders VercelliAll the Things You Are3:52Up Jumped Spring32008Jazz 919Network
637Anders VercelliAutumn Leaves3:03Up Jumped Spring112008Jazz 944Network
638Anders VercelliBlackbird4:42Up Jumped Spring12008Jazz 945Network
639Anders VercelliBlame it on My Youth3:41The Way You Look Tonight82006Jazz 761Network
640Anders VercelliEverything Happens To Me3:02Up Jumped Spring72008Jazz 769Network
641Anders VercelliFor All We know3:39Up Jumped Spring122008Jazz 632Network
642Anders VercelliHello3:24The Way You Look Tonight62006Jazz 834Network
643Anders VercelliIt's All Right With Me4:07Up Jumped Spring102008Jazz 971Network
644Anders VercelliLet There Be Peace on Earth4:00The Way You Look Tonight72006Jazz 859Network
645Anders VercelliPure Imagination2:23The Way You Look Tonight22006Jazz 836Network
646Anders VercelliSecret Love3:15Up Jumped Spring92008Jazz 971Network
647Anders VercelliSomeday My Prince Will Come3:23Up Jumped Spring22008Jazz 916Network
648Anders VercelliThe Way You Look Tonight4:25The Way You Look Tonight12006Jazz 846Network
649Anders VercelliThere Will Never Be Another You3:32Up Jumped Spring42008Jazz 930Network
650Anders VercelliUp Jumped Spring3:00Up Jumped Spring52008Jazz 925Network
651Anders VercelliWe Kiss in a Shadow3:57The Way You Look Tonight52006Jazz 858Network
652Anders VercelliWhat a Difference a Day Made4:54Up Jumped Spring62008Jazz 947Network
653Anders VercelliWhen You Wish Upon a Star2:48The Way You Look Tonight92006Jazz 844Network
654Anders VercelliWho Can I Turn To?4:25Up Jumped Spring82008Jazz 905Network
655Anders VercelliYou Took Advantage of Me3:15The Way You Look Tonight32006Jazz 847Network
656André PrevinA Sleepin' Bee5:13Uptown21990Jazz 385Network
657André PrevinBatter Up4:43Live at the Jazz Standard92001Jazz 595Network
658André PrevinBetween The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea4:42Uptown11990Jazz 442Network
659André PrevinBye Bye Sky3:00Live at the Jazz Standard82001Jazz 509Network
660André PrevinC Jam Blues4:51Uptown131990Jazz 427Network
661André PrevinChelsea Bridge4:54Live at the Jazz Standard72001Jazz 509Network
662André PrevinCome Rain Or Come Shine4:10Uptown31990Jazz 397Network
663André PrevinCome Sunday3:37Live at the Jazz Standard52001Jazz 526Network
664André PrevinCome Sunday4:11Uptown121990Jazz 387Network
665André PrevinDay Dream / Prelude To A Kiss4:43Uptown71990Jazz 368Network
666André PrevinFive O' Clock Whistle5:29Uptown111990Jazz 448Network
667André PrevinFungo6:24Live at the Jazz Standard62001Jazz 552Network
668André PrevinGood Queen Bess4:21Uptown81990Jazz 446Network
669André PrevinHi Blondie5:32Live at the Jazz Standard22001Jazz 563Network
670André PrevinI Got Rhythm8:03Live at the Jazz Standard122001Jazz 581Network
671André PrevinIt Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing3:05Uptown101990Jazz 509Network
672André PrevinLet's Fall In Love3:21Uptown61990Jazz 444Network
673André PrevinMy Funny Valentine4:44Live at the Jazz Standard32001Jazz 496Network
674André PrevinOh, Lady Be Good5:08Live at the Jazz Standard112001Jazz 551Network
675André PrevinOver The rainbow4:36Uptown51990Jazz 366Network
676André PrevinQuiet Music/New Valley6:25Live at the Jazz Standard102001Jazz 518Network
677André PrevinStormy Weather4:33Uptown41990Jazz 341Network
678André PrevinThings Ain't What They Used To Be4:19Uptown91990Jazz 411Network
679André PrevinWestwood Walk4:13Live at the Jazz Standard12001Jazz 582Network
680André PrevinWhat Is This Thing Called Love?4:26Live at the Jazz Standard42001Jazz 627Network
681Andy BeyBridges4:58Tuesdays in Chinatown32001Jazz-Vocal 743Network
682Andy BeyDay Dream7:24Ballads, Blues & Bey91996Jazz-Vocal 453Network
683Andy BeyEmbraceable You6:35Ballads, Blues & Bey101996Jazz-Vocal 441Network
684Andy BeyFeelin' Lowdown6:18Tuesdays in Chinatown102001Jazz-Vocal 586Network
685Andy BeyFragile4:50Tuesdays in Chinatown22001Jazz-Vocal 818Network
686Andy BeyI Let a Song Go Out of My Heart7:41Ballads, Blues & Bey31996Jazz-Vocal 466Network
687Andy BeyIf You Could See Me Now6:18Ballads, Blues & Bey71996Jazz-Vocal 482Network
688Andy BeyI'll Remember April5:35Tuesdays in Chinatown62001Jazz-Vocal 790Network
689Andy BeyI'm Just a Lucky So and So5:24Ballads, Blues & Bey81996Jazz-Vocal 487Network
690Andy BeyIn a Mist7:06Tuesdays in Chinatown52001Jazz-Vocal 853Network
691Andy BeyIn a Sentimental Mood7:06Ballads, Blues & Bey41996Jazz-Vocal 446Network
692Andy BeyInvitation7:01Tuesdays in Chinatown72001Jazz-Vocal 881Network
693Andy BeyJust Friends2:40Tuesdays in Chinatown92001Jazz-Vocal 844Network
694Andy BeyLittle Girl Blue6:17Tuesdays in Chinatown82001Jazz-Vocal 739Network
695Andy BeySaidas E. Bandeiras5:36Tuesdays in Chinatown42001Jazz-Vocal 799Network
696Andy BeySomeone to Watch over Me6:23Ballads, Blues & Bey11996Jazz-Vocal 480Network
697Andy BeyTuesdays in Chinatown6:52Tuesdays in Chinatown12001Jazz-Vocal 865Network
698Andy BeyWillow Weep for Me6:47Ballads, Blues & Bey51996Jazz-Vocal 458Network
699Andy BeyYesterdays7:41Ballads, Blues & Bey61996Jazz-Vocal 474Network
700Andy BeyYou'd Be So Nice to Come Home To8:10Ballads, Blues & Bey21996Jazz-Vocal 473Network
701Andy Hill & Renee SafierA Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall6:19It Takes a Lot to Laugh22001Folk 868Network
702Andy Hill & Renee SafierA River is Gone4:41A River is Gone122004Rock 975Network
703Andy Hill & Renee SafierDon't Think Twice, It's Alright4:15It Takes a Lot to Laugh52001Folk 863Network
704Andy Hill & Renee SafierEmotionally Yours3:50It Takes a Lot to Laugh92001Folk 702Network
705Andy Hill & Renee SafierFly4:03A River is Gone102004Rock 933Network
706Andy Hill & Renee SafierFree Me4:50A River is Gone112004Rock 902Network
707Andy Hill & Renee SafierHow Silently a Heart4:29A River is Gone42004Rock 1012Network
708Andy Hill & Renee SafierIf Morning Ever Comes4:04A River is Gone12004Rock 1017Network
709Andy Hill & Renee SafierIt Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry3:47It Takes a Lot to Laugh32001Folk 740Network
710Andy Hill & Renee SafierIt's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)6:07It Takes a Lot to Laugh102001Folk 882Network
711Andy Hill & Renee SafierJust Like A Woman4:47It Takes a Lot to Laugh82001Folk 725Network
712Andy Hill & Renee SafierMama, You've Been On My Mind3:02It Takes a Lot to Laugh122001Folk 780Network
713Andy Hill & Renee SafierMurder on the Pier3:46A River is Gone82004Rock 954Network
714Andy Hill & Renee SafierOne More Cup Of Coffee3:48It Takes a Lot to Laugh112001Folk 690Network
715Andy Hill & Renee SafierOne Too Many Mornings3:23It Takes a Lot to Laugh12001Folk 639Network
716Andy Hill & Renee SafierSalavation in Your Arms4:02A River is Gone62004Rock 977Network
717Andy Hill & Renee SafierSeven Curses3:47It Takes a Lot to Laugh132001Folk 700Network
718Andy Hill & Renee SafierShooting Star3:30It Takes a Lot to Laugh142001Folk 769Network
719Andy Hill & Renee SafierSimple Twist of Fate4:34It Takes a Lot to Laugh62001Folk 835Network
720Andy Hill & Renee SafierSince You3:45A River is Gone52004Rock 997Network
721Andy Hill & Renee SafierSomebody to Leave3:13A River is Gone92004Rock 954Network
722Andy Hill & Renee SafierTelescope5:22A River is Gone72004Rock 969Network
723Andy Hill & Renee SafierThe Girl in the Band4:02A River is Gone22004Rock 953Network
724Andy Hill & Renee SafierWatch the Red Carpet4:00A River is Gone32004Rock 998Network
725Andy Hill & Renee SafierWhen The Ship Comes In3:46It Takes a Lot to Laugh72001Folk 906Network
726Andy Hill & Renee SafierYou're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go3:55It Takes a Lot to Laugh42001Folk 797Network
727Andy McKee56 Blows5:04Sound Roots51997Jazz 1007Network
728Andy McKeeAll Blues7:02Sound Roots21997Jazz 961Network
729Andy McKeeAndrea6:52Sound Roots41997Jazz 709Network
730Andy McKeeBlues Interrogation8:02Sound Roots71997Jazz 931Network
731Andy McKeeHilltop Stomp5:12Sound Roots91997Jazz 1002Network
732Andy McKeeIn a Perfect World4:11Sound Roots101997Jazz 722Network
733Andy McKeeInner Circle4:51Sound Roots61997Jazz 830Network
734Andy McKeeSound Roots6:24Sound Roots31997Jazz 909Network
735Andy McKeeTop Hat7:03Sound Roots11997Jazz 853Network
736Andy McKeeU-Turn4:46Sound Roots81997Jazz 820Network
737AnjaniBlue Alert5:40Blue Alert12006Jazz 644Network
738AnjaniCrazy To Love You4:51Blue Alert92006Jazz 559Network
739AnjaniHalf The Perfect World4:06Blue Alert42006Jazz 547Network
740AnjaniInnermost Door3:16Blue Alert22006Jazz 597Network
741AnjaniNever Got To Love You4:36Blue Alert72006Jazz 630Network
742AnjaniNightingale3:00Blue Alert52006Jazz 607Network
743AnjaniNo One After You4:09Blue Alert62006Jazz 620Network
744AnjaniThanks For The Dance4:38Blue Alert102006Jazz 705Network
745AnjaniThe Golden Gate3:08Blue Alert32006Jazz 547Network
746AnjaniThe Mist3:08Blue Alert82006Jazz 646Network
747Ann Hampton CallawayA Fine Romance3:40To Ella With Love32005Jazz-Vocal 785Network
748Ann Hampton CallawayAll of You3:25Easy Living51999Jazz-Vocal 718Network
749Ann Hampton CallawayBlue Moon5:40Blues In The Night22006Jazz-Vocal 879Network
750Ann Hampton CallawayBlues In The Night4:51Blues In The Night112006Jazz-Vocal 841Network
751Ann Hampton CallawayBluesette3:43Easy Living61999Jazz-Vocal 825Network
752Ann Hampton CallawayBody And Soul5:09To Ella With Love82005Jazz-Vocal 702Network
753Ann Hampton CallawayBut Not For Me4:29To Ella With Love62005Jazz-Vocal 688Network
754Ann Hampton CallawayCome Rain or Come Shine4:15Easy Living101999Jazz-Vocal 722Network
755Ann Hampton CallawayCome Take My Hand3:36Easy Living31999Jazz-Vocal 776Network
756Ann Hampton CallawayDo Nothin' Till You Hear From Me3:54To Ella With Love22005Jazz-Vocal 709Network
757Ann Hampton CallawayEasy Living5:42Easy Living41999Jazz-Vocal 664Network
758Ann Hampton CallawayEasy to Love3:51Easy Living11999Jazz-Vocal 720Network
759Ann Hampton CallawayEmbracable You5:02To Ella With Love42005Jazz-Vocal 690Network
760Ann Hampton CallawayEv'ry Time We Say Goodby4:51To Ella With Love122005Jazz-Vocal 736Network
761Ann Hampton CallawayHip To Be Happy2:45Blues In The Night82006Jazz-Vocal 828Network
762Ann Hampton CallawayHow High The Moon5:11To Ella With Love52005Jazz-Vocal 802Network
763Ann Hampton CallawayI Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)5:12To Ella With Love132005Jazz-Vocal 724Network
764Ann Hampton CallawayI´ve Dreamed of You5:08Slow62004Jazz-Vocal 602Network
765Ann Hampton CallawayI'm Beginning To See The Light3:33To Ella With Love72005Jazz-Vocal 779Network
766Ann Hampton CallawayIn a Sentimental Mood5:24Easy Living81999Jazz-Vocal 669Network
767Ann Hampton CallawayIt Had to Be You3:28Easy Living71999Jazz-Vocal 704Network
768Ann Hampton CallawayIt's All Right With Me5:55Blues In The Night92006Jazz-Vocal 803Network
769Ann Hampton CallawayLet's Fall in Love2:48To Ella With Love12005Jazz-Vocal 745Network
770Ann Hampton CallawayLittle Girl Blue5:43To Ella With Love102005Jazz-Vocal 731Network
771Ann Hampton CallawayLove Dance6:00Slow102004Jazz-Vocal 779Network
772Ann Hampton CallawayLover Come Back To Me3:24Blues In The Night42006Jazz-Vocal 924Network
773Ann Hampton CallawayLullaby in Blue5:15Slow72004Jazz-Vocal 708Network
774Ann Hampton CallawayLullaby Of Birdland3:41To Ella With Love112005Jazz-Vocal 805Network
775Ann Hampton CallawayMoondance4:01Slow82004Jazz-Vocal 879Network
776Ann Hampton CallawayMy Answered Prayer4:39Slow122004Jazz-Vocal 851Network
777Ann Hampton CallawayNever Let Me Go4:30Slow112004Jazz-Vocal 723Network
778Ann Hampton CallawayNever Really Mine to Lose4:19Slow92004Jazz-Vocal 766Network
779Ann Hampton CallawayNice Work If You Can Get It2:33Easy Living121999Jazz-Vocal 754Network
780Ann Hampton CallawayNo One Is Alone4:35Blues In The Night102006Jazz-Vocal 771Network
781Ann Hampton CallawayOh, Lady Be Good!3:27To Ella With Love142005Jazz-Vocal 792Network
782Ann Hampton Callaway'Round Midnight5:59Easy Living21999Jazz-Vocal 653Network
783Ann Hampton CallawaySkylark5:50Easy Living111999Jazz-Vocal 632Network
784Ann Hampton CallawaySlow5:11Slow12004Jazz-Vocal 848Network
785Ann Hampton CallawaySomeone to Light Up My Life5:52Slow52004Jazz-Vocal 789Network
786Ann Hampton CallawaySpring Can Really Hang You Up The Most6:22Blues In The Night32006Jazz-Vocal 832Network
787Ann Hampton CallawayStormy Weather / When The Sun Comes Out5:14Blues In The Night52006Jazz-Vocal 802Network
788Ann Hampton CallawaySwingin' Away The Blues3:31Blues In The Night12006Jazz-Vocal 917Network
789Ann Hampton CallawayThat Old Black Magic3:13To Ella With Love92005Jazz-Vocal 796Network
790Ann Hampton CallawayThe Glory Of Love3:08Blues In The Night122006Jazz-Vocal 885Network
791Ann Hampton CallawayThe I'm-Too-White-To-Sing-The-Blues Blues3:43Blues In The Night62006Jazz-Vocal 890Network
792Ann Hampton CallawayThe Very Thought of You5:32Easy Living131999Jazz-Vocal 632Network
793Ann Hampton CallawayTonight You´re All Mine3:43Slow42004Jazz-Vocal 814Network
794Ann Hampton CallawayWill You Love Me Tomorrow6:51Slow32004Jazz-Vocal 694Network
795Ann Hampton CallawayWillow Weep For Me6:21Blues In The Night72006Jazz-Vocal 790Network
796Ann Hampton CallawayYou Belong to Me4:28Slow22004Jazz-Vocal 733Network
797Ann Hampton CallawayYou Don't Know What Love Is4:02Easy Living91999Jazz-Vocal 760Network
798Anthony WilsonAmalgamation6:10Power of Nine82006Jazz 846Network
799Anthony WilsonBird In A Basket5:02Power of Nine122006Jazz 904Network
800Anthony WilsonBritta's Blues7:25Our Gang32001Jazz 773Network
801Anthony WilsonChitlins Con Carne7:25Our Gang22001Jazz 808Network
802Anthony WilsonHymn7:20Power of Nine102006Jazz 823Network
803Anthony WilsonI and Thou (from Tokyo Wednesday)5:36Power of Nine22006Jazz 733Network
804Anthony WilsonI Want You (She's So Heavy)9:46Our Gang72001Jazz 866Network
805Anthony WilsonLooking Back6:40Power of Nine32006Jazz 709Network
806Anthony WilsonLuck Be a Lady5:54Our Gang62001Jazz 805Network
807Anthony WilsonMake It Good6:20Power of Nine12006Jazz 923Network
808Anthony WilsonMelatonin Dream (from Tokyo Wednesday)11:12Power of Nine92006Jazz 701Network
809Anthony WilsonOur Gang8:39Our Gang12001Jazz 817Network
810Anthony WilsonPower of Nine5:47Power of Nine112006Jazz 944Network
811Anthony WilsonPrelude to a Kiss7:05Our Gang82001Jazz 719Network
812Anthony WilsonQuadra 1 (Ano Novo)1:23Power of Nine42006Jazz 721Network
813Anthony WilsonQuadra 2 (Vila Madalena)7:10Power of Nine52006Jazz 845Network
814Anthony WilsonQuadra 3 (Coisinha)3:32Power of Nine62006Jazz 806Network
815Anthony WilsonQuadra 4 (Javalitness)4:35Power of Nine72006Jazz 857Network
816Anthony WilsonRoad Trip4:57Our Gang52001Jazz 857Network
817Anthony WilsonTime Flies7:48Our Gang42001Jazz 894Network
818AnunaThe Flower of Maherally3:42The Celtic Heartbeat Collection, Vol. 221998Celtic 649Network
819Anya SingletonI'm Just Fine4:23Not Easy to Forget12005Jazz-Vocal 910Network
820Anya SingletonNot Easy to Forget3:39Not Easy to Forget22005Jazz-Vocal 855Network
821Anya SingletonOne Trick Pony2:17Not Easy to Forget52005Jazz-Vocal 992Network
822Anya SingletonSilver or Gold3:55Not Easy to Forget42005Jazz-Vocal 917Network
823Anya SingletonSlow Man4:42Not Easy to Forget32005Jazz-Vocal 905Network
824Anya SingletonThe Nearness of You4:36Not Easy to Forget62005Jazz-Vocal 846Network
825Archie EdwardsBaby, Please Gimme a Break3:36Blues 'n Bones81989Blues 673Network
826Archie EdwardsHen's Cackle2:05Blues 'n Bones61989Blues 778Network
827Archie EdwardsI Called My Baby Long Distance3:35Blues 'n Bones31989Blues 676Network
828Archie EdwardsJohn Henry4:18Blues 'n Bones11989Blues 722Network
829Archie EdwardsLittle Girl3:29Blues 'n Bones131989Blues 718Network
830Archie EdwardsMeet Me in the Bottom4:34Blues 'n Bones21989Blues 643Network
831Archie EdwardsMy Old Schoolmates5:25Blues 'n Bones51989Blues 716Network
832Archie EdwardsPayday3:14Blues 'n Bones111989Blues 713Network
833Archie EdwardsSaturday Night Hop3:52Blues 'n Bones71989Blues 673Network
834Archie EdwardsSitting on Top of the World4:11Blues 'n Bones101989Blues 698Network
835Archie EdwardsT for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1)3:47Blues 'n Bones91989Blues 665Network
836Archie EdwardsTake Me Back, Baby3:38Blues 'n Bones121989Blues 636Network
837Archie EdwardsThat Won't Do3:32Blues 'n Bones41989Blues 680Network
838Ardie BoggsAmazing Grace5:37Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty192006Instrumental 417Network
839Ardie BoggsBanks of the James(Banks of Spey)1:54Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty82006Instrumental 509Network
840Ardie BoggsBlessed Father3:22Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty152006Instrumental 484Network
841Ardie BoggsButterfly2:15Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty52006Instrumental 489Network
842Ardie BoggsForever I Care2:20Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty62006Instrumental 476Network
843Ardie BoggsGenerations; The Future3:17Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty202006Instrumental 466Network
844Ardie BoggsHe is Born2:11Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty162006Instrumental 505Network
845Ardie BoggsJamestown Spring2:52Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty32006Instrumental 544Network
846Ardie BoggsLet All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence1:51Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty172006Instrumental 543Network
847Ardie BoggsMorrison's Jig2:46Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty142006Instrumental 549Network
848Ardie BoggsMy Gentle Harp (Danny Boy)2:22Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty72006Instrumental 411Network
849Ardie BoggsMy Heart is Crying3:58Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty112006Instrumental 475Network
850Ardie BoggsPocohontas and Indian Jim2:42Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty42006Instrumental 496Network
851Ardie BoggsRights of Man2:31Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty122006Instrumental 578Network
852Ardie BoggsRoad to Williamsburg(Road to Lisdoonverna)1:30Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty132006Instrumental 631Network
853Ardie BoggsSpring Lambs at Play1:52Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty182006Instrumental 497Network
854Ardie BoggsThe Crossing3:30Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty22006Instrumental 497Network
855Ardie BoggsThe Rebirth3:20Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty102006Instrumental 476Network
856Ardie BoggsThe Starving Time3:55Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty92006Instrumental 424Network
857Ardie BoggsThe Water is Wide2:08Jamestown to Williamsburg: The Road to Liberty12006Instrumental 497Network
858Aretha FranklinBring It On Home To Me3:44Aretha's Jazz51984Jazz 864Network
859Aretha FranklinCrazy He Calls Me3:25Aretha's Jazz41984Jazz 704Network
860Aretha FranklinJust Right Tonight7:42Aretha's Jazz81984Jazz 748Network
861Aretha FranklinMoody's Mood2:59Aretha's Jazz71984Jazz 742Network
862Aretha FranklinPitiful3:04Aretha's Jazz31984Jazz 827Network
863Aretha FranklinRamblin'3:09Aretha's Jazz11984Jazz 827Network
864Aretha FranklinSomewhere6:17Aretha's Jazz61984Jazz 669Network
865Aretha FranklinToday I Sing The Blues4:25Aretha's Jazz21984Jazz 750Network
866Arne DomnérusBarbados8:20Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]81996Jazz 774Network
867Arne DomnérusEverything Happens to Me5:17Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]71996Jazz 660Network
868Arne DomnérusHigh Life7:05Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)4 Jazz 915Network
869Arne DomnérusHigh Life8:25Jazz at the Pawnshop (2of2)(HDCD)31996Jazz 814Network
870Arne DomnérusHigh Life7:12Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]31996Jazz 888Network
871Arne DomnérusI'm Confessin'8:07Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)3 Jazz 659Network
872Arne DomnérusI'm Confessin'5:32Jazz at the Pawnshop (2of2)(HDCD)21996Jazz 714Network
873Arne DomnérusI'm Confessin'8:03Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]21996Jazz 589Network
874Arne DomnérusIntroduction0:39Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)1 Jazz 569Network
875Arne DomnérusJeep's Blues6:59Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)6 Jazz 670Network
876Arne DomnérusJeep's Blues6:13Jazz at the Pawnshop (2of2)(HDCD)41996Jazz 772Network
877Arne DomnérusJeep's Blues6:58Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]41996Jazz 591Network
878Arne DomnérusLimehouse Blues9:35Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)2 Jazz 782Network
879Arne DomnérusLimehouse Blues9:30Jazz at the Pawnshop (2of2)(HDCD)11996Jazz 710Network
880Arne DomnérusLimehouse Blues10:11Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]11996Jazz 726Network
881Arne DomnérusOh, Lady Be Good6:57Jazz at the Pawnshop (2of2)(HDCD)51996Jazz 883Network
882Arne DomnérusOh, Lady Be Good9:21Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]51996Jazz 650Network
883Arne DomnérusStruttin' with Some Barbeque6:37Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)5 Jazz 868Network
884Arne DomnérusStuffy7:05Jazz at the Pawnshop (1 or 2) (HDCD)7 Jazz 830Network
885Arne DomnérusStuffy7:05Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]91996Jazz 781Network
886Arne DomnérusTake Five5:17Jazz at the Pawnshop (2of2)(HDCD)61996Jazz 719Network
887Arne DomnérusTake Five6:59Jazz at the Pawnshop [Prophone]61996Jazz 826Network
888Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerA Tune For My Wife7:48I'm Still Swingin'2 Jazz 747Network
889Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerAlice In Wonderland5:46I'm Still Swingin'7 Jazz 799Network
890Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerBody and Soul8:10I'm Still Swingin'6 Jazz 732Network
891Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerDearly Beloved4:01I'm Still Swingin'1 Jazz 931Network
892Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerDemo Tune6:05I'm Still Swingin'8 Jazz 844Network
893Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerGod Child5:54I'm Still Swingin'3 Jazz 822Network
894Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerLush Life8:08I'm Still Swingin'9 Jazz 593Network
895Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerSatin Doll5:17I'm Still Swingin'5 Jazz 795Network
896Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerSunday Song5:33I'm Still Swingin'4 Jazz 789Network
897Arnie Carruthers, Clipper Anderson, Tom SchagerS'Wonderful6:31I'm Still Swingin'10 Jazz 775Network
898Art BlakeyA Night in Tunisia9:03A Night at Birdland, Vol. 151954Jazz 828Network
899Art BlakeyA Night in Tunisia11:16A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]11960Jazz 947Network
900Art BlakeyAlong Came Betty6:12Moanin' [Blue Note]41958Jazz 946Network
901Art BlakeyAnnouncement by Pee Wee Marquette9:45A Night at Birdland, Vol. 111954Jazz 804Network
902Art BlakeyAre You Real4:50Moanin' [Blue Note]31958Jazz 1032Network
903Art BlakeyBlues March6:17Moanin' [Blue Note]61958Jazz 987Network
904Art BlakeyCome Rain or Come Shine5:49Moanin' [Blue Note]71958Jazz 950Network
905Art BlakeyGiantis5:35Like Someone In Love51960Jazz 968Network
906Art BlakeyIn Case You Missed Me6:27Album of the Year51981Jazz 864Network
907Art BlakeyJohnny's Blue9:12Like Someone In Love21960Jazz 918Network
908Art BlakeyKozo's Waltz6:48A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]61960Jazz 962Network
909Art BlakeyLike Someone In Love8:04Like Someone In Love11960Jazz 874Network
910Art BlakeyLittle Man7:46Album of the Year61981Jazz 870Network
911Art BlakeyMayreh9:22A Night at Birdland, Vol. 161954Jazz 815Network
912Art BlakeyMoanin'9:35Moanin' [Blue Note]21958Jazz 932Network
913Art BlakeyMoanin' [Alternate Take][*]9:19Moanin' [Blue Note]81958Jazz 970Network
914Art BlakeyMs. B.C.7:20Album of the Year41981Jazz 861Network
915Art BlakeyNoise In The Attic7:54Like Someone In Love31960Jazz 973Network
916Art BlakeyOnce in a While6:38A Night at Birdland, Vol. 131954Jazz 776Network
917Art BlakeyQuicksilver6:55A Night at Birdland, Vol. 141954Jazz 969Network
918Art BlakeySincerely Diana6:49A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]21960Jazz 976Network
919Art BlakeySincerely Diana [Alternate Take]6:58A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]31960Jazz 947Network
920Art BlakeySleeping Dancer Sleep On8:06Like Someone In Love41960Jazz 828Network
921Art BlakeySleeping Dancer Sleep On (Alternate Take)8:05Like Someone In Love61960Jazz 824Network
922Art BlakeySo Tired6:39A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]41960Jazz 955Network
923Art BlakeySplit Kick5:17A Night at Birdland, Vol. 121954Jazz 671Network
924Art BlakeyThe Drum Thunder Suite: First Theme: Drum Thunder/Second Theme: Cry a Blue7:33Moanin' [Blue Note]51958Jazz 864Network
925Art BlakeyWarm-Up and Dialogue Between Lee and Rudy0:35Moanin' [Blue Note]11958Jazz 678Network
926Art BlakeyWee-Dot [Alternate Take]6:24A Night at Birdland, Vol. 171954Jazz 878Network
927Art BlakeyWhen Your Lover Has Gone6:45A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]71960Jazz 930Network
928Art BlakeyYama6:24A Night in Tunisia [MFSL - UDCD]51960Jazz 834Network
929Art FarmerDe Salde Sina Hemman (They Sold Their Homestead)6:13To Sweden with Love (HDCD)21964Jazz 808Network
930Art FarmerDen Motstravige Brudgummen (The Reluctant Groom)5:51To Sweden with Love (HDCD)31964Jazz 786Network
931Art FarmerKristallen Den Fina (The Fine Crystal)3:13To Sweden with Love (HDCD)51964Jazz 747Network
932Art FarmerOch Hor du Unga Dora (And Listen Young Dora)5:53To Sweden with Love (HDCD)41964Jazz 900Network
933Art FarmerVa da du? (Was It You?)5:23To Sweden with Love (HDCD)11964Jazz 887Network
934Art FarmerVisa Vid Midsommartid (Midsummer Song)6:20To Sweden with Love (HDCD)61964Jazz 907Network
935Art PepperAiregin3:03Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics101959Jazz 801Network
936Art PepperAll the Things You Are6:32The Way It Was31956Jazz 686Network
937Art PepperAll the Things You Are [Alternate Take][*]6:30The Way It Was41956Jazz 784Network
938Art PepperAnthropology3:21Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics91959Jazz 739Network
939Art PepperAutumn Leaves6:27The Way It Was81956Jazz 815Network
940Art PepperBernie's Tune2:49Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics71959Jazz 785Network
941Art PepperBirk's Works4:21Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]92002Jazz 859Network
942Art PepperBlues For Blanche6:47So In Love21979Jazz 920Network
943Art PepperBlues in the Night6:48Winter Moon61980Jazz 733Network
944Art PepperCome Rain or Come Shine4:52Intensity (Gold DCC)31960Jazz 731Network
945Art PepperDiane12:16So In Love41979Jazz 751Network
946Art PepperDonna Lee (original Take)3:23Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics141959Jazz 806Network
947Art PepperFive Points [*]11:38Intensity (Gold DCC)81960Jazz 860Network
948Art PepperFour Brothers3:02Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics51959Jazz 831Network
949Art PepperGone With the Wind5:57Intensity (Gold DCC)51960Jazz 820Network
950Art PepperGroovin' High3:25Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics21959Jazz 789Network
951Art PepperHere's That Rainy Day5:21Winter Moon21980Jazz 711Network
952Art PepperI Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me4:29Intensity (Gold DCC)11960Jazz 788Network
953Art PepperI Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me5:22The Way It Was11956Jazz 756Network
954Art PepperI Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me [Alternate Take][*]5:37The Way It Was21956Jazz 763Network
955Art PepperI Love You5:30Intensity (Gold DCC)21960Jazz 823Network
956Art PepperI Wished on the Moon5:01Intensity (Gold DCC)61960Jazz 845Network
957Art PepperImagination5:54Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]32002Jazz 714Network
958Art PepperJazz Me Blues4:49Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]62002Jazz 825Network
959Art PepperLong Ago (And Far Away)4:28Intensity (Gold DCC)41960Jazz 854Network
960Art PepperMove3:28Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics11959Jazz 816Network
961Art PepperOpus De Funk3:16Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics31959Jazz 781Network
962Art PepperOur Song5:32Winter Moon11980Jazz 734Network
963Art PepperOur Song [Alternate Take][*]4:57Winter Moon81980Jazz 748Network
964Art PepperRed Pepper Blues3:39Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]22002Jazz 826Network
965Art Pepper'Round Midnight3:36Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics41959Jazz 650Network
966Art PepperShaw Nuff2:59Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics61959Jazz 814Network
967Art PepperSo In Love11:35So In Love31979Jazz 993Network
968Art PepperStar Eyes5:15Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]82002Jazz 833Network
969Art PepperStardust10:35So In Love51979Jazz 767Network
970Art PepperStraight Life4:02Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]52002Jazz 889Network
971Art PepperStraight No Chaser6:24So In Love11979Jazz 901Network
972Art PepperThat's Love4:52Winter Moon31980Jazz 801Network
973Art PepperThe Man I Love6:37The Way It Was71956Jazz 832Network
974Art PepperThe Man I Love [*]6:36Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]102002Jazz 850Network
975Art PepperThe Prisoner [From the Eyes of Laura Mars]5:33Winter Moon71980Jazz 674Network
976Art PepperThe Prisoner [From the Eyes of Laura Mars][Alternate Take][*]6:13Winter Moon91980Jazz 707Network
977Art PepperThe Way You Look Tonight6:38The Way It Was91956Jazz 858Network
978Art PepperTickle Toe4:53The Way It Was61956Jazz 848Network
979Art PepperTin Tin Deo7:44Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]72002Jazz 752Network
980Art PepperToo Close for Comfort6:54Intensity (Gold DCC)71960Jazz 829Network
981Art PepperWalkin' (original Take)5:18Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics111959Jazz 750Network
982Art PepperWalkin' Shoes3:33Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics81959Jazz 761Network
983Art PepperWaltz Me Blues2:58Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]42002Jazz 765Network
984Art PepperWhat's New?4:08The Way It Was51956Jazz 664Network
985Art PepperWhen the Sun Comes Out5:48Winter Moon51980Jazz 751Network
986Art PepperWinter Moon5:33Winter Moon41980Jazz 622Network
987Art PepperYou'd Be So Nice to Come Home To5:27Meets the Rhythm Section [SCD Version]12002Jazz 817Network
988Arturo SandovalA Night In Tunisia7:31Tumbaito11987Jazz 810Network
989Arturo SandovalAt the Jazz Band Ball2:56Trumpet Evolution32003Jazz 798Network
990Arturo SandovalColoratura Concerto for Soprano: First Movement3:41Trumpet Evolution112003Jazz 755Network
991Arturo SandovalConcerto for Cootie3:51Trumpet Evolution62003Jazz 844Network
992Arturo SandovalConcerto in D Major: First Movement3:57Trumpet Evolution172003Jazz 799Network
993Arturo SandovalDipper Mouth Blues2:15Trumpet Evolution12003Jazz 853Network
994Arturo SandovalI Can't Get Started4:35Trumpet Evolution52003Jazz 832Network
995Arturo SandovalJoy Spring4:17Trumpet Evolution162003Jazz 870Network
996Arturo SandovalLa Virgen de la Macarena3:06Trumpet Evolution42003Jazz 883Network
997Arturo SandovalLater4:01Trumpet Evolution192003Jazz 953Network
998Arturo SandovalLittle Jazz2:40Trumpet Evolution72003Jazz 932Network
999Arturo SandovalLos Elefantes7:35Tumbaito41987Jazz 841Network
1000Arturo SandovalManteca3:23Trumpet Evolution92003Jazz 929Network
1001Arturo SandovalMaynard Ferguson4:16Trumpet Evolution142003Jazz 956Network
1002Arturo SandovalMy Funny Valentine4:25Trumpet Evolution152003Jazz 840Network
1003Arturo SandovalNostalgia3:31Trumpet Evolution122003Jazz 930Network
1004Arturo SandovalNuestro Blues5:13Tumbaito31987Jazz 906Network
1005Arturo SandovalO Come All Ye Faithful3:54GRP Christmas Collection, Vol. 251995Christmas 897Network
1006Arturo SandovalRelax5:05Tumbaito51987Jazz 617Network
1007Arturo Sandoval'Round Midnight5:42Trumpet Evolution132003Jazz 904Network
1008Arturo SandovalTee Pee Time4:07Trumpet Evolution102003Jazz 946Network
1009Arturo SandovalThe Man With a Horn3:30Trumpet Evolution82003Jazz 912Network
1010Arturo SandovalTumbaito8:23Tumbaito61987Jazz 895Network
1011Arturo SandovalTunisias Blues7:16Tumbaito21987Jazz 844Network
1012Arturo SandovalUp Jumped Spring4:11Trumpet Evolution182003Jazz 811Network
1013Arturo SandovalWhen It's Sleepy Time Down South3:02Trumpet Evolution22003Jazz 874Network
1014Astor PiazzollaLaura's Dream11:56The New Tango51988Jazz 666Network
1015Astor PiazzollaLittle Italy 19308:48The New Tango31988Jazz 593Network
1016Astor PiazzollaMilonga Is Coming12:06The New Tango11988Jazz 608Network
1017Astor PiazzollaNuevo Tango5:39The New Tango41988Jazz 777Network
1018Astor PiazzollaVibraphonissimo6:25The New Tango21988Jazz 675Network
1019Astral ProjectAstral Elevado5:35Elevado121998Jazz 805Network
1020Astral ProjectBulldog Run5:27Elevado11998Jazz 766Network
1021Astral ProjectBurgundy4:30Elevado91998Jazz 753Network
1022Astral ProjectCarnival6:35Elevado31998Jazz 752Network
1023Astral ProjectGator Bait4:45Elevado61998Jazz 819Network
1024Astral ProjectLauren Z5:15Elevado41998Jazz 780Network
1025Astral ProjectMiller6:46Elevado71998Jazz 789Network
1026Astral ProjectN. O Goodbyes4:51Elevado111998Jazz 747Network
1027Astral ProjectNose Dive5:00Elevado101998Jazz 788Network
1028Astral ProjectO.F.O4:35Elevado81998Jazz 806Network
1029Astral ProjectPaladia5:34Elevado21998Jazz 780Network
1030Astral ProjectToo Soon to Tell5:59Elevado51998Jazz 679Network
1031Atlanta Rhythm SectionChampagne Jam4:33Champagne Jam41978Rock 851Network
1032Atlanta Rhythm SectionDon't Miss the Message3:31A Rock and Roll Alternative31976Rock 854Network
1033Atlanta Rhythm SectionEverybody Gotta Go4:12A Rock and Roll Alternative71976Rock 814Network
1034Atlanta Rhythm SectionEvileen3:32Champagne Jam81978Rock 785Network
1035Atlanta Rhythm SectionGeorgia Rhythm4:54A Rock and Roll Alternative41976Rock 802Network
1036Atlanta Rhythm SectionHitch-Hikers' Hero3:38A Rock and Roll Alternative21976Rock 828Network
1037Atlanta Rhythm SectionI'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight4:10Champagne Jam21978Rock 849Network
1038Atlanta Rhythm SectionImaginary Lover5:07Champagne Jam51978Rock 752Network
1039Atlanta Rhythm SectionLarge Time2:56Champagne Jam11978Rock 865Network
1040Atlanta Rhythm SectionNeon Nites3:57A Rock and Roll Alternative81976Rock 756Network
1041Atlanta Rhythm SectionNormal Love3:25Champagne Jam31978Rock 633Network
1042Atlanta Rhythm SectionOutside Woman Blues4:55A Rock and Roll Alternative61976Rock 910Network
1043Atlanta Rhythm SectionSky High5:18A Rock and Roll Alternative11976Rock 823Network
1044Atlanta Rhythm SectionSo into You4:24A Rock and Roll Alternative51976Rock 805Network
1045Atlanta Rhythm SectionThe Ballad Of Lois Malone4:33Champagne Jam61978Rock 829Network
1046Atlanta Rhythm SectionThe Great Escape4:50Champagne Jam71978Rock 830Network
1047Atlanta Symphony Orchestra--Yoel LeviI: Trauermarsch. In gemessenem Schritt. Streng. Wie ein Konduct12:55Mahler Symphony No. 51 Classical 562Network
1048Atlanta Symphony Orchestra--Yoel LeviII: Stürmisch bewegt, mit grösster Vehemenz14:54Mahler Symphony No. 52 Classical 621Network
1049Atlanta Symphony Orchestra--Yoel LeviIII: Scherzo: Kräftig, nicht zu schnell17:58Mahler Symphony No. 53 Classical 581Network
1050Atlanta Symphony Orchestra--Yoel LeviIV: Adagietto: Sehr Langsam11:05Mahler Symphony No. 54 Classical 478Network
1051Atlanta Symphony Orchestra--Yoel LeviV: Rondo, Finale: Allegro15:42Mahler Symphony No. 55 Classical 617Network
1052Aubrey NgIt Might As Well Be Spring3:53Jazz In... Singapore22002Jazz 883Network
1053Audrey SilverA Child is Born4:02Here in My Arms32004Jazz-Vocal 905Network
1054Audrey SilverA Child is Born - Intro1:05Here in My Arms22004Jazz-Vocal 588Network
1055Audrey SilverAll Too Soon6:05Here in My Arms92004Jazz-Vocal 790Network
1056Audrey SilverAs Long as I Live4:39Here in My Arms42004Jazz-Vocal 887Network
1057Audrey SilverIt's A Wonderful World4:31Here in My Arms62004Jazz-Vocal 815Network
1058Audrey SilverMeaning of the Blues5:47Here in My Arms72004Jazz-Vocal 827Network
1059Audrey SilverNo Moon at All4:07Here in My Arms112004Jazz-Vocal 854Network
1060Audrey SilverOld Country3:44Here in My Arms12004Jazz-Vocal 819Network
1061Audrey SilverSan Francisco River5:03Here in My Arms102004Jazz-Vocal 791Network
1062Audrey SilverThe Moon was Yellow3:23Here in My Arms82004Jazz-Vocal 827Network
1063Audrey SilverYou're Nearer4:00Here in My Arms52004Jazz-Vocal 538Network
1064Avalon CatsDon't Be That Way3:25Four Feet To The Beat12000Jazz 959Network
1065Avalon CatsDon't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)3:12Four Feet To The Beat92000Jazz 882Network
1066Avalon CatsEarly Autumn3:08Four Feet To The Beat82000Jazz 796Network
1067Avalon CatsFour Brothers2:57Four Feet To The Beat42000Jazz 956Network
1068Avalon CatsHow About You4:04Four Feet To The Beat62000Jazz 924Network
1069Avalon CatsI'm Getting Sentimental Over You3:21Four Feet To The Beat52000Jazz 735Network
1070Avalon CatsManhattan3:58Four Feet To The Beat22000Jazz 904Network
1071Avalon CatsOpus One3:40Four Feet To The Beat112000Jazz 936Network
1072Avalon CatsSister Sadie4:02Four Feet To The Beat72000Jazz 935Network
1073Avalon CatsStraighten Up and Fly Right3:17Four Feet To The Beat32000Jazz 817Network
1074Avalon CatsTenderly6:04Four Feet To The Beat102000Jazz 798Network
1075Avalon CatsThe Look Of Love3:55Four Feet To The Beat122000Jazz 902Network
1076Avi Leibo24E4:23Shades of Brass21996Jazz 946Network
1077Avi LeiboEverything Happens to Me9:10Shades of Brass41996Jazz 774Network
1078Avi LeiboI'm Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life4:17Shades of Brass81996Jazz 541Network
1079Avi LeiboLet's Play10:26Shades of Brass31996Jazz 899Network
1080Avi LeiboOur Delight4:51Shades of Brass51996Jazz 987Network
1081Avi LeiboTo Wisdom the Prize8:03Shades of Brass61996Jazz 575Network
1082Avi LeiboToday's Nights9:24Shades of Brass11996Jazz 927Network
1083Avi LeiboWait6:43Shades of Brass71996Jazz 982Network
1084B.B. King(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons3:30Reflections72003Blues 908Network
1085B.B. King38th Street Blues2:28Spotlight on Lucille51991Blues 934Network
1086B.B. KingA Mother's Love2:59Reflections62003Blues 944Network
1087B.B. KingA Whole Lot of Lovin'3:26Live at San Quentin41991Blues 993Network
1088B.B. KingActions Speak Louder Than Words3:08Makin' Love Is Good for You92000Blues 999Network
1089B.B. KingAin't Nobody Here But Us Chickens2:52Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan11999Blues 934Network
1090B.B. KingAin't Nobody Home5:18Deuces Wild61997Blues 960Network
1091B.B. KingAin't Nobody Home3:13King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)111992Blues 854Network
1092B.B. KingAin't Nobody Like My Baby3:49Makin' Love Is Good for You62000Blues 963Network
1093B.B. KingAin't Nobody's Business5:01Live at San Quentin81991Blues 954Network
1094B.B. KingAin't Nobody's Business2:43Live at the Apollo41990Blues 908Network
1095B.B. KingAin't That Just Like a Woman3:30Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan51999Blues 889Network
1096B.B. KingAll over Again7:32Live at the Apollo61990Blues 787Network
1097B.B. KingAll over Again [I've Got a Mind to Give Up Living]6:49How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 261996Blues 853Network
1098B.B. KingAlways on My Mind3:56Reflections112003Blues 900Network
1099B.B. KingAsk Me No Questions3:09King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)51992Blues 786Network
1100B.B. KingAuld Lang Syne2:21A Christmas Celebration of Hope132001Christmas 999Network
1101B.B. KingB B King / Ain`t No Love In The Heart Of The City7:562001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 122001Blues-Boot 736Network
1102B.B. KingB B King / Ain`t That Just Like A Woman3:402001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 222001Blues-Boot 710Network
1103B.B. KingB B King / Bad Case Of Love7:092001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 162001Blues-Boot 797Network
1104B.B. KingB B King / Caledonia4:562001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 182001Blues-Boot 782Network
1105B.B. KingB B King / Days Of Old3:282001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 252001Blues-Boot 706Network
1106B.B. KingB B King / Don`t Go No Farther4:442001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 292001Blues-Boot 797Network
1107B.B. KingB B King / Early In The Morning4:392001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 212001Blues-Boot 720Network
1108B.B. KingB B King / How Blue Can You Get4:512001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 242001Blues-Boot 684Network
1109B.B. KingB B King / I Know3:242001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 282001Blues-Boot 789Network
1110B.B. KingB B King / I`ll Survive6:422001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 152001Blues-Boot 700Network
1111B.B. KingB B King / Introducing B.B.King Jam2:252001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 132001Blues-Boot 851Network
1112B.B. KingB B King / Key To The Highway4:242001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 262001Blues-Boot 683Network
1113B.B. KingB B King / Let The Good Times Roll3:032001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 142001Blues-Boot 843Network
1114B.B. KingB B King / Makin` Love Is Good For You8:502001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 2112001Blues-Boot 811Network
1115B.B. KingB B King / Opener5:222001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 112001Blues-Boot 832Network
1116B.B. KingB B King / Peace Of Mind7:222001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 172001Blues-Boot 767Network
1117B.B. KingB B King / Please Accept My Love4:352001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 2102001Blues-Boot 702Network
1118B.B. KingB B King / Summertime4:122001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 192001Blues-Boot 730Network
1119B.B. KingB B King / The Thrill Is Gone4:122001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 272001Blues-Boot 845Network
1120B.B. KingB B King / You Are My Sunshine1:552001-06-30 - Piazza Blues Festival,Bellinzona, Switzerland - Disc 232001Blues-Boot 756Network
1121B.B. KingB.B. King Intro1:58Live at San Quentin11991Blues 1059Network
1122B.B. KingB.B. King With Billy F. Gibbons - Tired Of Your Jive3:5280 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday22005Blues 893Network
1123B.B. KingB.B. King With Bobby Bland - Funny How Time Slips Away4:0880 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday112005Blues 739Network
1124B.B. KingB.B. King With Daryl Hall - Ain't Nobody Home3:5180 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday52005Blues 981Network
1125B.B. KingB.B. King With Elton John - Rock This House3:0680 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday122005Blues 991Network
1126B.B. KingB.B. King With Eric Clapton - The Thrill Is Gone5:0380 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday32005Blues 927Network
1127B.B. KingB.B. King With Glenn Frey - Drivin' Wheel4:1980 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday82005Blues 891Network
1128B.B. KingB.B. King With Gloria Estefan - There Must Be A Better World Somewhere6:5080 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday92005Blues 859Network
1129B.B. KingB.B. King With John Mayer - Hummingbird4:4180 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday62005Blues 885Network
1130B.B. KingB.B. King With Mark Knopfler - All Over Again4:5380 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday72005Blues 810Network
1131B.B. KingB.B. King With Roger Daltrey - Never Make Your Move Too Soon4:5980 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday102005Blues 940Network
1132B.B. KingB.B. King With Sheryl Crow - Need Your Love So Bad3:5780 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday42005Blues 800Network
1133B.B. KingB.B. King With Van Morrison - Early In The Morning4:5080 - B.B. King's 80th Birthday12005Blues 943Network
1134B.B. KingBaby Get Lost4:09How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 171996Blues 896Network
1135B.B. KingBaby I Love You4:00Deuces Wild51997Blues 887Network
1136B.B. KingBack Door Santa3:26A Christmas Celebration of Hope32001Christmas 938Network
1137B.B. KingBad Case of Love5:28Blues on the Bayou21998Blues 943Network
1138B.B. KingBetter Not Look Down3:22King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)61992Blues 748Network
1139B.B. KingBeware, Brother, Beware3:08Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan31999Blues 876Network
1140B.B. KingBlind Love3:31How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 181996Blues 897Network
1141B.B. KingBlue Decorations3:27A Christmas Celebration of Hope102001Christmas 876Network
1142B.B. KingBlue Shadows5:09King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)91992Blues 797Network
1143B.B. KingBlues Boys Tune3:29Blues on the Bayou11998Blues 895Network
1144B.B. KingBlues in G3:28Blues on the Bayou141998Blues 927Network
1145B.B. KingBlues Man5:19Blues on the Bayou51998Blues 898Network
1146B.B. KingBlues We Like5:08Blues on the Bayou91998Blues 871Network
1147B.B. KingBlues With B.B.9:42Spotlight on Lucille21991Blues 915Network
1148B.B. KingBringing in a Brand New Year2:41A Christmas Celebration of Hope122001Christmas 963Network
1149B.B. KingBroken Promise3:34Blues on the Bayou61998Blues 924Network
1150B.B. KingBuzz Me4:09How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 161996Blues 936Network
1151B.B. KingBuzz Me2:52Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan71999Blues 864Network
1152B.B. KingCaldonia4:55Greatest Hits Live12003Blues 927Network
1153B.B. KingCaldonia2:47How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 231996Blues 941Network
1154B.B. KingCaldonia4:55King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents B.B. King11978Blues 923Network
1155B.B. KingCaldonia2:48King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)71992Blues 847Network
1156B.B. KingCaldonia2:17Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan131999Blues 963Network
1157B.B. KingCalypso Jazz5:00Spotlight on Lucille91991Blues 810Network
1158B.B. KingChains And Things4:53King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)61992Blues 777Network
1159B.B. KingChains and Things5:41Live in Japan61999Blues 927Network
1160B.B. KingChoo Choo Ch'Boogie2:37Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan61999Blues 927Network
1161B.B. KingChristmas Celebration3:38A Christmas Celebration of Hope72001Christmas 913Network
1162B.B. KingChristmas Comes but Once a Year4:15A Christmas Celebration of Hope112001Christmas 941Network
1163B.B. KingChristmas in Heaven4:49A Christmas Celebration of Hope42001Christmas 808Network
1164B.B. KingChristmas Love2:57A Christmas Celebration of Hope92001Christmas 840Network
1165B.B. KingCome Rain or Come Shine4:11Riding with the King122000Blues 899Network
1166B.B. KingConfessin' the Blues4:32Deuces Wild81997Blues 956Network
1167B.B. KingConfessin' The Blues4:58King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)21992Blues 870Network
1168B.B. KingCross My Heart4:29Reflections122003Blues 932Network
1169B.B. KingCrying Won't Help You4:12Deuces Wild121997Blues 855Network
1170B.B. KingDangerous Mood4:55Deuces Wild101997Blues 968Network
1171B.B. KingDarlin' You Know I Love You5:26Blues on the Bayou71998Blues 906Network
1172B.B. KingDarlin' You Know I Love You4:46King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)101992Blues 877Network
1173B.B. KingDarlin' You Know I Love You4:26Live in Japan91999Blues 857Network
1174B.B. KingDays of Old3:00Riding with the King92000Blues 1058Network
1175B.B. KingDon't Answer the Door5:58How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 191996Blues 936Network
1176B.B. KingDon't Go No Farther4:08Makin' Love Is Good for You82000Blues 999Network
1177B.B. KingDon't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes3:15King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)161992Blues 831Network
1178B.B. KingDon't You Lie To Me6:09King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)21992Blues 836Network
1179B.B. KingEarly Every Morning4:47Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan81999Blues 859Network
1180B.B. KingEasy Listening Blues2:37Spotlight on Lucille101991Blues 766Network
1181B.B. KingEvery Day I Have the Blues4:41Live at San Quentin31991Blues 1042Network
1182B.B. KingEvery Day I Have the Blues3:08Live at the Regal11965Blues 950Network
1183B.B. KingEvery Day I Have the Blues1:42Live in Cook County Jail21971Blues 786Network
1184B.B. KingEvery Day I Have the Blues2:10Live in Japan11999Blues 978Network
1185B.B. KingEverybody's Had the Blues4:34Blues Summit121993Blues 938Network
1186B.B. KingExactly Like You3:21Reflections12003Blues 987Network
1187B.B. KingEyesight To The Blind4:06King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)71992Blues 878Network
1188B.B. KingEyesight to the Blind4:03Live in Japan31999Blues 963Network
1189B.B. KingFeedin' the Rock2:37Spotlight on Lucille61991Blues 881Network
1190B.B. KingFive Long Years5:13King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)131992Blues 729Network
1191B.B. KingFools Get Wise2:39King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)141992Blues 732Network
1192B.B. KingGambler's Blues4:44How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 151996Blues 939Network
1193B.B. KingGet Myself Somebody2:35King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)91992Blues 820Network
1194B.B. KingGet Off My Back Woman3:15King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)121992Blues 885Network
1195B.B. KingGhetto Woman5:15King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)101992Blues 756Network
1196B.B. KingGoin Down Slow6:23King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents B.B. King31978Blues 873Network
1197B.B. KingGoin' Down Slow6:23Greatest Hits Live32003Blues 876Network
1198B.B. KingGoin' Down Slow6:31King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)11992Blues 787Network
1199B.B. KingGood Man Gone Bad3:20Blues on the Bayou101998Blues 936Network
1200B.B. KingGuess Who?5:03Live at the Apollo91990Blues 787Network
1201B.B. KingGuess Who?5:56Move to the Groove71999Blues 689Network
1202B.B. KingHelp the Poor2:38Live at the Regal101965Blues 892Network
1203B.B. KingHelp the Poor5:06Riding with the King62000Blues 943Network
1204B.B. KingHikari, No. 887:57Live in Japan131999Blues 983Network
1205B.B. KingHold On! I'm Comin'6:20Riding with the King112000Blues 1012Network
1206B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get9:32King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents B.B. King21978Blues 851Network
1207B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get?9:32Greatest Hits Live22003Blues 854Network
1208B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get?5:14How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 1121996Blues 856Network
1209B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get?3:35Live at the Regal41965Blues 891Network
1210B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get?5:12Live in Cook County Jail31971Blues 739Network
1211B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get?5:17Live in Japan21999Blues 902Network
1212B.B. KingHummingbird4:36King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)41992Blues 795Network
1213B.B. KingHummingbird4:08Live in Japan81999Blues 942Network
1214B.B. KingI Got Some Help I Don't Need4:37Blues on the Bayou131998Blues 927Network
1215B.B. KingI Got Some Help I Don't Need14:47Greatest Hits Live42003Blues 865Network
1216B.B. KingI Got Some Help I Don't Need5:14How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 221996Blues 858Network
1217B.B. KingI Got Some Help I Don't Need3:26King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)121992Blues 728Network
1218B.B. KingI Got to Leave This Woman3:36Makin' Love Is Good for You12000Blues 991Network
1219B.B. KingI Gotta Move Out of This Neighborhood/Nobody Loves Me But My Mother8:57Blues Summit111993Blues 833Network
1220B.B. KingI Know3:48Makin' Love Is Good for You32000Blues 966Network
1221B.B. KingI Like To Live The Love3:29King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)151992Blues 813Network
1222B.B. KingI Need You3:02Reflections52003Blues 972Network
1223B.B. KingI Pity the Fool4:36Blues Summit31993Blues 921Network
1224B.B. KingI Wanna Be4:45Riding with the King72000Blues 1053Network
1225B.B. KingI Want a Little Girl2:48Reflections32003Blues 979Network
1226B.B. KingI Want You So Bad4:13King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)101992Blues 830Network
1227B.B. KingIf I Lost You4:57Blues on the Bayou111998Blues 964Network
1228B.B. KingIf That Ain't It I Quit3:20Blues on the Bayou151998Blues 959Network
1229B.B. KingIf You Love Me5:48Deuces Wild11997Blues 873Network
1230B.B. KingI'll Be Home for Christmas3:47A Christmas Celebration of Hope52001Christmas 803Network
1231B.B. KingI'll String Along With You3:31Reflections42003Blues 898Network
1232B.B. KingI'll Survive4:52Blues on the Bayou31998Blues 888Network
1233B.B. KingI'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me2:44King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)51992Blues 882Network
1234B.B. KingI'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town4:50Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan91999Blues 862Network
1235B.B. KingI'm in the Wrong Business4:37Makin' Love Is Good for You132000Blues 968Network
1236B.B. KingInflation Blues4:15King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)111992Blues 873Network
1237B.B. KingInto the Night4:32Live at San Quentin71991Blues 1004Network
1238B.B. KingIntroductions1:51Live in Cook County Jail11971Blues 628Network
1239B.B. KingIs You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?3:22Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan21999Blues 882Network
1240B.B. KingIt's a Great, Great Pleasure2:39Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan141999Blues 962Network
1241B.B. KingIt's My Own Fault3:09Live at the Regal31965Blues 884Network
1242B.B. KingJack, You're Dead!2:09Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan101999Blues 933Network
1243B.B. KingJamming at Sankei Hall9:35Live in Japan111999Blues 954Network
1244B.B. KingJapanese Boogie9:17Live in Japan101999Blues 969Network
1245B.B. KingJump With B.B.2:57Spotlight on Lucille41991Blues 899Network
1246B.B. KingJust a Little Love11:10Greatest Hits Live52003Blues 886Network
1247B.B. KingJust Like a Woman3:16Spotlight on Lucille71991Blues 923Network
1248B.B. KingKeep It Coming3:57Deuces Wild111997Blues 907Network
1249B.B. KingKey to the Highway3:39Riding with the King32000Blues 904Network
1250B.B. KingKing of Guitar2:40Spotlight on Lucille31991Blues 880Network
1251B.B. KingKnock Me a Kiss2:41Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan111999Blues 855Network
1252B.B. KingLet the Good Times Roll5:32How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 211996Blues 968Network
1253B.B. KingLet The Good Times Roll5:34King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)11992Blues 909Network
1254B.B. KingLet the Good Times Roll2:39Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan121999Blues 899Network
1255B.B. KingLet the Good Times Roll5:07Live at San Quentin21991Blues 1024Network
1256B.B. KingLittle by Little4:07Blues Summit71993Blues 979Network
1257B.B. KingLonesome Christmas3:04A Christmas Celebration of Hope22001Christmas 930Network
1258B.B. KingLucille10:15King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)61992Blues 863Network
1259B.B. KingMake Love To Me1:47King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)121992Blues 672Network
1260B.B. KingMakin' Love Is Good for You3:46Makin' Love Is Good for You72000Blues 1002Network
1261B.B. KingMarry You4:59Riding with the King42000Blues 1007Network
1262B.B. KingMean Ole' World4:30Blues on the Bayou41998Blues 931Network
1263B.B. KingMedley: 3 O'Clock Blues/Darlin' You Know I Love You6:17Live in Cook County Jail51971Blues 715Network
1264B.B. KingMerry Christmas, Baby4:08A Christmas Celebration of Hope82001Christmas 818Network
1265B.B. KingMonday Woman3:37Makin' Love Is Good for You52000Blues 973Network
1266B.B. KingMother Fuyer3:06King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)31992Blues 867Network
1267B.B. KingNeighborhood Affair4:27Reflections82003Blues 983Network
1268B.B. KingNever Make a Move Too Soon3:43How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 251996Blues 964Network
1269B.B. KingNever Make A Move Too Soon5:29King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)41992Blues 842Network
1270B.B. KingNever Make a Move Too Soon7:51Live at San Quentin61991Blues 1058Network
1271B.B. KingNight Life4:30Deuces Wild131997Blues 854Network
1272B.B. KingNight Life6:45How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 241996Blues 885Network
1273B.B. KingNight Life4:03Live at the Apollo71990Blues 900Network
1274B.B. KingNiji Baby6:28King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)81992Blues 796Network
1275B.B. KingNiji Baby6:27Live in Japan41999Blues 934Network
1276B.B. KingNo Good4:36King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)151992Blues 820Network
1277B.B. KingNobody Knows You When You're Down and Out4:34Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan181999Blues 791Network
1278B.B. KingNobody Loves Me But My Mother8:11How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 281996Blues 959Network
1279B.B. KingNobody Loves Me But My Mother1:26King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)31992Blues 708Network
1280B.B. KingNobody Loves Me But My Mother8:08Live at San Quentin111991Blues 970Network
1281B.B. KingOn My Word of Honor3:22Reflections22003Blues 978Network
1282B.B. KingPaying the Cost to Be the Boss3:35Deuces Wild91997Blues 982Network
1283B.B. KingPaying the Cost to Be the Boss2:26How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 2101996Blues 963Network
1284B.B. KingPaying The Cost To Be The Boss2:33King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)41992Blues 910Network
1285B.B. KingPaying the Cost to Be the Boss2:29Live at the Apollo51990Blues 951Network
1286B.B. KingPaying the Cost to Be the Boss6:17Move to the Groove81999Blues 702Network
1287B.B. KingPeace of Mind4:03Makin' Love Is Good for You42000Blues 944Network
1288B.B. KingPeace to the World3:52Live at San Quentin101991Blues 1019Network
1289B.B. KingPeace to the World2:52Live at the Apollo101990Blues 954Network
1290B.B. KingPlay With Your Poodle0:55King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)91992Blues 661Network
1291B.B. KingPlayin' With My Friends5:18Blues Summit11993Blues 938Network
1292B.B. KingPlease Accept My Love2:38How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 1101996Blues 916Network
1293B.B. KingPlease Accept My Love2:47King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)131992Blues 775Network
1294B.B. KingPlease Come Home for Christmas4:53A Christmas Celebration of Hope12001Christmas 907Network
1295B.B. KingPlease Love Me3:01Live at the Regal51965Blues 990Network
1296B.B. KingPlease Send Me Someone to Love4:16Deuces Wild41997Blues 883Network
1297B.B. KingPlease Send Me Someone to Love [#]4:11How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 271996Blues 961Network
1298B.B. KingPowerhouse2:33Spotlight on Lucille121991Blues 948Network
1299B.B. KingRiding With the King4:23Riding with the King12000Blues 1015Network
1300B.B. KingRock Me Baby6:38Deuces Wild31997Blues 866Network
1301B.B. KingRock Me Baby3:27Live at San Quentin131991Blues 1005Network
1302B.B. KingRock Me Baby [#]6:20How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 2131996Blues 798Network
1303B.B. KingRusty Dusty Blues (Mama Mama Blues)4:17Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan151999Blues 810Network
1304B.B. KingSaturday Night Fish Fry4:29Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan171999Blues 961Network
1305B.B. KingShake It Up and Go3:10Blues on the Bayou81998Blues 842Network
1306B.B. KingShe's My Baby4:13Makin' Love Is Good for You142000Blues 1004Network
1307B.B. KingShoutin' the Blues2:42Spotlight on Lucille111991Blues 875Network
1308B.B. KingSince I Fell for You5:53Makin' Love Is Good for You22000Blues 949Network
1309B.B. KingSince I Met You Baby4:45Blues Summit21993Blues 879Network
1310B.B. KingSince I Met You Baby3:55Live at the Apollo81990Blues 896Network
1311B.B. KingSinner's Prayer4:25Genius Loves Company92004R&B 856Network
1312B.B. KingSlidin' and Glidin'3:59Spotlight on Lucille11991Blues 879Network
1313B.B. KingSo Excited5:36King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)161992Blues 888Network
1314B.B. KingSomebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door3:28Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan41999Blues 838Network
1315B.B. KingSomething You Got4:02Blues Summit51993Blues 911Network
1316B.B. KingStep It Up2:24Spotlight on Lucille81991Blues 858Network
1317B.B. KingSure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night3:07Let the Good Times Roll: The Music of Louis Jordan161999Blues 915Network
1318B.B. KingSweet Little Angel3:10Live at San Quentin51991Blues 1042Network
1319B.B. KingSweet Little Angel4:09Live at the Regal21965Blues 893Network
1320B.B. KingSweet Sixteen6:27Live at San Quentin121991Blues 994Network
1321B.B. KingSweet Sixteen7:25Live at the Apollo21990Blues 864Network
1322B.B. KingSweet Sixteen4:22Live in Cook County Jail61971Blues 740Network
1323B.B. KingSweet Sixteen6:00Live in Japan71999Blues 921Network
1324B.B. KingSweet Sixteen - Parts 1 & 26:11King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)31992Blues 754Network
1325B.B. KingTell Me Baby3:26Blues on the Bayou121998Blues 916Network
1326B.B. KingTen Long Years4:40Riding with the King22000Blues 935Network
1327B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone5:00Deuces Wild21997Blues 901Network
1328B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone6:52Greatest Hits Live62003Blues 834Network
1329B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone6:52King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents B.B. King61978Blues 831Network
1330B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone5:27King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)11992Blues 827Network
1331B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone6:24Live at San Quentin91991Blues 1011Network
1332B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone3:33Live at the Apollo31990Blues 790Network
1333B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone5:27Live in Cook County Jail71971Blues 697Network
1334B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone5:36Live in Japan121999Blues 970Network
1335B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone5:15Move to the Groove61999Blues 679Network
1336B.B. KingThere I've Said It Again3:29Reflections102003Blues 915Network
1337B.B. KingThere Must Be a Better World Somewhere4:50Deuces Wild71997Blues 957Network
1338B.B. KingThere Must Be A Better World Somewhere3:46King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)81992Blues 785Network
1339B.B. KingThere's Something on Your Mind6:02Blues Summit61993Blues 885Network
1340B.B. KingThree O'Clock Blues8:36Riding with the King52000Blues 867Network
1341B.B. KingTired Of Your Jive3:32King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)21992Blues 845Network
1342B.B. KingTo Know You Is To Love You8:35King of the Blues 1969-1975 (3)141992Blues 744Network
1343B.B. KingTo Someone That I Love5:01A Christmas Celebration of Hope62001Christmas 815Network
1344B.B. KingTomorrow Night3:36Reflections92003Blues 985Network
1345B.B. KingToo Good to You Baby3:15Makin' Love Is Good for You122000Blues 990Network
1346B.B. KingWatch Yourself5:49King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)71992Blues 959Network
1347B.B. KingWe're Gonna Make It3:52Blues Summit101993Blues 947Network
1348B.B. KingWhat a Wonderful World3:57Reflections132003Blues 915Network
1349B.B. KingWhat You Bet3:49Makin' Love Is Good for You102000Blues 958Network
1350B.B. KingWhen It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)4:12King Of The Blues 1976-1991 (4)51992Blues 757Network
1351B.B. KingWhen Love Comes to Town4:47How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 291996Blues 1022Network
1352B.B. KingWhen Love Comes to Town4:52Live at the Apollo11990Blues 972Network
1353B.B. KingWhen My Heart Beats Like a Hammer7:09Riding with the King102000Blues 866Network
1354B.B. KingWhy I Sing The Blues8:35King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)111992Blues 870Network
1355B.B. KingWoke up This Morning (My Baby's Gone)1:44Live at the Regal81965Blues 939Network
1356B.B. KingWorried Life Blues4:25Riding with the King82000Blues 861Network
1357B.B. KingWorry, Worry9:51How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994 Disc 1111996Blues 818Network
1358B.B. KingWorry, Worry6:23Live at the Regal71965Blues 845Network
1359B.B. KingWorry, Worry9:53Live in Cook County Jail41971Blues 697Network
1360B.B. KingYou Done Lost Your Good Thing Now4:33Live at the Regal91965Blues 871Network
1361B.B. KingYou Put It On Me2:46King of the Blues 1966-1969 (2)81992Blues 797Network
1362B.B. KingYou Shook Me4:59Blues Summit41993Blues 827Network
1363B.B. KingYou Upset Me Baby2:39Live at the Regal61965Blues 937Network
1364B.B. KingYou're on Top3:11Makin' Love Is Good for You112000Blues 999Network
1365B.B. KingYou're Still My Woman5:56Live in Japan51999Blues 938Network
1366B.B. KingYou're the Boss4:07Blues Summit91993Blues 950Network
1367Bad InfluenceAlberta4:24Live at Bad Habits Grill31995Blues 730Network
1368Bad InfluenceBright Lights, Big City3:48Live at Bad Habits Grill81995Blues 862Network
1369Bad InfluenceHow Blue Can You Get?7:04Live at Bad Habits Grill101995Blues 818Network
1370Bad InfluenceMustang Sally5:32Live at Bad Habits Grill41995Blues 901Network
1371Bad InfluenceMy Baby's a Superstar4:36Live at Bad Habits Grill91995Blues 906Network
1372Bad InfluenceNight Life4:03Live at Bad Habits Grill121995Blues 809Network
1373Bad InfluenceNo Particular Place to Go3:30Live at Bad Habits Grill21995Blues 865Network
1374Bad InfluenceRock Me Baby4:44Live at Bad Habits Grill111995Blues 877Network
1375Bad InfluenceSome Kind of Wonderful5:18Live at Bad Habits Grill51995Blues 896Network
1376Bad InfluenceSweet Home Chicago5:33Live at Bad Habits Grill71995Blues 895Network
1377Bad Influence'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do4:33Live at Bad Habits Grill61995Blues 781Network
1378Bad InfluenceWhy I Sing the Blues5:54Live at Bad Habits Grill131995Blues 897Network
1379Bad InfluenceWoke up This Morning3:46Live at Bad Habits Grill11995Blues 894Network
1380The BandAcadian Driftwood6:42Northern Lights-Southern Cross41975Rock 836Network
1381The BandHobo Jungle4:15Northern Lights-Southern Cross21975Rock 776Network
1382The BandOphelia3:32Northern Lights-Southern Cross31975Rock 798Network
1383The BandRag Mama Rag3:04The Band21969Rock 840Network
1384The BandRing Your Bell3:55Northern Lights-Southern Cross51975Rock 869Network
1385The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down3:33The Band31969Rock 886Network
1386The BandUp on Cripple Creek4:34The Band51969Rock 839Network
1387Barb JungrAngel of the Morning5:27Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)52008Jazz-Vocal 732Network
1388Barb JungrBallad of Hollis Brown4:57Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)102008Jazz-Vocal 738Network
1389Barb JungrBlack is the Colour/Break Down and Let it All Out4:31Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)12008Jazz-Vocal 747Network
1390Barb JungrDon't Let Me be Misunderstood4:28Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)62008Jazz-Vocal 691Network
1391Barb JungrFeeling Good3:18Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)112008Jazz-Vocal 997Network
1392Barb JungrJust Like a Woman5:34Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)22008Jazz-Vocal 897Network
1393Barb JungrKeeper of the Flames4:37Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)72008Jazz-Vocal 665Network
1394Barb JungrLilac Wine5:09Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)32008Jazz-Vocal 691Network
1395Barb JungrOne Morning in May/The Pusher6:38Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)92008Jazz-Vocal 744Network
1396Barb JungrThe Times They are a Changin3:16Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)42008Jazz-Vocal 820Network
1397Barb JungrTo Love Somebody5:19Just Like a Woman (Hymn to Nina)82008Jazz-Vocal 867Network
1398The BarleyshakesStarhon's Passage4:02Celtic Dawn: Tales of the New Age81998Celtic 749Network
1399Barney Kessel12th Steet Rag2:58To Swing Or Not To Swing11 Jazz 732Network
1400Barney KesselAngel Eyes4:43The Poll Winners Ride Again!81991Jazz 600Network
1401Barney KesselBe Deedle Dee Do5:35The Poll Winners Ride Again!11991Jazz 759Network
1402Barney KesselBegin The Blues4:28To Swing Or Not To Swing1 Jazz 741Network
1403Barney KesselContemporary Blues4:09To Swing Or Not To Swing9 Jazz 742Network
1404Barney KesselCustard Puff4:27The Poll Winners Ride Again!51991Jazz 735Network
1405Barney KesselDon't Blame Me2:58To Swing Or Not To Swing10 Jazz 623Network
1406Barney KesselEmbraceable You3:23To Swing Or Not To Swing4 Jazz 605Network
1407Barney KesselForeign Intrigue3:22The Poll Winners Ride Again!71991Jazz 781Network
1408Barney KesselHappy Feeling3:57To Swing Or Not To Swing3 Jazz 794Network
1409Barney KesselIndiana3:13To Swing Or Not To Swing6 Jazz 810Network
1410Barney KesselLouisiana3:56To Swing Or Not To Swing2 Jazz 774Network
1411Barney KesselMidnight Sun3:10To Swing Or Not To Swing8 Jazz 642Network
1412Barney KesselMoten Swing3:57To Swing Or Not To Swing7 Jazz 744Network
1413Barney KesselSpring Is Here4:10The Poll Winners Ride Again!31991Jazz 609Network
1414Barney KesselThe Merry Go Round Broke Down2:12The Poll Winners Ride Again!91991Jazz 849Network
1415Barney KesselThe Surrey with the Fringe on Top5:30The Poll Winners Ride Again!41991Jazz 780Network
1416Barney KesselVolare (Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu)4:23The Poll Winners Ride Again!21991Jazz 677Network
1417Barney KesselWail Street4:24To Swing Or Not To Swing5 Jazz 834Network
1418Barney KesselWhen the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along4:18The Poll Winners Ride Again!61991Jazz 786Network
1419Barry HarrisWillow Grove3:58One on One82000Jazz 600Network
1420BasiaAn Olive Tree5:01Sweetest Illusion51994Rock 972Network
1421BasiaAstrud4:40Time & Tide81987Rock 902Network
1422BasiaBaby You're Mine3:38Basia on Broadway [Epic]61995Rock 916Network
1423BasiaBaby You're Mine3:34London Warsaw New York41990Rock 941Network
1424BasiaBest Friends4:05London Warsaw New York21990Rock 986Network
1425BasiaBrave New Hope5:25Basia on Broadway [Epic]161995Rock 929Network
1426BasiaBrave New Hope4:07London Warsaw New York31990Rock 877Network
1427BasiaCopernicus4:09Basia on Broadway [Epic]11995Rock 1033Network
1428BasiaCopernicus3:52London Warsaw New York81990Rock 955Network
1429BasiaCruising for Bruising4:46Basia on Broadway [Epic]21995Rock 969Network
1430BasiaCruising for Bruising4:10London Warsaw New York11990Rock 889Network
1431BasiaDrunk on Love5:02Basia on Broadway [Epic]41995Rock 1019Network
1432BasiaDrunk on Love4:45Sweetest Illusion11994Rock 1006Network
1433BasiaDzien Sie Budzi3:43Basia on Broadway [Epic]151995Rock 1000Network
1434BasiaFreeze Thaw3:57Time & Tide41987Rock 953Network
1435BasiaFrom Now On3:57Basia on Broadway [Epic]51995Rock 820Network
1436BasiaFrom Now On3:45Time & Tide51987Rock 882Network
1437BasiaHalf a Minute3:56Basia on Broadway [Epic]121995Rock 983Network
1438BasiaHow Dare You3:24Time & Tide91987Rock 937Network
1439BasiaMiles Away4:11Time & Tide101987Rock 847Network
1440BasiaMore Fire Than Flame4:13Sweetest Illusion81994Rock 1044Network
1441BasiaMy Cruel Ways4:54Sweetest Illusion101994Rock 962Network
1442BasiaNew Day for You5:09Basia on Broadway [Epic]91995Rock 1009Network
1443BasiaNew Day for You4:27Time & Tide61987Rock 936Network
1444BasiaNot an Angel4:24London Warsaw New York91990Rock 907Network
1445BasiaOrdinary People4:59London Warsaw New York51990Rock 901Network
1446BasiaPerfect Mother3:51Sweetest Illusion71994Rock 929Network
1447BasiaPrime Time TV5:22Time & Tide71987Rock 898Network
1448BasiaPromises5:24Basia on Broadway [Epic]101995Rock 1003Network
1449BasiaPromises4:03Time & Tide11987Rock 930Network
1450BasiaReward6:28Basia on Broadway [Epic]131995Rock 937Network
1451BasiaReward5:10London Warsaw New York61990Rock 863Network
1452BasiaRun for Cover3:38Time & Tide21987Rock 964Network
1453BasiaShe Deserves It/Rachel's Wedding4:52Sweetest Illusion41994Rock 828Network
1454BasiaSimple Pleasures4:53Sweetest Illusion91994Rock 901Network
1455BasiaTake Him Back, Rachel4:43Basia on Broadway [Epic]81995Rock 981Network
1456BasiaTake Him Back, Rachel4:18London Warsaw New York101990Rock 970Network
1457BasiaThe Prayer of a Happy Housewife4:56Sweetest Illusion111994Rock 911Network
1458BasiaThe Sweetest Illusion4:58Sweetest Illusion61994Rock 988Network
1459BasiaThird Time Lucky5:15Basia on Broadway [Epic]31995Rock 1012Network
1460BasiaThird Time Lucky5:01Sweetest Illusion21994Rock 938Network
1461BasiaTime and Tide3:53Basia on Broadway [Epic]111995Rock 975Network
1462BasiaTime and Tide4:03Time & Tide31987Rock 907Network
1463BasiaUntil You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)4:39Basia on Broadway [Epic]141995Rock 976Network
1464BasiaUntil You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)3:53London Warsaw New York71990Rock 887Network
1465BasiaYearning6:05Basia on Broadway [Epic]71995Rock 975Network
1466BasiaYearning5:22Sweetest Illusion31994Rock 918Network
1467BBC Big Band OrchestraAnvil Chorus4:5520 Best of Big Bands82004Big Band 893Network
1468BBC Big Band OrchestraAnvil Chorus4:55The Big Band Collection41998Big Band 927Network
1469BBC Big Band OrchestraBegin the Beguine3:1220 Best of Big Bands62004Big Band 960Network
1470BBC Big Band OrchestraBig John's Special3:1420 Best of Big Bands132004Big Band 964Network
1471BBC Big Band OrchestraBig John's Special3:13The Big Band Collection61998Big Band 957Network
1472BBC Big Band OrchestraCaravan2:3520 Best of Big Bands182004Big Band 872Network
1473BBC Big Band OrchestraChattanooga Choo-Choo4:5520 Best of Big Bands12004Big Band 941Network
1474BBC Big Band OrchestraDown South Camp Meeting3:1520 Best of Big Bands192004Big Band 856Network
1475BBC Big Band OrchestraDown South Camp Meeting3:14The Big Band Collection31998Big Band 900Network
1476BBC Big Band OrchestraHamp's Boogie Woogie3:2920 Best of Big Bands142004Big Band 944Network
1477BBC Big Band OrchestraI Get a Kick Out of You3:0120 Best of Big Bands112004Big Band 764Network
1478BBC Big Band OrchestraI Got It Bad2:4020 Best of Big Bands42004Big Band 829Network
1479BBC Big Band OrchestraI'm Getting Sentimental Over You3:3520 Best of Big Bands52004Big Band 648Network
1480BBC Big Band OrchestraJersey Bounce2:5220 Best of Big Bands102004Big Band 907Network
1481BBC Big Band OrchestraKing Porter Stomp3:1020 Best of Big Bands172004Big Band 1041Network
1482BBC Big Band OrchestraKing Porter Stomp3:10The Big Band Collection81998Big Band 1025Network
1483BBC Big Band OrchestraLittle Brown Jug3:27The Big Band Collection91998Big Band 940Network
1484BBC Big Band OrchestraOh Lady Be Good3:3520 Best of Big Bands202004Big Band 905Network
1485BBC Big Band OrchestraOn the Sunny Side of the Street3:0920 Best of Big Bands122004Big Band 942Network
1486BBC Big Band OrchestraOne O'Clock Jump3:0220 Best of Big Bands92004Big Band 947Network
1487BBC Big Band OrchestraOpus in Pastels2:5020 Best of Big Bands72004Big Band 866Network
1488BBC Big Band OrchestraPinetops Boogie3:1920 Best of Big Bands152004Big Band 753Network
1489BBC Big Band Orchestra'S Wonderful3:0120 Best of Big Bands32004Big Band 861Network
1490BBC Big Band OrchestraSing, Sing, Sing7:4220 Best of Big Bands22004Big Band 913Network
1491BBC Big Band OrchestraSing, Sing, Sing7:42The Big Band Collection11998Big Band 889Network
1492BBC Big Band OrchestraSkyliner3:06The Big Band Collection71998Big Band 1000Network
1493BBC Big Band OrchestraSong of India3:06The Big Band Collection21998Big Band 809Network
1494BBC Big Band OrchestraSouth Rampart Street Parade2:13The Big Band Collection51998Big Band 958Network
1495BBC Big Band OrchestraTake the 'A' Train3:2420 Best of Big Bands162004Big Band 962Network
1496BBC Big Band OrchestraThe Hornet3:05The Big Band Collection101998Big Band 978Network
1497The Beach BoysAll Summer Long2:08Endless Summer201974Rock 840Network
1498The Beach BoysBe True to Your School2:07Endless Summer61974Rock 880Network
1499The Beach BoysBoogie Woodie1:59Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]241963Rock 846Network
1500The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls2:41Endless Summer161974Rock 836Network
1501The Beach BoysCatch a Wave2:10Endless Summer31974Rock 894Network
1502The Beach BoysCatch A Wave2:09Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]141963Rock 857Network
1503The Beach BoysDon't Worry Baby2:48Endless Summer151974Rock 881Network
1504The Beach BoysFinders Keepers1:43Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]121963Rock 808Network
1505The Beach BoysFun, Fun, Fun2:04Endless Summer101974Rock 870Network
1506The Beach BoysGirl Don't Tell Me2:20Endless Summer171974Rock 865Network
1507The Beach BoysGood Vibrations3:36Endless Summer211974Rock 807Network
1508The Beach BoysHelp Me, Rhonda3:10Endless Summer181974Rock 841Network
1509The Beach BoysHonky Tonk2:04Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]81963Rock 832Network
1510The Beach BoysI Get Around2:14Endless Summer111974Rock 777Network
1511The Beach BoysIn My Room2:14Endless Summer81974Rock 824Network
1512The Beach BoysIn My Room2:14Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]191963Rock 846Network
1513The Beach BoysLet Him Run Wild2:23Endless Summer141974Rock 828Network
1514The Beach BoysLet's Go Trippin'2:00Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]111963Rock 829Network
1515The Beach BoysLittle Deuce Coupe1:41Endless Summer71974Rock 859Network
1516The Beach BoysLittle Deuce Coupe1:40Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]181963Rock 888Network
1517The Beach BoysMisirlu2:07Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]31963Rock 801Network
1518The Beach BoysShut Down1:52Endless Summer91974Rock 784Network
1519The Beach BoysShut Down1:52Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]61963Rock 824Network
1520The Beach BoysSurf Jam2:13Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]101963Rock 758Network
1521The Beach BoysSurfer Girl2:28Endless Summer21974Rock 878Network
1522The Beach BoysSurfer Girl2:27Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]131963Rock 851Network
1523The Beach BoysSurfin' Safari2:08Endless Summer11974Rock 819Network
1524The Beach BoysSurfin' U.S.A.2:29Endless Summer51974Rock 826Network
1525The Beach BoysSurfin USA2:30Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]11963Rock 862Network
1526The Beach BoysThe Girls on the Beach2:27Endless Summer121974Rock 879Network
1527The Beach BoysThe Surfer Moon2:13Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]151963Rock 794Network
1528The Beach BoysThe Warmth of the Sun2:53Endless Summer41974Rock 871Network
1529The Beach BoysWendy2:17Endless Summer131974Rock 818Network
1530The Beach BoysYour Summer Dream2:28Surfin' USA/Surfer Girl [MFSL GOLD]231963Rock 842Network
1531The Beach BoysYou're So Good to Me2:16Endless Summer191974Rock 815Network
1532The BeatlesA Day in the Life5:05Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)131967Rock 723Network
1533The BeatlesAll My Loving2:12With the Beatles31963Rock 974Network
1534The BeatlesAll Together Now2:12Yellow Submarine[MFSL]31969Rock 823Network
1535The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love3:52Yellow Submarine[MFSL]61969Rock 823Network
1536The BeatlesBack in the U.S.S.R.2:42The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)11968Rock 969Network
1537The BeatlesBecause2:45Abbey Road[MFSL]81969Rock 722Network
1538The BeatlesBlackbird2:18The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)111968Rock 772Network
1539The BeatlesCarry That Weight1:36Abbey Road[MFSL]151969Rock 809Network
1540The BeatlesCome Together4:21Abbey Road[MFSL]11969Rock 740Network
1541The BeatlesDear Prudence3:54The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)21968Rock 813Network
1542The BeatlesFixing a Hole2:35Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)51967Rock 888Network
1543The BeatlesGetting Better2:46Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)41967Rock 888Network
1544The BeatlesGirl2:34Rubber Soul [HDCD]91965Rock 819Network
1545The BeatlesGolden Slumbers1:31Abbey Road[MFSL]141969Rock 672Network
1546The BeatlesGood Night3:25The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](2)141968Rock 640Network
1547The BeatlesHello Goodbye3:33Magical Mystery Tour[MFSL]71967Rock 941Network
1548The BeatlesHelp!2:22Help! [HDCD]11965Rock 975Network
1549The BeatlesHer Majesty0:52Abbey Road[MFSL]171969Rock 454Network
1550The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun3:05Abbey Road[MFSL]71969Rock 813Network
1551The BeatlesHey Bulldog3:12Yellow Submarine[MFSL]41969Rock 898Network
1552The BeatlesI Need You2:32Help! [HDCD]41965Rock 841Network
1553The BeatlesI Want You (She's So Heavy)7:49Abbey Road[MFSL]61969Rock 799Network
1554The BeatlesI Will1:46The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)161968Rock 872Network
1555The BeatlesI'm Looking Through You2:29Rubber Soul [HDCD]101965Rock 847Network
1556The BeatlesIn My Life2:30Rubber Soul [HDCD]111965Rock 787Network
1557The BeatlesJulia3:03The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)171968Rock 709Network
1558The BeatlesLucy in the Sky With Diamonds3:26Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)31967Rock 868Network
1559The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour2:53Magical Mystery Tour[MFSL]11967Rock 898Network
1560The BeatlesMartha My Dear2:30The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)91968Rock 808Network
1561The BeatlesMaxwell's Silver Hammer3:29Abbey Road[MFSL]31969Rock 768Network
1562The BeatlesMean Mr. Mustard1:06Abbey Road[MFSL]111969Rock 892Network
1563The BeatlesMichelle2:50Rubber Soul [HDCD]71965Rock 732Network
1564The BeatlesMoney (That's What I Want)2:51With the Beatles141963Rock 1021Network
1565The BeatlesMother Nature's Son2:48The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](2)31968Rock 646Network
1566The BeatlesNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)2:08Rubber Soul [HDCD]21965Rock 846Network
1567The BeatlesNowhere Man2:47Rubber Soul [HDCD]41965Rock 866Network
1568The BeatlesOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da3:09The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)41968Rock 955Network
1569The BeatlesOctopus's Garden2:52Abbey Road[MFSL]51969Rock 794Network
1570The BeatlesOh! Darling3:27Abbey Road[MFSL]41969Rock 815Network
1571The BeatlesPenny Lane3:04Magical Mystery Tour[MFSL]91967Rock 817Network
1572The BeatlesPolythene Pam0:48Abbey Road[MFSL]121969Rock 828Network
1573The BeatlesRevolution 14:16The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](2)81968Rock 830Network
1574The BeatlesRocky Raccoon3:33The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)131968Rock 866Network
1575The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2:02Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)11967Rock 825Network
1576The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)1:19Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)121967Rock 988Network
1577The BeatlesShe Came in Through the Bathroom Window2:22Abbey Road[MFSL]131969Rock 906Network
1578The BeatlesShe's Leaving Home3:34Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)61967Rock 776Network
1579The BeatlesSomething3:03Abbey Road[MFSL]21969Rock 729Network
1580The BeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever4:11Magical Mystery Tour[MFSL]81967Rock 841Network
1581The BeatlesSun King2:31Abbey Road[MFSL]101969Rock 657Network
1582The BeatlesTell Me What You See2:41Help! [HDCD]111965Rock 895Network
1583The BeatlesThe End1:29Abbey Road[MFSL]161969Rock 846Network
1584The BeatlesThe Fool on the Hill3:01Magical Mystery Tour[MFSL]21967Rock 817Network
1585The BeatlesTicket to Ride3:13Help! [HDCD]71965Rock 909Network
1586The BeatlesTrack 180:37Abbey Road[MFSL]181969Rock 371Network
1587The BeatlesWhen I'm Sixty-Four2:36Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)91967Rock 752Network
1588The BeatlesWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps4:43The Beatles[White Album][MFSL](1)71968Rock 851Network
1589The BeatlesWith a Little Help from My Friends2:42Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)21967Rock 893Network
1590The BeatlesWithin You Without You5:03Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(MFSL)81967Rock 881Network
1591The BeatlesYellow Submarine2:40Yellow Submarine[MFSL]11969Rock 795Network
1592The BeatlesYesterday2:10Help! [HDCD]131965Rock 737Network
1593The BeatlesYou Like Me Too Much2:40Help! [HDCD]101965Rock 870Network
1594The BeatlesYou Never Give Me Your Money3:57Abbey Road[MFSL]91969Rock 714Network
1595The BeatlesYou've Got to Hide Your Love Away2:12Help! [HDCD]31965Rock 878Network
1596Bebo ValdésAdiós Panamá / Para Vigo Me Voy1:47El Arte del Sabor172001Latin 590Network
1597Bebo ValdésBolero Potpourri: Se Fue / Quizás, Quizás, Quizá / Auroras3:08El Arte del Sabor42001Latin 637Network
1598Bebo ValdésBuche y Pluma (Na Má)4:00El Arte del Sabor72001Latin 620Network
1599Bebo ValdésCochero, Pare2:15El Arte del Sabor112001Latin 622Network
1600Bebo ValdésConga Potpourri: Mirala Que Linda Viene / Las Bolleras (Adiós Mamá) / L3:41El Arte del Sabor92001Latin 610Network
1601Bebo ValdésCubano, Lamento3:30El Arte del Sabor12001Latin 576Network
1602Bebo ValdésCumbanchero4:31El Arte del Sabor122001Latin 614Network
1603Bebo ValdésEl Marañon3:15El Arte del Sabor32001Latin 592Network
1604Bebo ValdésEl Reloj de Pastora3:50El Arte del Sabor82001Latin 604Network
1605Bebo ValdésGuaracha Potpourri: Virgen de Regla / Ay Que Me Vengo Cayendo / Para Ca3:33El Arte del Sabor142001Latin 625Network
1606Bebo ValdésNegro de Sociedad2:11El Arte del Sabor62001Latin 605Network
1607Bebo ValdésOgguere6:44El Arte del Sabor102001Latin 623Network
1608Bebo ValdésPriquitín Pin Pon4:26El Arte del Sabor52001Latin 654Network
1609Bebo ValdésRomance en la Habana4:30El Arte del Sabor152001Latin 655Network
1610Bebo ValdésRoute 665:04El Arte del Sabor162001Latin 634Network
1611Bebo ValdésSi Llego a Besarte3:40El Arte del Sabor132001Latin 613Network
1612Bebo ValdésSon de la Loma3:25El Arte del Sabor22001Latin 615Network
1613Beegie AdairAll My Lovin'3:43Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles52008Jazz 560Network
1614Beegie AdairAll too Soon3:09In a Sentimental Mood122008Jazz 689Network
1615Beegie AdairAnd I Love Her3:49Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles12008Jazz 568Network
1616Beegie AdairBy Myself (from The Band Wagon)4:02Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire72008Jazz 876Network
1617Beegie AdairCan't Buy Me Love2:56Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles32008Jazz 597Network
1618Beegie AdairCaravan3:38In a Sentimental Mood52008Jazz 729Network
1619Beegie AdairChange Partners (from Carefree)4:46Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire52008Jazz 833Network
1620Beegie AdairCheek To Cheek (from Top Hat)3:46Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire12008Jazz 866Network
1621Beegie AdairDancing in the Dark (from The Band Wagon)3:32Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire32008Jazz 843Network
1622Beegie AdairDay Dream3:26In a Sentimental Mood102008Jazz 741Network
1623Beegie AdairDon't Get around much Anymore4:32In a Sentimental Mood12008Jazz 785Network
1624Beegie AdairEleanor Rigby4:07Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles112008Jazz 574Network
1625Beegie AdairGot to Get You Into My Life3:47Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles62008Jazz 607Network
1626Beegie AdairHere There and Everywhere3:48Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles42008Jazz 563Network
1627Beegie AdairIf I Fell4:10Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles22008Jazz 541Network
1628Beegie AdairI'm Beginning to see the Light3:39In a Sentimental Mood72008Jazz 798Network
1629Beegie AdairIn a Sentimental Mood4:28In a Sentimental Mood22008Jazz 805Network
1630Beegie AdairIn My Life4:11Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles72008Jazz 558Network
1631Beegie AdairIsn't it a Lovely Day to be Caught in the Rain (from Top Hat)4:11Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire122008Jazz 827Network
1632Beegie AdairIt don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing)2:42In a Sentimental Mood92008Jazz 814Network
1633Beegie AdairLet's Face the Music and Dance (from Follow the Fleet)3:51Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire102008Jazz 745Network
1634Beegie AdairMichelle3:46Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles82008Jazz 555Network
1635Beegie AdairMood Indigo4:07In a Sentimental Mood82008Jazz 709Network
1636Beegie AdairNice Work if You Can Get It (from A Damsel in Distress)3:58Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire82008Jazz 854Network
1637Beegie AdairPick Yourself Up (from Swing Time)3:01Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire92008Jazz 891Network
1638Beegie AdairPuttin' on the Ritz (from (Puttin' on the Ritz)3:21Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire42008Jazz 889Network
1639Beegie AdairSatin Doll3:47In a Sentimental Mood32008Jazz 771Network
1640Beegie AdairSolitude3:27In a Sentimental Mood42008Jazz 659Network
1641Beegie AdairSomething3:54Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles102008Jazz 559Network
1642Beegie AdairSophisticated Lady4:18In a Sentimental Mood62008Jazz 780Network
1643Beegie AdairTake the A Train3:09In a Sentimental Mood112008Jazz 778Network
1644Beegie AdairThe Way You Loom Tonight (from Swing Time)3:20Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire22008Jazz 885Network
1645Beegie AdairThey All Laughed (from Shall We Dance)3:23Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire112008Jazz 794Network
1646Beegie AdairThey Can't Take That Away from Me (from Shall We Dance)3:51Dancing in the Dark: A Tribute to Fred Astaire62008Jazz 868Network
1647Beegie AdairWhen I'm 642:41Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles92008Jazz 598Network
1648Beegie AdairYesterday2:57Yesterday: A Solo Piano Tribute to the Music of the Beatles122008Jazz 533Network
1649BeethovenOverture ''King Stephen'', Op.117 - Andante con moto - Presto (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)7:31Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'91990Symphony 755Network
1650BeethovenOverture to Die Geschopfe des Prometheus (The Creatures of Prometheus), Op 435:15Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus1 Classical 558Network
1651BeethovenSymphony No 1 in C Major, Op 21 Adagio-Allegro molto e vivace5:33Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus9 Classical 633Network
1652BeethovenSymphony No 1 in C Major, Op 21 Adagio molto-Allegro con brio8:28Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus6 Classical 588Network
1653BeethovenSymphony No 1 in C Major, Op 21 Andante cantabile con moto7:36Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus7 Classical 530Network
1654BeethovenSymphony No 1 in C Major, Op 21 Menuetto: Allegro molto e vivace3:33Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus8 Classical 579Network
1655BeethovenSymphony No. 8 in F Major, Op 93 Allegretto scherzando3:57Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus3 Classical 493Network
1656BeethovenSymphony No. 8 in F Major, Op 93 Allegro vivace7:39Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus5 Classical 579Network
1657BeethovenSymphony No. 8 in F Major, Op 93 Allegro vivace e con brio9:47Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus2 Classical 606Network
1658BeethovenSymphony No. 8 in F Major, Op 93 Tempo di Menuetto4:43Beethoven Symphony 8 and 1; Overture to Prometheus4 Classical 558Network
1659BeethovenSymphony No.4 in B Flat Major, Op.60 - I. Adagio - Allegro vivace (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)10:03Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'11990Symphony 673Network
1660BeethovenSymphony No.4 in B Flat Major, Op.60 - II. Adagio (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)9:49Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'21990Symphony 671Network
1661BeethovenSymphony No.4 in B Flat Major, Op.60 - III. Allegro vivace (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)5:56Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'31990Symphony 714Network
1662BeethovenSymphony No.4 in B Flat Major, Op.60 - IV. Allegro ma non troppo (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)6:05Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'41990Symphony 733Network
1663BeethovenSymphony No.7 in A Major, Op. 92 - I. Poco sostenuto - Vivace (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)11:50Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'51990Symphony 741Network
1664BeethovenSymphony No.7 in A Major, Op. 92 - II. Allegretto (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)7:37Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'61990Symphony 687Network
1665BeethovenSymphony No.7 in A Major, Op. 92 - III. Presto (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)7:18Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'71990Symphony 704Network
1666BeethovenSymphony No.7 in A Major, Op. 92 - IV. Allegro con brio (Cleveland Orchestra: George Szell, 1966)7:20Beethoven - Symphony No.4 & 7, Overture 'King Stephen'81990Symphony 794Network
1667Ben AndrewsCincinnati Rag4:02Preachin' the Blues61991Blues 818Network
1668Ben AndrewsEarly Morning Blues5:05Preachin' the Blues51991Blues 749Network
1669Ben AndrewsFreight Train Boogie3:47Preachin' the Blues101991Blues 702Network
1670Ben AndrewsGallows Pole4:31Preachin' the Blues31991Blues 690Network
1671Ben AndrewsGeorgia Rag2:50Preachin' the Blues91991Blues 734Network
1672Ben AndrewsOld Blue Goose2:57Preachin' the Blues41991Blues 810Network
1673Ben AndrewsPay Day6:17Preachin' the Blues71991Blues 750Network
1674Ben AndrewsPreachin' the Blues4:20Preachin' the Blues11991Blues 843Network
1675Ben AndrewsShe Don't Do Me Wrong4:25Preachin' the Blues121991Blues 740Network
1676Ben AndrewsStatesboro Blues3:35Preachin' the Blues111991Blues 799Network
1677Ben AndrewsStomp Down Rider4:41Preachin' the Blues21991Blues 845Network
1678Ben AndrewsWalkin' Blues3:32Preachin' the Blues81991Blues 859Network
1679Ben WebsterBudd Johnson9:02Ben Webser - And Associates51961Jazz 834Network
1680Ben WebsterDe-Dar4:39Ben Webser - And Associates21961Jazz 855Network
1681Ben WebsterIn A Mellow Tone20:16Ben Webser - And Associates11961Jazz 748Network
1682Ben WebsterTime After Time4:35Ben Webser - And Associates41961Jazz 712Network
1683Ben WebsterYoung Bean6:02Ben Webser - And Associates31961Jazz 840Network
1684Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsBlues For Yolanda6:47Compact Jazz11987Jazz 800Network
1685Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsBudd Johnson9:04Compact Jazz51987Jazz 838Network
1686Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsDe-Dar4:37Compact Jazz71987Jazz 854Network
1687Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsDon't Get Around Much Anymore3:07Compact Jazz31987Jazz 537Network
1688Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsI'll Never Be The Same3:30Compact Jazz41987Jazz 792Network
1689Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsIt Never Entered My Mind5:48Compact Jazz21987Jazz 697Network
1690Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsLa Rosita5:03Compact Jazz61987Jazz 747Network
1691Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsLike Someone In Love3:56Compact Jazz81987Jazz 497Network
1692Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsMaria6:28Compact Jazz111987Jazz 570Network
1693Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsThat's All2:56Compact Jazz91987Jazz 500Network
1694Ben Webster & Coleman HawkinsYou'd Be So Nice To Come Home To4:17Compact Jazz101987Jazz 747Network
1695Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonBye, Bye, Blackbird6:45Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)31997Jazz 826Network
1696Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonHow Deep Is The Ocean?2:36Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)41997Jazz 740Network
1697Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonIn The Wee, Small Hours Of The Morning3:13Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)51997Jazz 702Network
1698Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonSunday3:57Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)61997Jazz 848Network
1699Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonThe Touch Of Your LIps6:20Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)11997Jazz 798Network
1700Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonThis Can't Be Love9:51Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)71997Jazz 841Network
1701Ben Webster With Oscar PetersonWhen Your Lover Has Gone3:59Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)21997Jazz 703Network
1702Benjamin VerderyFlow Gently Sweet Afton3:10Celtic Christmas, Vol. 5: The Millennium Edition61999Christmas 543Network
1703Bennie WallaceA Flower Is a Lovesome Thing3:51Moodsville92002Jazz 719Network
1704Bennie WallaceApril in Paris4:30Moodsville32002Jazz 628Network
1705Bennie WallaceBon-A-Rue4:26Bordertown51987Jazz 937Network
1706Bennie WallaceBorder Town5:34Bordertown41987Jazz 768Network
1707Bennie WallaceCarolina Moon4:58Bordertown71987Jazz 729Network
1708Bennie WallaceCon Alma5:39Moodsville22002Jazz 829Network
1709Bennie WallaceDance with Dolly2:51Bordertown81987Jazz 821Network
1710Bennie WallaceEast 96:57Bordertown31987Jazz 874Network
1711Bennie WallaceI Concentrate on You6:08Moodsville82002Jazz 926Network
1712Bennie WallaceI'll Never Smile Again6:04Moodsville12002Jazz 885Network
1713Bennie WallaceIt's Only a Paper Moon5:15Bordertown91987Jazz 819Network
1714Bennie WallaceLove for Sale4:59Moodsville62002Jazz 942Network
1715Bennie WallaceMilestones7:02Moodsville42002Jazz 821Network
1716Bennie WallaceMy Little Brown Book5:56Moodsville72002Jazz 755Network
1717Bennie WallaceSeven Sisters5:46Bordertown61987Jazz 874Network
1718Bennie WallaceSkanctified8:32Bordertown11987Jazz 858Network
1719Bennie WallaceStormy Weather5:23Bordertown21987Jazz 689Network
1720Bennie WallaceWhen a Man Loves a Woman6:33Moodsville52002Jazz 734Network
1721Benny GreenHoneysuckle Rose8:09One on One72000Jazz 576Network
1722Benny GreenSilent Night2:51Yule Struttin'-A Blue Note Christmas131990Christmas 443Network
1723Bette Midler & The Lincoln Center Jazz OrchestraIs That All There Is?4:12Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert112005Jazz 787Network
1724Betty CarterAll or Nothing at All8:10Feed the Fire71993Jazz-Vocal 570Network
1725Betty CarterB's Blues2:20Feed the Fire101993Jazz-Vocal 834Network
1726Betty CarterDay Dream12:08Feed the Fire91993Jazz-Vocal 634Network
1727Betty CarterFeed the Fire11:19Feed the Fire11993Jazz-Vocal 765Network
1728Betty CarterIf I Should Lose You6:23Feed the Fire61993Jazz-Vocal 528Network
1729Betty CarterI'm All Smiles5:25Feed the Fire51993Jazz-Vocal 869Network
1730Betty CarterLove Notes7:10Feed the Fire21993Jazz-Vocal 579Network
1731Betty CarterLover Man9:12Feed the Fire41993Jazz-Vocal 601Network
1732Betty CarterSometimes I'm Happy3:32Feed the Fire31993Jazz-Vocal 754Network
1733Betty CarterWhat Is This Tune?7:19Feed the Fire81993Jazz-Vocal 754Network
1734Betty Jane BonneyJoltin' Joe Dimaggio2:54Baseball's Greatest Hits31989R&B 497Network
1735Bettye LavetteReal Real Gone4:04VanThology: A Tribute to Van Morrison62003Blues 959Network
1736Big Bad Voodoo Daddy"Don't You" Feel My Leg4:58Save My Soul42003Swing 951Network
1737Big Bad Voodoo Daddy[Untitled Hidden Track]0:55Save My Soul112003Swing 570Network
1738Big Bad Voodoo Daddy2000 Volts6:01This Beautiful Life101999Swing 937Network
1739Big Bad Voodoo DaddyA Party For Santa2:52Everything You Want For Christmas72004Christmas 1000Network
1740Big Bad Voodoo DaddyAlways Gonna Get Ya3:25Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1172004Swing 989Network
1741Big Bad Voodoo DaddyAlways Gonna' Get Ya2:52Save My Soul32003Swing 973Network
1742Big Bad Voodoo DaddyBig and Bad4:15This Beautiful Life11999Swing 985Network
1743Big Bad Voodoo DaddyBig Time Operator3:56Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 162004Swing 995Network
1744Big Bad Voodoo DaddyBig Time Operator4:00This Beautiful Life81999Swing 1015Network
1745Big Bad Voodoo DaddyBlue Christmas3:55Everything You Want For Christmas42004Christmas 911Network
1746Big Bad Voodoo DaddyBonus Track2:11Everything You Want For Christmas112004Christmas 938Network
1747Big Bad Voodoo DaddyChristmastime in Tinsel Town4:32Everything You Want For Christmas62004Christmas 948Network
1748Big Bad Voodoo DaddyGo Daddy-O3:12Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]81998Swing 1030Network
1749Big Bad Voodoo DaddyGo Daddy-O4:28Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1142004Swing 1014Network
1750Big Bad Voodoo DaddyI Like It5:05Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1112004Swing 993Network
1751Big Bad Voodoo DaddyI Like It4:19Save My Soul92003Swing 1024Network
1752Big Bad Voodoo DaddyI Wanna Be Just Like You (Jungle Book Song)4:13Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 142004Swing 979Network
1753Big Bad Voodoo DaddyI Wanna Be Like You3:40This Beautiful Life21999Swing 1038Network
1754Big Bad Voodoo DaddyI'm Not Sleepin'4:16This Beautiful Life51999Swing 997Network
1755Big Bad Voodoo DaddyIntro0:23Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 112004Swing 818Network
1756Big Bad Voodoo DaddyIs Zat You, Santa Claus?3:18Everything You Want For Christmas92004Christmas 876Network
1757Big Bad Voodoo DaddyJingle Bells (Cha Cha)3:27Everything You Want For Christmas82004Christmas 892Network
1758Big Bad Voodoo DaddyJump With My Baby6:09Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]61998Swing 1007Network
1759Big Bad Voodoo DaddyJumpin' Jack4:47Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]111998Swing 979Network
1760Big Bad Voodoo DaddyJumpin' Jack3:19Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 132004Swing 982Network
1761Big Bad Voodoo DaddyKing Of Swing4:58Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]31998Swing 1019Network
1762Big Bad Voodoo DaddyKing of Swing5:29Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 192004Swing 987Network
1763Big Bad Voodoo DaddyLast Night (I Went Out With Santa Claus)3:48Everything You Want For Christmas52004Christmas 1038Network
1764Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMaddest Kind Of Love5:04Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]71998Swing 964Network
1765Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMambo Swing5:07Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]101998Swing 1028Network
1766Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMerry Christmas Baby3:03Everything You Want For Christmas22004Christmas 898Network
1767Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMinnie the Moocher4:42Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]41998Swing 951Network
1768Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMinnie the Moocher5:17Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 172004Swing 977Network
1769Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMr. Heatmeister4:22Everything You Want For Christmas32004Christmas 938Network
1770Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMr. Pinstripe Suit3:37Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]21998Swing 974Network
1771Big Bad Voodoo DaddyMr. Pinstripe Suit3:53Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1132004Swing 994Network
1772Big Bad Voodoo DaddyNext Week Sometime3:21Save My Soul72003Swing 870Network
1773Big Bad Voodoo DaddyOh Yeah4:53Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 182004Swing 984Network
1774Big Bad Voodoo DaddyOh Yeah4:36Save My Soul52003Swing 959Network
1775Big Bad Voodoo DaddyOl' MacDonald (Tribute to Frank Sinatra) [Hidden Track]3:00This Beautiful Life121999Swing 936Network
1776Big Bad Voodoo DaddyPlease Baby4:59Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]91998Swing 925Network
1777Big Bad Voodoo DaddyPlease Baby5:24Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1122004Swing 882Network
1778Big Bad Voodoo DaddyRockabilly Christmas3:26Everything You Want For Christmas12004Christmas 980Network
1779Big Bad Voodoo DaddySave My Soul6:34Save My Soul82003Swing 894Network
1780Big Bad Voodoo DaddySimple Songs5:08Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1152004Swing 949Network
1781Big Bad Voodoo DaddySimple Songs4:30Save My Soul62003Swing 944Network
1782Big Bad Voodoo DaddySleep Tight4:31This Beautiful Life111999Swing 848Network
1783Big Bad Voodoo DaddySo Long-Farewell-Goodbye4:34Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]121998Swing 910Network
1784Big Bad Voodoo DaddySo Long-Farewell-Goodbye6:16Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1162004Swing 967Network
1785Big Bad Voodoo DaddySome Things4:39This Beautiful Life61999Swing 935Network
1786Big Bad Voodoo DaddyStill in Love With You4:30This Beautiful Life91999Swing 862Network
1787Big Bad Voodoo DaddyThe Boogie Bumper3:38Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]11998Swing 1028Network
1788Big Bad Voodoo DaddyThe Boogie Bumper1:16Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 122004Swing 1054Network
1789Big Bad Voodoo DaddyWe Three Kings3:00Everything You Want For Christmas102004Christmas 694Network
1790Big Bad Voodoo DaddyWhat's Next3:40This Beautiful Life71999Swing 1040Network
1791Big Bad Voodoo DaddyWhen It Comes to Love4:44This Beautiful Life41999Swing 938Network
1792Big Bad Voodoo DaddyWho's That Creepin'4:43This Beautiful Life31999Swing 948Network
1793Big Bad Voodoo DaddyYou & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)3:34Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Interscope]51998Swing 1022Network
1794Big Bad Voodoo DaddyYou and Me & the Bottle Makes 3 (Tonight)3:57Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 1102004Swing 1009Network
1795Big Bad Voodoo DaddyYou Know You Wrong4:44Live [Bonus DVD] Disc 152004Swing 965Network
1796Big Bad Voodoo DaddyYou Know You Wrong4:47Save My Soul22003Swing 971Network
1797Big Bad Voodoo DaddyZig Zaggity Woop Woop, Pt. 12:32Save My Soul12003Swing 949Network
1798Big Bad Voodoo DaddyZig Zaggity Woop Woop, Pt. 24:44Save My Soul102003Swing 750Network
1799Big Blue Wrecking CrewWe Are the Champions3:10Baseball's Greatest Hits201989R&B 894Network
1800Big Dish25 Years4:05Satellites51991Rock 953Network
1801Big DishAcross the Province4:40Satellites31991Rock 828Network
1802Big DishBig Town4:06Satellites61991Rock 823Network
1803Big DishBonafide4:24Satellites91991Rock 847Network
1804Big DishBurn3:26Creeping up on Jesus41988Rock 840Network
1805Big DishCan't Stand Up4:01Creeping up on Jesus61988Rock 896Network
1806Big DishEuropean Rain3:50Creeping up on Jesus71988Rock 910Network
1807Big DishFaith Healer3:59Creeping up on Jesus31988Rock 918Network
1808Big DishGive Me Some Time3:15Satellites41991Rock 798Network
1809Big DishJean3:38Creeping up on Jesus81988Rock 878Network
1810Big DishLearn to Love4:07Satellites101991Rock 714Network
1811Big DishLife4:43Creeping up on Jesus11988Rock 854Network
1812Big DishMiss America3:55Satellites11991Rock 860Network
1813Big DishMonday4:28Creeping up on Jesus91988Rock 796Network
1814Big DishShipwrecked4:52Satellites71991Rock 829Network
1815Big DishState of the Union4:31Satellites21991Rock 863Network
1816Big DishSwan Song4:40Creeping up on Jesus51988Rock 849Network
1817Big DishWaiting for the Parade4:24Creeping up on Jesus21988Rock 896Network
1818Big DishWarning Sign3:27Satellites81991Rock 782Network
1819Big DishWhere Do You Live?3:41Creeping up on Jesus111988Rock 869Network
1820Big DishWishing Time3:57Creeping up on Jesus101988Rock 893Network
1821The Big Three TrioWrinkles2:38Chess Blues Disc 4121992Blues 412Network
1822Big Walter HortonGood Moanin' Blues4:14Chess Blues Disc 4141992Blues 455Network
1823Big Walter HortonHave a Good Time [*]4:54Blues Jam in Chicago, Vol. 2162004Rock 825Network
1824Big Walter HortonHorton's Boogie Woogie: Take 2 [*]3:39Blues Jam in Chicago, Vol. 2152004Rock 883Network
1825Big Walter HortonRock Me Baby [*]3:24Blues Jam in Chicago, Vol. 2182004Rock 773Network
1826Big Walter HortonThat's Wrong [*]4:12Blues Jam in Chicago, Vol. 2172004Rock 831Network
1827Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandBye Bye Blues3:58Lean Mean Swing Machine12001Swing 865Network
1828Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandConstantly3:49Lean Mean Swing Machine22001Swing 832Network
1829Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandDo Nothing Til You Hear from Me5:11Lean Mean Swing Machine162001Swing 775Network
1830Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandDo You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans3:31Lean Mean Swing Machine52001Swing 696Network
1831Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandI've Got the World on a String3:26Lean Mean Swing Machine62001Swing 805Network
1832Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandLester Leaps In2:53Lean Mean Swing Machine72001Swing 868Network
1833Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandLimehouse Blues5:03Lean Mean Swing Machine172001Swing 885Network
1834Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandNancy with the Laughing Face4:19Lean Mean Swing Machine92001Swing 815Network
1835Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandOriginal Dixieland One-step2:08Lean Mean Swing Machine142001Swing 853Network
1836Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandPick Yourself Up2:24Lean Mean Swing Machine122001Swing 836Network
1837Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandSatin Doll3:48Lean Mean Swing Machine42001Swing 839Network
1838Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandStompin' at the Savoy6:01Lean Mean Swing Machine152001Swing 772Network
1839Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandString of Pearls4:38Lean Mean Swing Machine82001Swing 803Network
1840Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandSweet Georgia Brown/Dig5:25Lean Mean Swing Machine102001Swing 691Network
1841Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandTin Roof Blues4:25Lean Mean Swing Machine132001Swing 753Network
1842Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandWashboard Blues3:50Lean Mean Swing Machine112001Swing 778Network
1843Bill Allred's Classic Jazz BandWhen My Dreamboat Comes Home3:02Lean Mean Swing Machine32001Swing 811Network
1844Bill AverbachA Shteti2:06The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz12005Jazz-Jewish 583Network
1845Bill AverbachAin't Misbehaving3:45The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz22005Jazz-Jewish 797Network
1846Bill AverbachBessarabian3:49The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz32005Jazz-Jewish 698Network
1847Bill AverbachBoulevard of Broken Dreams3:22Carolina Moonshine72008Jazz 496Network
1848Bill AverbachBubba's Waltz4:21The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz42005Jazz-Jewish 756Network
1849Bill AverbachDi Veisse Shtivle4:35The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz52005Jazz-Jewish 736Network
1850Bill AverbachDo You Know What it Means2:17Carolina Moonshine62008Jazz 497Network
1851Bill AverbachFlounder Blues4:37Carolina Moonshine12008Jazz 792Network
1852Bill AverbachFlounder Blues3:32The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz62005Jazz-Jewish 852Network
1853Bill AverbachI Got Blood in My Eyes3:43Carolina Moonshine92008Jazz 969Network
1854Bill AverbachIko Iko5:02Carolina Moonshine22008Jazz 789Network
1855Bill AverbachImpressario10:18The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz72005Jazz-Jewish 860Network
1856Bill AverbachKlezmer Medley: Hora for Shlomo1:47The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz82005Jazz-Jewish 676Network
1857Bill AverbachLet's Take it Nice and Slow4:52Carolina Moonshine42008Jazz 707Network
1858Bill AverbachMinnie the Moocher5:21Carolina Moonshine32008Jazz 690Network
1859Bill AverbachMinnie the Moocher5:49The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz92005Jazz-Jewish 773Network
1860Bill AverbachRutenbord3:15The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz102005Jazz-Jewish 817Network
1861Bill AverbachSt. James Infirmary3:50The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz112005Jazz-Jewish 816Network
1862Bill AverbachStormy Monday9:03Carolina Moonshine82008Jazz 626Network
1863Bill AverbachSummertime4:47Carolina Moonshine52008Jazz 643Network
1864Bill AverbachUna Bonita9:20Carolina Moonshine102008Jazz 841Network
1865Bill AverbachVi de Buflocksn5:27The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz122005Jazz-Jewish 814Network
1866Bill AverbachWhat a Wonderful World4:44The Autin Klezmorin Bubba's Waltz132005Jazz-Jewish 664Network
1867Bill EvansA Sleepin' Bee6:06Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival21968Jazz 784Network
1868Bill EvansA Sleepin' Bee5:30Trio '6421963Jazz 778Network
1869Bill EvansAll of You [#][*]8:09You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]102004Jazz 832Network
1870Bill EvansAlways4:02Trio '6431963Jazz 814Network
1871Bill EvansAlways [Alternate Take][*]4:18Trio '64111963Jazz 759Network
1872Bill EvansAlways [Breakdown] [*]0:44Trio '64141963Jazz 680Network
1873Bill EvansAutumn Leaves [Take 1]6:00Portrait in Jazz21959Jazz 765Network
1874Bill EvansAutumn Leaves [Take 2][*][Version]5:26Portrait in Jazz31959Jazz 738Network
1875Bill EvansB Minor Waltz (For Ellaine)3:18You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]12004Jazz 615Network
1876Bill EvansBeautiful Love [take 1]6:07Explorations41991Jazz 702Network
1877Bill EvansBeautiful Love [take 2]5:05Explorations31991Jazz 717Network
1878Bill EvansBlue in Green [Take 2][*]4:25Portrait in Jazz111959Jazz 698Network
1879Bill EvansBlue in Green [Take 3]5:26Portrait in Jazz101959Jazz 685Network
1880Bill EvansBut Beautiful6:36Since We Met71974Jazz 664Network
1881Bill EvansChildren's Play Song4:18Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist91990Jazz 710Network
1882Bill EvansCome Rain or Come Shine3:24Portrait in Jazz11959Jazz 713Network
1883Bill EvansCome Rain or Come Shine5:26Trio '6571965Jazz 686Network
1884Bill EvansDancing in the Dark4:36Trio '6471963Jazz 811Network
1885Bill EvansDetour Ahead [Take 1][*]7:20Waltz for Debby [XRCD]82000Jazz 831Network
1886Bill EvansDetour Ahead [Take 2]7:38Waltz for Debby [XRCD]32000Jazz 797Network
1887Bill EvansEiderdown8:21Cross-Currents11977Jazz 796Network
1888Bill EvansEiderdown [Take 9][*]5:38Cross-Currents71977Jazz 754Network
1889Bill EvansElsa5:10Explorations51991Jazz 651Network
1890Bill EvansElsa4:22Trio '6521965Jazz 717Network
1891Bill EvansEmbraceable You6:45Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival71968Jazz 660Network
1892Bill EvansEpilogue [take 1]0:39Everybody Digs Bill Evans52005Jazz 600Network
1893Bill EvansEpilogue [take 1]0:39Everybody Digs Bill Evans51958Jazz 600Network
1894Bill EvansEpilogue [take 2]0:41Everybody Digs Bill Evans102005Jazz 582Network
1895Bill EvansEverything Happens to Me4:51Trio '6481963Jazz 717Network
1896Bill EvansEv'ry Time We Say Goodbye3:31Cross-Currents21977Jazz 685Network
1897Bill EvansEv'ry Time We Say Goodbye [Take 7][*]3:30Cross-Currents81977Jazz 608Network
1898Bill EvansFor Heaven's Sake4:26Trio '6461963Jazz 729Network
1899Bill EvansFreddie Freeloader [#][*]7:37You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]92004Jazz 797Network
1900Bill EvansGary's Theme4:22You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]32004Jazz 658Network
1901Bill EvansGoodbye6:15Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]21961Jazz 636Network
1902Bill EvansHaunted Heart3:27Explorations21991Jazz 634Network
1903Bill EvansHow Deep Is The Ocean3:33Explorations71991Jazz 679Network
1904Bill EvansHow My Heart Sings2:49Trio '6551965Jazz 783Network
1905Bill EvansI Fall in Love Too Easily2:43Moonbeams31962Jazz 733Network
1906Bill EvansI Loves You, Porgy6:00Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival51968Jazz 581Network
1907Bill EvansI Wish I Knew4:41Explorations81991Jazz 686Network
1908Bill EvansIf You Could See Me Now4:31Moonbeams51962Jazz 761Network
1909Bill EvansIf You Could See Me Now4:46Trio '6581965Jazz 688Network
1910Bill EvansI'll Never Smile Again (Take 6)6:39Interplay Sessions41962Jazz 925Network
1911Bill EvansI'll Never Smile Again (Take 7)6:35Interplay Sessions31962Jazz 978Network
1912Bill EvansI'll See You Again3:57Trio '6451963Jazz 818Network
1913Bill EvansI'll See You Again [Alternate Take][*]4:30Trio '64121963Jazz 802Network
1914Bill EvansI'll See You Again [Breakdown] [*]0:21Trio '64151963Jazz 672Network
1915Bill EvansIn Love in Vain5:01Moonbeams71962Jazz 716Network
1916Bill EvansInterplay8:15Interplay Sessions51962Jazz 904Network
1917Bill EvansIsrael6:12Explorations11991Jazz 718Network
1918Bill EvansIsrael4:49Trio '6511965Jazz 777Network
1919Bill EvansIt Might as Well Be Spring6:07Moonbeams61962Jazz 762Network
1920Bill EvansKnow What I Mean? [Take 12][*]7:01Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]101961Jazz 798Network
1921Bill EvansLittle Lulu3:52Trio '6411963Jazz 800Network
1922Bill EvansLittle Lulu [Alternate Take][*]4:39Trio '6491963Jazz 777Network
1923Bill EvansLittle Lulu [Alternate Take][*]5:07Trio '64101963Jazz 797Network
1924Bill EvansLove Is Here to Stay6:42Trio '6531965Jazz 686Network
1925Bill EvansLucky To Be Me3:39Everybody Digs Bill Evans32005Jazz 598Network
1926Bill EvansMidnight Mood6:53Since We Met21974Jazz 796Network
1927Bill EvansMilestones6:33Waltz for Debby [XRCD]62000Jazz 903Network
1928Bill EvansMinority5:21Everybody Digs Bill Evans12005Jazz 943Network
1929Bill EvansMother of Earl5:14Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival31968Jazz 666Network
1930Bill EvansMy Foolish Heart4:58Waltz for Debby [XRCD]12000Jazz 806Network
1931Bill EvansMy Heart Stood Still [Alternate Take][*]4:47Trio '64131963Jazz 806Network
1932Bill EvansMy Heart Stood Still [False Start] [*]1:04Trio '64161963Jazz 695Network
1933Bill EvansMy Romance [Take 1]7:13Waltz for Debby [XRCD]42000Jazz 805Network
1934Bill EvansMy Romance [Take 2][*]7:16Waltz for Debby [XRCD]92000Jazz 821Network
1935Bill EvansNardis8:24Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival41968Jazz 809Network
1936Bill EvansNardis5:52Explorations61991Jazz 652Network
1937Bill EvansNight and Day6:06Cross-Currents61977Jazz 837Network
1938Bill EvansNight And Day7:34Everybody Digs Bill Evans42005Jazz 795Network
1939Bill EvansNight and Day [Take 9][*]7:05Cross-Currents91977Jazz 821Network
1940Bill EvansOleo4:07Everybody Digs Bill Evans92005Jazz 798Network
1941Bill EvansOne for Helen5:22Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival11968Jazz 785Network
1942Bill EvansPeace Piece6:42Everybody Digs Bill Evans72005Jazz 601Network
1943Bill EvansPensativa5:39Cross-Currents31977Jazz 836Network
1944Bill EvansPeri's Scope3:16Portrait in Jazz61959Jazz 783Network
1945Bill EvansPolka Dots and Moonbeams5:02Moonbeams21962Jazz 753Network
1946Bill EvansPorgy (I Loves You, Porgy) [*]5:58Waltz for Debby [XRCD]102000Jazz 821Network
1947Bill EvansQuiet Now [#]6:26Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival101968Jazz 539Network
1948Bill EvansRe: Person I Knew7:14Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist81990Jazz 868Network
1949Bill EvansRe: Person I Knew5:47Moonbeams11962Jazz 750Network
1950Bill Evans'Round Midnight4:02Trio '6541965Jazz 765Network
1951Bill EvansSanta Claus Is Coming to Town4:25Trio '6441963Jazz 849Network
1952Bill EvansSareen Jurer6:40Since We Met41974Jazz 722Network
1953Bill EvansSee-Saw6:53Since We Met31974Jazz 700Network
1954Bill EvansShow-Type Tune6:16Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist11990Jazz 895Network
1955Bill EvansSince We Met8:52Since We Met11974Jazz 704Network
1956Bill EvansSkidoo8:16Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist71990Jazz 909Network
1957Bill EvansSome Other Time6:09Everybody Digs Bill Evans112005Jazz 569Network
1958Bill EvansSome Other Time5:07Waltz for Debby [XRCD]52000Jazz 713Network
1959Bill EvansSomeday My Prince Will Come6:11Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival81968Jazz 812Network
1960Bill EvansSomeday My Prince Will Come4:57Portrait in Jazz91959Jazz 692Network
1961Bill EvansSometime Ago4:39You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]62004Jazz 658Network
1962Bill EvansSpeak Low6:34Cross-Currents41977Jazz 843Network
1963Bill EvansSpring Is Here5:09Portrait in Jazz81959Jazz 658Network
1964Bill EvansStairway to the Stars4:52Moonbeams41962Jazz 797Network
1965Bill EvansSweet And Lovely5:54Explorations91991Jazz 745Network
1966Bill EvansTenderly3:32Everybody Digs Bill Evans62005Jazz 688Network
1967Bill EvansThe Boy Next Door5:05Explorations101991Jazz 712Network
1968Bill EvansThe Peacocks6:03You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]52004Jazz 719Network
1969Bill EvansThe Touch of Your Lips4:45Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival61968Jazz 699Network
1970Bill EvansTheme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)6:02You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]72004Jazz 792Network
1971Bill EvansTime Remembered7:28Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist61990Jazz 817Network
1972Bill EvansTime Remembered5:27Since We Met51974Jazz 732Network
1973Bill EvansTurn Out the Stars7:14Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist21990Jazz 789Network
1974Bill EvansTurn Out the Stars5:08Since We Met61974Jazz 791Network
1975Bill EvansVery Early5:55Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist41990Jazz 875Network
1976Bill EvansVery Early5:05Moonbeams81962Jazz 729Network
1977Bill EvansWalkin' Up3:38Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival91968Jazz 788Network
1978Bill EvansWalkin' Up5:39Bill Evans: Tribute to the Great Post-Bop Pianist31990Jazz 907Network
1979Bill EvansWaltz for Debby5:15Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]11961Jazz 756Network
1980Bill EvansWaltz for Debby [Take 1][*]6:50Waltz for Debby [XRCD]72000Jazz 796Network
1981Bill EvansWaltz for Debby [Take 2]6:59Waltz for Debby [XRCD]22000Jazz 852Network
1982Bill EvansWe Will Meet Again (For Harry)4:04You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]42004Jazz 696Network
1983Bill EvansWhat Is There To Say?4:53Everybody Digs Bill Evans82005Jazz 633Network
1984Bill EvansWhat Is This Thing Called Love?4:36Portrait in Jazz71959Jazz 757Network
1985Bill EvansWhen I Fall in Love4:18Cross-Currents51977Jazz 580Network
1986Bill EvansWhen I Fall in Love4:57Portrait in Jazz51959Jazz 650Network
1987Bill EvansWhen You Wish upon a Star5:46Interplay Sessions21962Jazz 750Network
1988Bill EvansWho Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)4:54Trio '6561965Jazz 704Network
1989Bill EvansWho Cares? [Take 5]5:57Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]31961Jazz 847Network
1990Bill EvansWitchcraft4:37Portrait in Jazz41959Jazz 711Network
1991Bill EvansWithout a Song [#][*]8:09You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]82004Jazz 761Network
1992Bill EvansWrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)6:24Interplay Sessions71962Jazz 978Network
1993Bill EvansYou and the Night and the Music7:06Interplay Sessions11962Jazz 957Network
1994Bill EvansYou Go to My Head5:05Interplay Sessions61962Jazz 943Network
1995Bill EvansYou Must Believe in Spring5:46You Must Believe in Spring [Bonus Tracks]22004Jazz 711Network
1996Bill EvansYoung And Foolish5:53Everybody Digs Bill Evans22005Jazz 674Network
1997Bill Gable, The YellowjacketsPeace3:22Greenhouse101991Jazz-Smooth 659Network
1998Bill HendersonEasy on the Heart4:54The Art of the Song111999Jazz-Vocal 782Network
1999Bill HendersonRuth's Waltz4:14The Art of the Song51999Jazz-Vocal 785Network
2000Bill HendersonWhy Did I Choose You?7:23The Art of the Song21999Jazz-Vocal 709Network
2001Bill HendersonYou, My Love4:23The Art of the Song81999Jazz-Vocal 747Network
2002Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeBean and the boys9:11Bick's Bag3 Jazz 861Network
2003Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeBick's Bag9:47Bick's Bag1 Jazz 850Network
2004Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeBlue Daniel6:23Bick's Bag5 Jazz 799Network
2005Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeHallucinations5:44Bick's Bag8 Jazz 890Network
2006Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeI Do It For Your Love7:51Bick's Bag6 Jazz 715Network
2007Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeLaura7:34Bick's Bag2 Jazz 748Network
2008Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeOn The Trail10:07Bick's Bag7 Jazz 813Network
2009Bill Mays-Neil Swainson-Terry ClarkeParadigm7:29Bick's Bag4 Jazz 728Network
2010Bill WhelanRiverdance5:45The Celtic Heartbeat Collection, Vol. 211998Celtic 835Network
2011Billie Holiday[Pause Track]0:06Lady in Satin171958Jazz-Vocal 207Network
2012Billie HolidayBody and Soul6:23Body and Soul11957Jazz-Vocal 371Network
2013Billie HolidayBut Beautiful4:32Lady in Satin91958Jazz-Vocal 778Network
2014Billie HolidayComes Love4:02Body and Soul51957Jazz-Vocal 405Network
2015Billie HolidayDarn That Dream6:19Body and Soul31957Jazz-Vocal 383Network
2016Billie HolidayEmbraceable You6:49Body and Soul71957Jazz-Vocal 372Network
2017Billie HolidayFor All We Know2:55Lady in Satin51958Jazz-Vocal 747Network
2018Billie HolidayFor Heaven's Sake3:29Lady in Satin21958Jazz-Vocal 761Network
2019Billie HolidayGee Baby, Ain't I Good to You5:38Body and Soul61957Jazz-Vocal 407Network
2020Billie HolidayGlad to Be Unhappy4:09Lady in Satin101958Jazz-Vocal 774Network
2021Billie HolidayI Get Along Without You Very Well3:01Lady in Satin41958Jazz-Vocal 778Network
2022Billie HolidayI'll Be Around3:26Lady in Satin111958Jazz-Vocal 746Network
2023Billie HolidayI'm a Fool to Want You [Edited Master] [Edit]3:25Lady in Satin11958Jazz-Vocal 776Network
2024Billie HolidayI'm a Fool to Want You [Take 2 - Alternate Take] [Alternate Take][#][*]3:26Lady in Satin141958Jazz-Vocal 751Network
2025Billie HolidayI'm a Fool to Want You [Take 3][#][*]3:28Lady in Satin131958Jazz-Vocal 753Network
2026Billie HolidayIt's Easy to Remember4:03Lady in Satin81958Jazz-Vocal 704Network
2027Billie HolidayLet's Call the Whole Thing Off3:25Body and Soul41957Jazz-Vocal 425Network
2028Billie HolidayMoonlight in Vermont3:48Body and Soul81957Jazz-Vocal 364Network
2029Billie HolidayThe End of a Love Affair [Mono Version]4:52Lady in Satin121958Jazz-Vocal 539Network
2030Billie HolidayThe End of a Love Affair [Stereo][#][*]4:46Lady in Satin161958Jazz-Vocal 836Network
2031Billie HolidayThe End of a Love Affair: The Audio Story [#][*]9:50Lady in Satin151958Jazz-Vocal 718Network
2032Billie HolidayThey Can't Take That Away from Me4:12Body and Soul21957Jazz-Vocal 409Network
2033Billie HolidayViolets for Your Furs3:26Lady in Satin61958Jazz-Vocal 741Network
2034Billie HolidayYou Don't Know What Love Is3:51Lady in Satin31958Jazz-Vocal 741Network
2035Billie HolidayYou've Changed3:20Lady in Satin71958Jazz-Vocal 752Network
2036Billy Bob ThorntonAt Least We Dreamed4:49Hobo92005Folk 821Network
2037Billy Bob ThorntonEl Centro On Five Dollars A Day5:38Hobo42005Folk 876Network
2038Billy Bob ThorntonGray Walls4:17Hobo102005Folk 996Network
2039Billy Bob ThorntonHobo4:16Hobo12005Folk 886Network
2040Billy Bob ThorntonI Used To Be A Lion2:35Hobo22005Folk 763Network
2041Billy Bob ThorntonOrange County Suicide4:40Hobo72005Folk 978Network
2042Billy Bob ThorntonPurple Passion5:50Hobo52005Folk 889Network
2043Billy Bob ThorntonSmooth Me Over3:53Hobo82005Folk 838Network
2044Billy Bob ThorntonThe Late Great Golden State3:56Hobo32005Folk 887Network
2045Billy Bob ThorntonYour Blue Shadow4:24Hobo62005Folk 845Network
2046Billy JoelAin't No Crime3:19Piano Man31973Rock 891Network
2047Billy JoelCaptain Jack7:18Piano Man101973Rock 828Network
2048Billy JoelEverybody Has a Dream6:37The Stranger91977Rock 664Network
2049Billy JoelGet It Right the First Time3:57The Stranger81977Rock 840Network
2050Billy JoelIf I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)3:34Piano Man81973Rock 824Network
2051Billy JoelJust the Way You Are4:53The Stranger31977Rock 688Network
2052Billy JoelMovin' Out (Anthony's Song)3:32The Stranger11977Rock 775Network
2053Billy JoelOnly the Good Die Young3:56The Stranger61977Rock 819Network
2054Billy JoelPiano Man5:39Piano Man21973Rock 851Network
2055Billy JoelScenes from an Italian Restaurant7:38The Stranger41977Rock 742Network
2056Billy JoelShe's Always a Woman3:22The Stranger71977Rock 631Network
2057Billy JoelSomewhere Along the Line3:20Piano Man91973Rock 828Network
2058Billy JoelStop in Nevada3:55Piano Man71973Rock 769Network
2059Billy JoelThe Ballad of Billy the Kid5:45Piano Man51973Rock 841Network
2060Billy JoelThe Stranger5:12The Stranger21977Rock 690Network
2061Billy JoelTravelin' Prayer4:16Piano Man11973Rock 861Network
2062Billy JoelVienna3:35The Stranger51977Rock 671Network
2063Billy JoelWorse Comes to Worst3:15Piano Man61973Rock 846Network
2064Billy JoelYou're My Home3:14Piano Man41973Rock 879Network
2065Billy NovickBrown Suede5:42Remembering You71995Jazz 548Network
2066Billy NovickCharlie the Chulo4:07Remembering You121995Jazz 598Network
2067Billy NovickDevil in the Moon4:05Remembering You101995Jazz 620Network
2068Billy NovickFor Those No Longer With Us2:50Swing So Softly101992Jazz 526Network
2069Billy NovickI Can't Shake Love4:35Remembering You31995Jazz 603Network
2070Billy NovickI Hear Her Laughter4:10Swing So Softly81992Jazz 804Network
2071Billy NovickI Won't Grow Up5:31Swing So Softly91992Jazz 821Network
2072Billy NovickIs it Love4:20Remembering You61995Jazz 594Network
2073Billy NovickOne in a Million4:02Remembering You51995Jazz 590Network
2074Billy NovickPassion Flower3:41Swing So Softly51992Jazz 634Network
2075Billy NovickRemembering You5:15Remembering You41995Jazz 555Network
2076Billy NovickRomance4:35Remembering You21995Jazz 575Network
2077Billy NovickSing So Softly, Sing So Wild5:49Swing So Softly21992Jazz 841Network
2078Billy NovickSo Nice to Be Back Home5:18Swing So Softly11992Jazz 675Network
2079Billy NovickSongs of Sorrow5:58Swing So Softly61992Jazz 782Network
2080Billy NovickSweetest Rose4:54Remembering You111995Jazz 560Network
2081Billy NovickThe Other Sides4:33Swing So Softly41992Jazz 704Network
2082Billy NovickThe Very Thought of You5:40Remembering You91995Jazz 550Network
2083Billy NovickThe Way the Wind Blows6:53Swing So Softly31992Jazz 658Network
2084Billy NovickTraces of the Dawn4:42Remembering You11995Jazz 529Network
2085Billy NovickTrouble in Mind4:50Swing So Softly71992Jazz 671Network
2086Billy NovickTruckin'3:37Remembering You81995Jazz 605Network
2087Billy TaylorAll The Things You Are4:19Legends of Jazz (With Ramsey Lewis)22006Jazz 715Network
2088Billy TaylorMisty6:54One on One112000Jazz 568Network
2089Bini Gula'zaRa Bacheeza3:07Putumayo Presents: Mexico92001Latin 699Network
2090Blind FaithCan't Find My Way Home3:16Crossroads Disc 261988Rock 768Network
2091Blind FaithPresence of the Lord4:48Crossroads Disc 251988Rock 862Network
2092Blind FaithSleeping in the Ground [#]2:50Crossroads Disc 271988Rock 872Network
2093Blondie11:593:19Parallel Lines71978Rock 792Network
2094BlondieFade Away and Radiate4:01Parallel Lines41978Rock 676Network
2095BlondieGonna Love You Too2:10Parallel Lines111978Rock 759Network
2096BlondieHanging on the Telephone2:24Parallel Lines11978Rock 793Network
2097BlondieHeart of Glass3:48Parallel Lines101978Rock 798Network
2098BlondieI Know But I Don't Know3:54Parallel Lines61978Rock 809Network
2099BlondieJust Go Away3:27Parallel Lines121978Rock 821Network
2100BlondieOne Way or Another3:35Parallel Lines21978Rock 806Network
2101BlondiePicture This2:57Parallel Lines31978Rock 813Network
2102BlondiePretty Baby3:21Parallel Lines51978Rock 791Network
2103BlondieSunday Girl3:05Parallel Lines91978Rock 779Network
2104BlondieWill Anything Happen?3:01Parallel Lines81978Rock 774Network
2105Blue Chamber QuartetChildren's Song 122:08First Impressions32007Jazz-Clasical 581Network
2106Blue Chamber QuartetChildren's Song 161:29First Impressions42007Jazz-Clasical 566Network
2107Blue Chamber QuartetChildren's Song 171:19First Impressions52007Jazz-Clasical 491Network
2108Blue Chamber QuartetChildren's Song 181:24First Impressions62007Jazz-Clasical 636Network
2109Blue Chamber QuartetChildren's Song 192:23First Impressions22007Jazz-Clasical 402Network
2110Blue Chamber QuartetGoodbye My Love4:07First Impressions92007Jazz-Clasical 531Network
2111Blue Chamber QuartetHinter Dem Fenster5:48First Impressions142007Jazz-Clasical 552Network
2112Blue Chamber QuartetJazzsuite - Blues2:29First Impressions122007Jazz-Clasical 458Network
2113Blue Chamber QuartetJazzsuite - Boogie3:53First Impressions132007Jazz-Clasical 599Network
2114Blue Chamber QuartetJazzsuite - Latin2:06First Impressions112007Jazz-Clasical 584Network
2115Blue Chamber QuartetKicho6:33First Impressions102007Jazz-Clasical 638Network
2116Blue Chamber QuartetLa Fiesta5:11First Impressions152007Jazz-Clasical 681Network
2117Blue Chamber QuartetMusic 4-46:14First Impressions82007Jazz-Clasical 623Network
2118Blue Chamber QuartetTanti Anni Prima4:29First Impressions72007Jazz-Clasical 634Network
2119Blue Chamber QuartetToccata4:55First Impressions12007Jazz-Clasical 615Network
2120The Blue Rider TrioBlack Betty3:07Harp, Steel And Guts72000Blues 912Network
2121The Blue Rider TrioDeath Have No Mercy in This Land4:23Harp, Steel And Guts42000Blues 799Network
2122The Blue Rider TrioDiddy Wa Diddy2:50Harp, Steel And Guts132000Blues 902Network
2123The Blue Rider TrioEasy Rider4:04Harp, Steel And Guts22000Blues 811Network
2124The Blue Rider TrioLast Fair Deal Goin' Down3:45Harp, Steel And Guts32000Blues 907Network
2125The Blue Rider TrioLong Tall Momma2:28Harp, Steel And Guts112000Blues 819Network
2126The Blue Rider TrioMake Me a Pallet on the Floor3:35Harp, Steel And Guts62000Blues 766Network
2127The Blue Rider TrioRide Till I Die4:32Harp, Steel And Guts52000Blues 898Network
2128The Blue Rider TrioSalty Dog2:47Harp, Steel And Guts12000Blues 910Network
2129The Blue Rider TrioSee See Rider2:49Harp, Steel And Guts122000Blues 826Network
2130The Blue Rider TrioSilver City Bound3:53Harp, Steel And Guts102000Blues 869Network
2131The Blue Rider TrioStagolee4:13Harp, Steel And Guts82000Blues 778Network
2132The Blue Rider TrioSweet Home Kokomo5:10Harp, Steel And Guts92000Blues 892Network
2133Blues TravelerRun-Around4:40Four11994Rock 975Network
2134Bob FosterA Word of Welcom from Bob Foster0:38Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail12006Country 834Network
2135Bob FosterBallad of Lost Valley Ranch5:04Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail92006Country 945Network
2136Bob FosterColorado2:38Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail52006Country 996Network
2137Bob FosterCowboy's Prayer2:35Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail72006Country 949Network
2138Bob FosterGod Must be a Cowboy2:44Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail62006Country 972Network
2139Bob FosterHow Great Thou Art3:07Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail82006Country 963Network
2140Bob FosterMedlet (Don't Fence me In/Home on the Range/You are My Sunshine)3:51Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail42006Country 1002Network
2141Bob FosterOoooo-Aaaah, Join the Fun1:43Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail22006Country 1011Network
2142Bob FosterThe Hat Song (Crew Song)2:32Lost Valley Ranch - Cowboy Songs from the Trail32006Country 1033Network
2143Bob JamesAdult Situations7:11Ivory Coast41988Jazz-Smooth 641Network
2144Bob JamesAngela Theme (Theme From 'Taxi')5:45Touchdown11978Jazz-Smooth 680Network
2145Bob JamesAnimal Dreams5:34Restless61994Jazz-Smooth 823Network
2146Bob JamesAshanti5:57Ivory Coast11988Jazz-Smooth 758Network
2147Bob JamesAwaken Us To The Blue5:42Restless101994Jazz-Smooth 837Network
2148Bob JamesBack To Bali7:58Restless71994Jazz-Smooth 710Network
2149Bob JamesCaribbean Nights9:20Touchdown51978Jazz-Smooth 826Network
2150Bob JamesEnsenada Madness7:25The Swan51995Jazz-Smooth 877Network
2151Bob JamesHeads6:40Heads11977Jazz-Smooth 771Network
2152Bob JamesI Want To Thank You (Very Much)7:10Touchdown31978Jazz-Smooth 778Network
2153Bob JamesI'm In You6:48Heads31977Jazz-Smooth 832Network
2154Bob JamesInto The Light6:30Restless81994Jazz-Smooth 763Network
2155Bob JamesKissing Cross6:19Restless41994Jazz-Smooth 659Network
2156Bob JamesLa Delaissado4:52The Swan21995Jazz-Smooth 596Network
2157Bob JamesLotus Leaves6:00Restless11994Jazz-Smooth 746Network
2158Bob JamesMoodstar6:15Ivory Coast61988Jazz-Smooth 657Network
2159Bob JamesNautilus5:08(Promotional Sampler)1 Jazz-Smooth 923Network
2160Bob JamesNight Crawler6:20Heads41977Jazz-Smooth 799Network
2161Bob JamesOne Loving Night5:48Heads61977Jazz-Smooth 721Network
2162Bob JamesOrpheus8:36Ivory Coast51988Jazz-Smooth 619Network
2163Bob JamesProspero5:26The Swan31995Jazz-Smooth 685Network
2164Bob JamesQuietly Crazy For You7:32The Swan61995Jazz-Smooth 698Network
2165Bob JamesRestless6:58Restless31994Jazz-Smooth 940Network
2166Bob JamesRosalie9:32Ivory Coast21988Jazz-Smooth 785Network
2167Bob JamesSerenissima6:05Restless91994Jazz-Smooth 607Network
2168Bob JamesShepherd's Song6:42(Promotional Sampler)4 Jazz-Smooth 573Network
2169Bob JamesSpunky7:00(Promotional Sampler)5 Jazz-Smooth 755Network
2170Bob JamesStorm Warning4:05Restless51994Jazz-Smooth 769Network
2171Bob JamesSun Runner6:19Touchdown41978Jazz-Smooth 869Network
2172Bob JamesThe Swan7:59The Swan11995Jazz-Smooth 794Network
2173Bob JamesTouchdown5:44Touchdown21978Jazz-Smooth 785Network
2174Bob JamesUnder Me5:09Restless21994Jazz-Smooth 870Network
2175Bob JamesWater Music3:50The Swan41995Jazz-Smooth 559Network
2176Bob JamesWe're All Alone11:55(Promotional Sampler)6 Jazz-Smooth 896Network
2177Bob JamesWe're All Alone5:33Heads21977Jazz-Smooth 787Network
2178Bob JamesWestchester Lady7:27(Promotional Sampler)2 Jazz-Smooth 861Network
2179Bob JamesYogi's Dream7:25Ivory Coast31988Jazz-Smooth 707Network
2180Bob JamesYou Are So Beautiful6:48Heads51977Jazz-Smooth 683Network
2181Bob James, David SanbornIt's You5:15Double Vision51986Jazz-Smooth 794Network
2182Bob James, David SanbornMaputo6:50Double Vision11986Jazz-Smooth 836Network
2183Bob James, David SanbornMoon Tune7:06Double Vision31986Jazz-Smooth 708Network
2184Bob James, David SanbornMore Than Friends6:17Double Vision21986Jazz-Smooth 805Network
2185Bob James, David SanbornNever Enough6:29Double Vision61986Jazz-Smooth 862Network
2186Bob James, David SanbornSince I Fell for You5:51Double Vision41986Jazz-Smooth 756Network
2187Bob James, David SanbornYou Don't Know Me5:37Double Vision71986Jazz-Smooth 758Network
2188Bob MastellerA Monday Date3:24Jazz for All Ages32007Big Band 824Network
2189Bob MastellerBlack and Blue7:03Jazz for All Ages22007Big Band 672Network
2190Bob MastellerBourbon Street Parade6:30Jazz for All Ages112007Big Band 777Network
2191Bob MastellerBye Bye Blues6:30Jazz for All Ages52007Big Band 767Network
2192Bob MastellerHindustan8:57Jazz for All Ages62007Big Band 793Network
2193Bob MastellerI Can't Get Started7:43Jazz for All Ages92007Big Band 664Network
2194Bob MastellerI Found A New Baby5:07Jazz for All Ages12007Big Band 836Network
2195Bob MastellerLulu's Back in Town2:17Jazz for All Ages82007Big Band 742Network
2196Bob MastellerMasquerade8:28Jazz for All Ages42007Big Band 759Network
2197Bob MastellerPolka Dots and Moonbeams6:29Jazz for All Ages72007Big Band 633Network
2198Bob MastellerThe Girl From Ipanema7:57Jazz for All Ages102007Big Band 734Network
2199Bob McHughBaroque Peice3:06Interplay51999Jazz 747Network
2200Bob McHughI Love You5:13Interplay81999Jazz 776Network
2201Bob McHughIt Might as well be Spring4:22Interplay21999Jazz 957Network
2202Bob McHughMy Funny Valentine5:01Interplay31999Jazz 797Network
2203Bob McHughMy Romance3:35Interplay71999Jazz 883Network
2204Bob McHughOneonta4:36Interplay61999Jazz 907Network
2205Bob McHughSong for my Father4:39Interplay91999Jazz 925Network
2206Bob McHughSummer Stride2:59Interplay111999Jazz 558Network
2207Bob McHughThe Bopper2:47Interplay11999Jazz 846Network
2208Bob McHughTraveling Song6:16Interplay41999Jazz 893Network
2209Bob McHughUptown5:28Interplay101999Jazz 782Network
2210Bob Mintzer Big BandApril In Paris6:07Homage To Count Basie22000Big Band 762Network
2211Bob Mintzer Big BandBody and Soul11:48Gently42003Big Band 781Network
2212Bob Mintzer Big BandBright Lights7:01Gently72003Big Band 912Network
2213Bob Mintzer Big BandCute5:56Homage To Count Basie52000Big Band 801Network
2214Bob Mintzer Big BandDon't Ever Leave Me6:37Gently62003Big Band 782Network
2215Bob Mintzer Big BandGently6:39Gently12003Big Band 884Network
2216Bob Mintzer Big BandHavin' Some Fun7:55Homage To Count Basie12000Big Band 829Network
2217Bob Mintzer Big BandHome Basie4:11Homage To Count Basie72000Big Band 864Network
2218Bob Mintzer Big BandLester Jumps Out9:19Homage To Count Basie42000Big Band 817Network
2219Bob Mintzer Big BandLil' Darlin'8:44Homage To Count Basie82000Big Band 686Network
2220Bob Mintzer Big BandOne O'Clock Jump11:16Homage To Count Basie32000Big Band 850Network
2221Bob Mintzer Big BandOriginal People5:26Gently32003Big Band 773Network
2222Bob Mintzer Big BandSaxophone Quartet #24:22Gently82003Big Band 546Network
2223Bob Mintzer Big BandShinny Stockings7:44Homage To Count Basie62000Big Band 782Network
2224Bob Mintzer Big BandTimeless7:20Gently22003Big Band 817Network
2225Bob Mintzer Big BandWho's Walkin' Who?8:10Gently52003Big Band 914Network
2226Bob WilloughbyA Hundred Years from Today2:24Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul91999Jazz 620Network
2227Bob WilloughbyBlue and Sentimental3:08Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul101999Jazz 706Network
2228Bob WilloughbyCareless Love3:28Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul111999Jazz 647Network
2229Bob WilloughbyCottage for Sale5:31Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul61999Jazz 757Network
2230Bob WilloughbyGee Baby, Ain't I Good to You2:58Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul81999Jazz 727Network
2231Bob WilloughbyGoin' to Chicago3:06Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul21999Jazz 859Network
2232Bob WilloughbyI Wanna Go Home (With You)3:04Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul131999Jazz 720Network
2233Bob WilloughbyIf I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)3:00Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul71999Jazz 631Network
2234Bob WilloughbyLaughing on the Outside4:49Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul31999Jazz 621Network
2235Bob WilloughbySometimes I'm Happy3:28Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul51999Jazz 824Network
2236Bob WilloughbySugar Babe3:21Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul11999Jazz 799Network
2237Bob WilloughbyThe Dark End of the Street3:11Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul41999Jazz 690Network
2238Bob WilloughbyWho Will Your Next Fool Be?4:11Blues, Booze and Oldtime Soul121999Jazz 773Network
2239Bobby "Blue" Bland(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right3:53Blues & Ballads81999Blues 871Network
2240Bobby "Blue" BlandAin't Nothing You Can Do2:39Blues & Ballads31999Blues 685Network
2241Bobby "Blue" BlandClose to You [*]2:03Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]141961Blues 483Network
2242Bobby "Blue" BlandCry Cry Cry2:44Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]21961Blues 440Network
2243Bobby "Blue" BlandDon't Cry No More2:29Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]41961Blues 548Network
2244Bobby "Blue" BlandGeorgia on My Mind3:33Blues & Ballads71999Blues 852Network
2245Bobby "Blue" BlandHow Does a Cheatin' Woman Feel [*]2:38Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]131961Blues 475Network
2246Bobby "Blue" BlandI Don't Want No Woman2:41Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]111961Blues 503Network
2247Bobby "Blue" BlandI Pity the Fool2:43Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]61961Blues 511Network
2248Bobby "Blue" BlandIf I Hadn't Called You Back2:36Blues & Ballads21999Blues 667Network
2249Bobby "Blue" BlandI'll Take Care of You2:26Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]101961Blues 393Network
2250Bobby "Blue" BlandI'm Not Ashamed2:37Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]31961Blues 462Network
2251Bobby "Blue" BlandIt's All in the Game4:44Blues & Ballads161999Blues 915Network
2252Bobby "Blue" BlandI've Been Wrong So Long2:21Blues & Ballads11999Blues 613Network
2253Bobby "Blue" BlandI've Been Wrong So Long2:21Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]121961Blues 423Network
2254Bobby "Blue" BlandI've Got to Use My Imagination4:17Blues & Ballads91999Blues 844Network
2255Bobby "Blue" BlandI've Just Got to Forget You2:34Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]71961Blues 484Network
2256Bobby "Blue" BlandLead Me On2:06Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]51961Blues 429Network
2257Bobby "Blue" BlandLittle Boy Blue2:40Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]81961Blues 480Network
2258Bobby "Blue" BlandLovin' on Borrowed Time3:21Blues & Ballads101999Blues 836Network
2259Bobby "Blue" BlandNever Let Me Go4:26Blues & Ballads151999Blues 879Network
2260Bobby "Blue" BlandNight Games4:40Blues & Ballads121999Blues 932Network
2261Bobby "Blue" BlandSave Your Love for Me3:31Blues & Ballads61999Blues 685Network
2262Bobby "Blue" BlandShare Your Love With Me2:43Blues & Ballads41999Blues 670Network
2263Bobby "Blue" BlandSomeone to Belong To4:16Blues & Ballads141999Blues 850Network
2264Bobby "Blue" BlandSt. James Infirmary2:26Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]91961Blues 483Network
2265Bobby "Blue" BlandThis Bitter Earth4:09Blues & Ballads131999Blues 801Network
2266Bobby "Blue" BlandTouch of the Blues3:21Blues & Ballads51999Blues 835Network
2267Bobby "Blue" BlandTwo Steps From the Blues2:36Two Steps From the Blues [Bonus Tracks]11961Blues 428Network
2268Bobby "Blue" BlandYou've Always Got the Blues4:08Blues & Ballads111999Blues 798Network
2269Bobby BattleBallad for Frederick8:29The Offering11990Jazz 600Network
2270Bobby BattleI Mean You7:28The Offering51990Jazz 793Network
2271Bobby BattleJazz Laughter11:16The Offering61990Jazz 751Network
2272Bobby BattleJitterbug Waltz9:16The Offering31990Jazz 740Network
2273Bobby BattleThe Offering13:40The Offering41990Jazz 821Network
2274Bobby BattleTo Wisdom the Prize10:09The Offering21990Jazz 690Network
2275Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Here's That Rainy Day4:21Cream of the Crop81996Jazz 662Network
2276Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.I Got Rhythm3:54Cream of the Crop31996Jazz 906Network
2277Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Life's Too Long4:08Cream of the Crop101996Jazz 876Network
2278Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Li'l Bit3:44Cream of the Crop21996Jazz 859Network
2279Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Lover Man6:04Cream of the Crop111996Jazz 662Network
2280Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Rebel Rouser3:48Cream of the Crop11996Jazz 879Network
2281Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Receurdos4:34Cream of the Crop91996Jazz 761Network
2282Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Rock Bottom8:40Cream of the Crop51996Jazz 791Network
2283Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Star Wars8:42Cream of the Crop121996Jazz 851Network
2284Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Stardust6:01Cream of the Crop61996Jazz 668Network
2285Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.Strike up the Band4:14Cream of the Crop71996Jazz 854Network
2286Bobby Knight, Great American Trombone Co.When I Fall in love4:15Cream of the Crop41996Jazz 658Network
2287Bobby PettersonMy Lonely Sad Eyes2:48VanThology: A Tribute to Van Morrison122003Blues 903Network
2288Bobby Thomson's Shot Heard 'Round the WorldBobby Thomson's Shot Heard 'Round the World: October 3, 19511:33Baseball's Greatest Hits211989R&B 543Network
2289Bobby Watson & HorizonVauncing Chimes5:24Yule Struttin'-A Blue Note Christmas11990Christmas 870Network
2290Bonnie Raitt(Goin') Wild for You Baby5:26The Glow101979Rock 715Network
2291Bonnie Raitt(I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend2:54The Glow81979Rock 756Network
2292Bonnie RaittAll at Once5:02Luck of the Draw121991Rock 687Network
2293Bonnie RaittAngel from Montgomery3:59Streetlights31974Rock 822Network
2294Bonnie RaittAny Day Woman2:24Bonnie Raitt51971Rock 663Network
2295Bonnie RaittBack Around5:15Silver Lining112002Rock 765Network
2296Bonnie RaittBig Road3:32Bonnie Raitt61971Rock 830Network
2297Bonnie RaittBluebird3:30Bonnie Raitt11971Rock 780Network
2298Bonnie RaittCircle Dance4:11Longing in Their Hearts51994Rock 692Network
2299Bonnie RaittCome to Me4:20Luck of the Draw51991Rock 882Network
2300Bonnie RaittCool, Clear Water5:27Longing in Their Hearts41994Rock 892Network
2301Bonnie RaittCrooked Crown3:47Souls Alike62005Rock 929Network
2302Bonnie RaittCry Like a Rainstorm3:56Takin' My Time51973Rock 766Network
2303Bonnie RaittCry on My Shoulder3:44Nick of Time41989Rock 769Network
2304Bonnie RaittDeep Water3:56Souls Alike92005Rock 885Network
2305Bonnie RaittDimming of the Day3:39Longing in Their Hearts71994Rock 702Network
2306Bonnie RaittDo I Ever Cross Your Mind?4:34Genius Loves Company62004R&B 813Network
2307Bonnie RaittEverybody's Cryin' Mercy3:28Takin' My Time41973Rock 746Network
2308Bonnie RaittEverything That Touches You3:29Streetlights81974Rock 799Network
2309Bonnie RaittFearless Love4:07Fundamental91998Rock 805Network
2310Bonnie RaittFeeling of Falling6:17Longing in Their Hearts81994Rock 832Network
2311Bonnie RaittFinest Lovin' Man4:43Bonnie Raitt41971Rock 806Network
2312Bonnie RaittFool's Game4:06Silver Lining12002Rock 992Network
2313Bonnie RaittGive It Up or Let Me Go4:30Give It Up11972Rock 870Network
2314Bonnie RaittGod Was in the Water5:15Souls Alike22005Rock 906Network
2315Bonnie RaittGuilty2:58Takin' My Time101973Rock 756Network
2316Bonnie RaittHave a Heart4:50Nick of Time71989Rock 773Network
2317Bonnie RaittHome3:26Sweet Forgiveness101977Rock 642Network
2318Bonnie RaittI Ain't Blue3:36Bonnie Raitt101971Rock 680Network
2319Bonnie RaittI Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again2:38Nick of Time101989Rock 604Network
2320Bonnie RaittI Can't Help You Now3:14Silver Lining22002Rock 938Network
2321Bonnie RaittI Can't Make You Love Me5:32Luck of the Draw31991Rock 714Network
2322Bonnie RaittI Don't Want Anything to Change4:26Souls Alike82005Rock 839Network
2323Bonnie RaittI Feel the Same4:41Takin' My Time71973Rock 793Network
2324Bonnie RaittI Gave My Love a Candle4:23Takin' My Time21973Rock 731Network
2325Bonnie RaittI Got Plenty3:10Streetlights41974Rock 782Network
2326Bonnie RaittI Know3:48Give It Up31972Rock 819Network
2327Bonnie RaittI Thank You2:51The Glow11979Rock 816Network
2328Bonnie RaittI Thought I Was a Child3:48Takin' My Time81973Rock 794Network
2329Bonnie RaittI Will Not Be Broken3:38Souls Alike12005Rock 897Network
2330Bonnie RaittIf You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody3:00Give It Up41972Rock 784Network
2331Bonnie RaittI'm on Your Side3:44Fundamental81998Rock 861Network
2332Bonnie RaittLonging in Their Hearts4:48Longing in Their Hearts21994Rock 925Network
2333Bonnie RaittLouise2:45Sweet Forgiveness41977Rock 639Network
2334Bonnie RaittLove Has No Pride3:46Give It Up101972Rock 798Network
2335Bonnie RaittLove Letter4:04Nick of Time31989Rock 823Network
2336Bonnie RaittLove Me Like a Man3:12Give It Up51972Rock 856Network
2337Bonnie RaittLove on One Condition3:41Souls Alike32005Rock 912Network
2338Bonnie RaittLove Sneakin' up on You3:41Longing in Their Hearts11994Rock 887Network
2339Bonnie RaittLover's Will4:29Fundamental51998Rock 768Network
2340Bonnie RaittMeet Me Half Way4:16Fundamental71998Rock 802Network
2341Bonnie RaittMighty Tight Woman4:21Bonnie Raitt21971Rock 780Network
2342Bonnie RaittMy Opening Farewell5:21Sweet Forgiveness71977Rock 716Network
2343Bonnie RaittNick of Time3:52Nick of Time11989Rock 757Network
2344Bonnie RaittNo Gettin' Over You4:45Silver Lining102002Rock 938Network
2345Bonnie RaittNobody's Girl3:14Nick of Time61989Rock 686Network
2346Bonnie RaittNot the Only One5:03Luck of the Draw81991Rock 831Network
2347Bonnie RaittNothing Seems to Matter4:05Give It Up21972Rock 779Network
2348Bonnie RaittOne Belief Away4:37Fundamental111998Rock 845Network
2349Bonnie RaittOne Part Be My Lover5:05Luck of the Draw71991Rock 655Network
2350Bonnie RaittPapa Come Quick (Jody and Chico)2:43Luck of the Draw91991Rock 811Network
2351Bonnie RaittRainy Day Man3:38Streetlights21974Rock 796Network
2352Bonnie RaittRound & Round3:16Fundamental31998Rock 804Network
2353Bonnie RaittRunaway3:57Sweet Forgiveness21977Rock 814Network
2354Bonnie RaittShadow of Doubt4:26Longing in Their Hearts121994Rock 702Network
2355Bonnie RaittSilver Lining6:17Silver Lining32002Rock 876Network
2356Bonnie RaittSince I Fell for You3:05Bonnie Raitt91971Rock 717Network
2357Bonnie RaittSleep's Dark and Silent Gate3:26The Glow41979Rock 700Network
2358Bonnie RaittSo Close3:19Souls Alike42005Rock 852Network
2359Bonnie RaittSomething to Talk About3:47Luck of the Draw11991Rock 874Network
2360Bonnie RaittSpit of Love4:44Fundamental41998Rock 891Network
2361Bonnie RaittSteal Your Heart Away5:44Longing in Their Hearts91994Rock 905Network
2362Bonnie RaittStorm Warning4:31Longing in Their Hearts101994Rock 816Network
2363Bonnie RaittStreetlights5:04Streetlights51974Rock 758Network
2364Bonnie RaittTakin' My Time3:37Sweet Forgiveness91977Rock 747Network
2365Bonnie RaittThank You2:51Bonnie Raitt31971Rock 708Network
2366Bonnie RaittThat Song About the Midway4:43Streetlights11974Rock 817Network
2367Bonnie RaittThe Bed I Made4:59Souls Alike112005Rock 718Network
2368Bonnie RaittThe Fundamental Things3:44Fundamental11998Rock 866Network
2369Bonnie RaittThe Glow4:12The Glow51979Rock 617Network
2370Bonnie RaittThe Road's My Middle Name3:31Nick of Time111989Rock 819Network
2371Bonnie RaittThing Called Love3:52Nick of Time21989Rock 947Network
2372Bonnie RaittTime of Our Lives4:00Silver Lining42002Rock 919Network
2373Bonnie RaittToo Long at the Fair2:58Give It Up61972Rock 709Network
2374Bonnie RaittToo Soon to Tell3:45Nick of Time81989Rock 717Network
2375Bonnie RaittTrinkets4:59Souls Alike52005Rock 872Network
2376Bonnie RaittTwo Lights in the Nighttime4:20Souls Alike102005Rock 969Network
2377Bonnie RaittUnder the Falling Sky3:45Give It Up71972Rock 965Network
2378Bonnie RaittUnnecessarily Mercenary3:49Souls Alike72005Rock 934Network
2379Bonnie RaittValley of Pain4:27Silver Lining82002Rock 926Network
2380Bonnie RaittWah She Go Do3:15Takin' My Time61973Rock 864Network
2381Bonnie RaittWalking Blues2:40Bonnie Raitt71971Rock 759Network
2382Bonnie RaittWhat Is Success3:31Streetlights61974Rock 846Network
2383Bonnie RaittWherever You May Be5:31Silver Lining72002Rock 785Network
2384Bonnie RaittWomen Be Wise4:09Bonnie Raitt111971Rock 700Network
2385Bonnie RaittWounded Heart4:13Silver Lining122002Rock 684Network
2386Bonnie RaittWrite Me a Few of Your Lines/Kokomo Blues3:37Takin' My Time91973Rock 766Network
2387Bonnie RaittYou4:27Longing in Their Hearts31994Rock 772Network
2388Bonnie RaittYou Got to Know How3:36Give It Up81972Rock 886Network
2389Bonnie RaittYou Told Me Baby4:12Give It Up91972Rock 948Network
2390Bonnie RaittYour Good Thing (Is About to End)4:01The Glow21979Rock 678Network
2391Bonnie RaittYou've Been in Love Too Long3:44Takin' My Time11973Rock 805Network
2392BostonA MAN I'LL NEVER BE6:37Don't Look Back41978Rock 932Network
2393BostonDON'T BE AFRAID3:48Don't Look Back81978Rock 1031Network
2394BostonDON'T LOOK BACK5:57Don't Look Back11978Rock 1014Network
2395BostonFEELIN' SATISFIED4:11Don't Look Back51978Rock 978Network
2396BostonForeplay/Long Time7:47Boston31976Rock 927Network
2397BostonHitch a Ride4:11Boston61976Rock 984Network
2398BostonIT'S EASY4:26Don't Look Back31978Rock 993Network
2399BostonLet Me Take You Home Tonight4:43Boston81976Rock 994Network
2400BostonMore Than a Feeling4:45Boston11976Rock 975Network
2401BostonPARTY4:07Don't Look Back61978Rock 997Network
2402BostonPeace of Mind5:02Boston21976Rock 1021Network
2403BostonRock and Roll Band3:00Boston41976Rock 1004Network
2404BostonSmokin'4:21Boston51976Rock 960Network
2405BostonSomething About You3:48Boston71976Rock 956Network
2406BostonTHE JOURNEY1:46Don't Look Back21978Rock 667Network
2407BostonUSED TO BAD NEWS2:56Don't Look Back71978Rock 1008Network
2408Boulevard Big Band (sm)A Night in Tunisia5:26A Night on the Boulevard11 Big Band 919Network
2409Boulevard Big Band (sm)And the Angels Sing2:56A Night on the Boulevard10 Big Band 910Network
2410Boulevard Big Band (sm)Boues in Hoss' Flat6:09A Night on the Boulevard2 Big Band 901Network
2411Boulevard Big Band (sm)Flyin' Home5:49A Night on the Boulevard14 Big Band 976Network
2412Boulevard Big Band (sm)I've Found a New Baby4:06A Night on the Boulevard13 Big Band 962Network
2413Boulevard Big Band (sm)Jump, Jive & Wail4:18A Night on the Boulevard4 Big Band 978Network
2414Boulevard Big Band (sm)MacArthur Park6:51A Night on the Boulevard8 Big Band 929Network
2415Boulevard Big Band (sm)Maria3:04A Night on the Boulevard3 Big Band 915Network
2416Boulevard Big Band (sm)Opus in Pastels3:02A Night on the Boulevard12 Big Band 806Network
2417Boulevard Big Band (sm)P.S. I Love You4:30A Night on the Boulevard9 Big Band 806Network
2418Boulevard Big Band (sm)Somewhere2:29A Night on the Boulevard6 Big Band 754Network
2419Boulevard Big Band (sm)Stockinghorse2:45A Night on the Boulevard5 Big Band 934Network
2420Boulevard Big Band (sm)Take the "A" Train2:52A Night on the Boulevard7 Big Band 888Network
2421Boulevard Big Band (sm)Trumpet Blues and Cantabile2:45A Night on the Boulevard1 Big Band 926Network
2422Brad Mehldau50 Ways To Leave Your Lover8:32Day is Done92005Jazz 799Network
2423Brad MehldauAlfie3:46Day is Done22005Jazz 677Network
2424Brad MehldauAlone Together13:45Alone Together11996Jazz 577Network
2425Brad MehldauAlone Together15:01The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 1)42001Jazz 787Network
2426Brad MehldauAlvarado4:00Largo102002Jazz 791Network
2427Brad MehldauAnything Goes7:08Anything Goes32004Jazz 828Network
2428Brad MehldauArtis6:21Day is Done52005Jazz 894Network
2429Brad MehldauAt a Loss6:20The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs51998Jazz 730Network
2430Brad MehldauAugust Ending6:59House On Hill12006Jazz 849Network
2431Brad MehldauBackyard5:43House On Hill52006Jazz 846Network
2432Brad MehldauBealtine9:19House On Hill32006Jazz 869Network
2433Brad MehldauBewitched, Bothered and Bewildered5:58The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs31998Jazz 665Network
2434Brad MehldauBlackbird5:00The Art Of The Trio, Volume 141997Jazz 671Network
2435Brad MehldauBlame It On My Youth6:17The Art Of The Trio, Volume 111997Jazz 660Network
2436Brad MehldauBoomer7:17House On Hill42006Jazz 798Network
2437Brad MehldauCherokee10:59Alone Together31996Jazz 567Network
2438Brad MehldauConvalescent5:57The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs61998Jazz 772Network
2439Brad MehldauCry Me A River8:50The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 1)62001Jazz 628Network
2440Brad MehldauDay Is Done9:26Day is Done42005Jazz 857Network
2441Brad MehldauDear Prudence5:22Largo82002Jazz 842Network
2442Brad MehldauDreamsville5:03Anything Goes22004Jazz 738Network
2443Brad MehldauDusty McNugget5:43Largo32002Jazz 911Network
2444Brad MehldauEmbers8:07House On Hill72006Jazz 833Network
2445Brad MehldauEverything in Its Right Place6:55Anything Goes82004Jazz 800Network
2446Brad MehldauExit Music (For a Film)4:23The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs41998Jazz 689Network
2447Brad MehldauFear And Trembling5:26House On Hill62006Jazz 873Network
2448Brad MehldauFor All We Know8:02The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs71998Jazz 604Network
2449Brad MehldauFranklin Avenue3:42Largo62002Jazz 795Network
2450Brad MehldauFrom This Moment On7:55Live in Tokyo42004Jazz 583Network
2451Brad MehldauGet Happy9:47Anything Goes12004Jazz 810Network
2452Brad MehldauGranada7:30Day is Done82005Jazz 859Network
2453Brad MehldauHappy Tune8:53House On Hill82006Jazz 846Network
2454Brad MehldauHouse On Hill8:13House On Hill22006Jazz 857Network
2455Brad MehldauHow Long Has This Been Going On?9:00Live in Tokyo72004Jazz 529Network
2456Brad MehldauHow Long Has This Been Going On?10:45The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 2)62001Jazz 629Network
2457Brad MehldauI Didn't Know What Time It Was6:31The Art Of The Trio, Volume 121997Jazz 811Network
2458Brad MehldauI Do7:17Largo122002Jazz 525Network
2459Brad MehldauI Fall In Love Too Easily7:18The Art Of The Trio, Volume 171997Jazz 557Network
2460Brad MehldauIntro2:42Live in Tokyo22004Jazz 481Network
2461Brad MehldauIt Might As Well Be Spring2:48The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 1)52001Jazz 853Network
2462Brad MehldauI've Grown Accustomed to Her Face4:49Anything Goes102004Jazz 664Network
2463Brad MehldauKnives Out8:29Day is Done12005Jazz 923Network
2464Brad MehldauLament for Linus4:39The Art Of The Trio, Volume 151997Jazz 794Network
2465Brad MehldauLong Ago And Far Away14:50The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 2)52001Jazz 818Network
2466Brad MehldauLucid5:43The Art Of The Trio, Volume 181997Jazz 724Network
2467Brad MehldauMartha My Dear4:38Day is Done32005Jazz 549Network
2468Brad MehldauMignon's Song6:35The Art Of The Trio, Volume 161997Jazz 743Network
2469Brad MehldauMonk's Dream7:59Live in Tokyo52004Jazz 594Network
2470Brad MehldauNearness of You6:43Anything Goes62004Jazz 698Network
2471Brad MehldauNo Moon At All5:49Day is Done102005Jazz 756Network
2472Brad MehldauNobody Else But Me7:36The Art Of The Trio, Volume 191997Jazz 661Network
2473Brad MehldauParanoid Android9:05Largo52002Jazz 670Network
2474Brad MehldauParanoid Android19:29Live in Tokyo62004Jazz 564Network
2475Brad MehldauQuit7:14The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 2)12001Jazz 863Network
2476Brad MehldauResignation8:39The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 2)42001Jazz 860Network
2477Brad MehldauRiver Man8:59Live in Tokyo82004Jazz 574Network
2478Brad MehldauRiver Man4:48The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs81998Jazz 648Network
2479Brad MehldauRiver Man11:30The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 1)72001Jazz 792Network
2480Brad MehldauRon's Place6:30The Art Of The Trio, Volume 131997Jazz 672Network
2481Brad Mehldau'Round Midnight12:49Alone Together51996Jazz 571Network
2482Brad MehldauSecret Love10:08The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 2)22001Jazz 589Network
2483Brad MehldauSehnsucht4:56The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs101998Jazz 690Network
2484Brad MehldauShe's Leaving Home9:07Day is Done72005Jazz 819Network
2485Brad MehldauSkippy5:24Anything Goes52004Jazz 943Network
2486Brad MehldauSmile6:48Anything Goes92004Jazz 779Network
2487Brad MehldauSomeone to Watch Over Me9:55Live in Tokyo32004Jazz 520Network
2488Brad MehldauSong-Song6:30The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs11998Jazz 620Network
2489Brad MehldauStill Crazy After All These Years5:21Anything Goes72004Jazz 739Network
2490Brad MehldauSublation14:58The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 2)32001Jazz 874Network
2491Brad MehldauThe Folks Who Live On The Hill9:50The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 1)32001Jazz 624Network
2492Brad MehldauThe More I See You10:06The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5 Progression (Disc 1)12001Jazz 898Network
2493Brad MehldauThe Song Is You12:55Alone Together21996Jazz 559Network
2494Brad MehldauThings Behind the Sun4:37Live in Tokyo12004Jazz 556Network
2495Brad MehldauTres Palabras5:01Anything Goes42004Jazz 703Network
2496Brad MehldauTurtle Town6:18Day is Done62005Jazz 798Network
2497Brad MehldauUnrequited6:09The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs21998Jazz 750Network
2498Brad MehldauWaiting For Eden7:32House On Hill92006Jazz 831Network
2499Brad MehldauWhat Is This Thing Called Love?11:32Alone Together41996Jazz 485Network
2500Brad MehldauWhen It Rains6:36Largo12002Jazz 704Network
2501Brad MehldauYou Stepped Out of a Dream11:36Alone Together61996Jazz 489Network
2502Brad MehldauYoung at Heart6:22The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs91998Jazz 556Network
2503Brad MehldauYoure Vibing Me3:28Largo22002Jazz 883Network
2504BrahmsBrahms, J. ~ OP81 Tragic Overture - Allegro non troppo - Molto più moderato - Tempo primo14:15Brahms, J. Symphonie Nr. 4 /Tragische Ouverture51983Classical 590Network
2505BrahmsBrahms, J. ~ OP98 Symphony No. 4 in E minor - 1. Allegro non troppo13:23Brahms, J. Symphonie Nr. 4 /Tragische Ouverture11983Classical 638Network
2506BrahmsBrahms, J. ~ OP98 Symphony No. 4 in E minor - 2. Andante moderato12:47Brahms, J. Symphonie Nr. 4 /Tragische Ouverture21983Classical 549Network
2507BrahmsBrahms, J. ~ OP98 Symphony No. 4 in E minor - 3. Allegro giocoso - Poco meno presto -Tempo I6:14Brahms, J. Symphonie Nr. 4 /Tragische Ouverture31983Classical 671Network
2508BrahmsBrahms, J. ~ OP98 Symphony No. 4 in E minor - 4. Allegro energico e passionato - Più Allegro11:46Brahms, J. Symphonie Nr. 4 /Tragische Ouverture41983Classical 593Network
2509Branford MarsalisAgain never3:54Mo' better Blues41990Jazz 693Network
2510Branford MarsalisAlice in Wonderland6:23Loved Ones121995Jazz 546Network
2511Branford MarsalisAngelica6:01Loved Ones51995Jazz 584Network
2512Branford MarsalisBeneath the underdog5:06Mo' better Blues71990Jazz 735Network
2513Branford MarsalisBess, You Is My Woman Now8:04Loved Ones81995Jazz 514Network
2514Branford MarsalisDear Delores6:39Loved Ones141995Jazz 471Network
2515Branford MarsalisDelilah (Delilah's Theme)5:27Loved Ones11995Jazz 487Network
2516Branford MarsalisGutbucket Steepy6:18Trio Jeepy61988Jazz 623Network
2517Branford MarsalisHarlem Blues (Acapulco version4:47Mo' better Blues91990Jazz 694Network
2518Branford MarsalisKnocked out the box1:35Mo' better Blues31990Jazz 848Network
2519Branford MarsalisLaura6:20Loved Ones111995Jazz 559Network
2520Branford MarsalisLiza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)2:37Loved Ones91995Jazz 627Network
2521Branford MarsalisLouise4:16Loved Ones71995Jazz 476Network
2522Branford MarsalisLulu's Back in Town4:57Loved Ones31995Jazz 568Network
2523Branford MarsalisMakin' Whoopee (Reprise)9:06Trio Jeepy81988Jazz 762Network
2524Branford MarsalisMaria6:12Loved Ones21995Jazz 560Network
2525Branford MarsalisMiss Otis Regrets4:43Loved Ones41995Jazz 449Network
2526Branford MarsalisMo' better blues3:39Mo' better Blues51990Jazz 735Network
2527Branford MarsalisNancy (With the Laughing Face)2:12Loved Ones101995Jazz 447Network
2528Branford MarsalisSay Hey3:18Mo' better Blues21990Jazz 808Network
2529Branford MarsalisStella by Starlight7:02Loved Ones61995Jazz 522Network
2530Branford MarsalisSweet Lorraine4:23Loved Ones131995Jazz 577Network
2531Branford MarsalisThe Branford Marsalis Quartet; Cynda Williams; Terence Blanchard / Harlem Blues4:50Mo' better Blues11990Jazz 702Network
2532Bravos Del Norte De Ramon AyalaAndan Diciendo2:44Putumayo Presents: Mexico102001Latin 831Network
2533Brenda Kutz WhiteChristmas in the Northwest4:51Christmas in the Northwest, Vol. 6152003Christmas 899Network
2534Brian CashwellAgolina5:32Pure Imagination8 Jazz 794Network
2535Brian CashwellAlfred4:13Pure Imagination5 Jazz 651Network
2536Brian CashwellFor Better or For Worse5:00Pure Imagination6 Jazz 793Network
2537Brian CashwellGlad It's You4:31Pure Imagination1 Jazz 822Network
2538Brian CashwellI've Never Been in Love Before7:09Pure Imagination2 Jazz 766Network
2539Brian CashwellJenna3:46Pure Imagination7 Jazz 730Network
2540Brian CashwellMenuet From "Le Tombeau De Couperin"6:06Pure Imagination3 Jazz 646Network
2541Brian CashwellPure Imagination3:48Pure Imagination9 Jazz 822Network
2542Brian CashwellSchadebfreude5:25Pure Imagination10 Jazz 788Network
2543Brian CashwellTwo for the Road4:37Pure Imagination11 Jazz 490Network
2544Brian CashwellWhy Worry 'Bout the Snow5:18Pure Imagination4 Jazz 741Network
2545Brian DunningDown the Chimney4:00Celtic Christmas, Vol. 5: The Millennium Edition121999Christmas 874Network
2546Brian HughesAn Angel's Wish5:58Under One Sky81992Jazz-Smooth 906Network
2547Brian HughesBreak the Spell6:10Under One Sky71992Jazz-Smooth 928Network
2548Brian HughesHere Comes Trouble (Too)7:25Under One Sky51992Jazz-Smooth 977Network
2549Brian HughesNasca Lines5:39Under One Sky21992Jazz-Smooth 936Network
2550Brian HughesNueve Puertas (Nine Doors)5:23Under One Sky31992Jazz-Smooth 953Network
2551Brian HughesParade of Fools7:15Under One Sky41992Jazz-Smooth 863Network
2552Brian HughesStrangers on the Promenade6:06Under One Sky61992Jazz-Smooth 875Network
2553Brian HughesStrangers on the Promenade (Reprise)1:03Under One Sky101992Jazz-Smooth 663Network
2554Brian HughesThin Blue Line7:01Under One Sky91992Jazz-Smooth 931Network
2555Brian HughesUnder One Sky6:20Under One Sky11992Jazz-Smooth 967Network
2556Brian KeaneHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas4:29The Carols of Christmas [Windham Hill]161996Christmas 581Network
2557Brian KennedyQueen Of The Slipstream4:33No Prima Donna (The Songs Of Van Morrison)21994Rock 808Network
2558Brian Kennedy & Shana MorrisonIrish Heartbeat4:56No Prima Donna (The Songs Of Van Morrison)61994Rock 831Network
2559Brian Setzer Orchestra'49 Mercury Blues2:50Vavoom!122000Swing 993Network
2560Brian Setzer OrchestraAmericano3:02Vavoom!32000Swing 1011Network
2561Brian Setzer OrchestraCaravan2:25Vavoom!82000Swing 886Network
2562Brian Setzer OrchestraDrive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder)4:11Vavoom!62000Swing 988Network
2563Brian Setzer OrchestraFrom Here To Eternity2:53Vavoom!102000Swing 985Network
2564Brian Setzer OrchestraGettin' In the Mood3:11Vavoom!52000Swing 1044Network
2565Brian Setzer OrchestraGloria3:52Vavoom!142000Swing 950Network
2566Brian Setzer OrchestraIf You Can't Rock Me2:39Vavoom!42000Swing 982Network
2567Brian Setzer OrchestraJukebox3:10Vavoom!132000Swing 1004Network
2568Brian Setzer OrchestraJumpin' East of Java3:02Vavoom!22000Swing 1024Network
2569Brian Setzer OrchestraMack the Knife2:48Vavoom!72000Swing 988Network
2570Brian Setzer OrchestraPennsylvania 6-50003:04Vavoom!12000Swing 999Network
2571Brian Setzer OrchestraThat's the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes2:19Vavoom!112000Swing 1000Network
2572Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Footloose Doll3:52Vavoom!92000Swing 960Network
2573Bruce AbramsLayan Love4:52Celtic Dawn: Tales of the New Age31998Celtic 574Network
2574Bruce CockburnAll the Diamonds in the World2:41Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198741987Rock 705Network
2575Bruce CockburnBurn4:09Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198751987Rock 725Network
2576Bruce CockburnFascist Architecture4:05Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987101987Rock 874Network
2577Bruce CockburnGoing to the Country3:13Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198711987Rock 828Network
2578Bruce CockburnIf I had a Rocket Launcher4:59Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987151987Rock 824Network
2579Bruce CockburnLaughter3:40Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198771987Rock 794Network
2580Bruce CockburnLovers in a Dangerous Time4:07Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987141987Rock 844Network
2581Bruce CockburnMama Wants to Barrelhouse all Night Long6:27Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198731987Rock 797Network
2582Bruce CockburnOne Day I Walk3:08Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198721987Rock 728Network
2583Bruce CockburnPeggy's Kitchen Wall3:42Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987161987Rock 864Network
2584Bruce CockburnSilver Wheels4:41Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198761987Rock 893Network
2585Bruce CockburnStolen Land5:24Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987171987Rock 858Network
2586Bruce CockburnThe Coldest Night of the Year4:00Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987121987Rock 863Network
2587Bruce CockburnThe Trouble with Normal3:17Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987111987Rock 870Network
2588Bruce CockburnTokyo3:29Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198791987Rock 821Network
2589Bruce CockburnWaiting for a Miracle4:48Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987181987Rock 872Network
2590Bruce CockburnWondering Where the Lions Are3:43Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-198781987Rock 798Network
2591Bruce CockburnYou Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chance4:18Waiting for a Miracle - Singles 1970-1987131987Rock 911Network
2592Bruce FormanBlues for Wes4:42Some of My Best Friends Are... Guitarists112002Jazz 760Network
2593Bruce FormanThe Song Is You5:01Some of My Best Friends Are... Guitarists62002Jazz 832Network
2594Bruce HornsbyBig Rumble4:40Hot House61995Rock 991Network
2595Bruce HornsbyChina Doll5:17Harbor Lights41993Rock 975Network
2596Bruce HornsbyCountry Doctor5:57Hot House71995Rock 1015Network
2597Bruce HornsbyCruise Control5:03Hot House111995Rock 977Network
2598Bruce HornsbyDown the Road Tonight4:26The Way It Is61986Rock 932Network
2599Bruce HornsbyEvery Little Kiss5:48The Way It Is21986Rock 867Network
2600Bruce HornsbyFields of Gray4:51Harbor Lights51993Rock 898Network
2601Bruce HornsbyHarbor Lights7:10Harbor Lights11993Rock 926Network
2602Bruce HornsbyHot House Ball4:41Hot House91995Rock 1032Network
2603Bruce HornsbyLong Tall Cool One4:59Harbor Lights31993Rock 919Network
2604Bruce HornsbyMandolin Rain5:19The Way It Is31986Rock 862Network
2605Bruce HornsbyOn the Western Skyline4:42The Way It Is11986Rock 949Network
2606Bruce HornsbyPassing Through5:59Harbor Lights71993Rock 910Network
2607Bruce HornsbyPastures of Plenty6:29Harbor Lights101993Rock 961Network
2608Bruce HornsbyRainbow's Cadillac4:38Harbor Lights61993Rock 917Network
2609Bruce HornsbySpider Fingers6:44Hot House11995Rock 1012Network
2610Bruce HornsbySwing Street4:36Hot House101995Rock 1016Network
2611Bruce HornsbyTalk of the Town5:10Harbor Lights21993Rock 877Network
2612Bruce HornsbyThe Changes5:49Hot House41995Rock 969Network
2613Bruce HornsbyThe Long Race4:25The Way It Is41986Rock 926Network
2614Bruce HornsbyThe Longest Night5:22Hot House81995Rock 1011Network
2615Bruce HornsbyThe Red Plains5:01The Way It Is91986Rock 910Network
2616Bruce HornsbyThe River Runs Low4:27The Way It Is81986Rock 811Network
2617Bruce HornsbyThe Tango King5:48Hot House51995Rock 998Network
2618Bruce HornsbyThe Tide Will Rise3:55Harbor Lights81993Rock 920Network
2619Bruce HornsbyThe Way It Is4:58The Way It Is51986Rock 870Network
2620Bruce HornsbyThe Wild Frontier4:03The Way It Is71986Rock 929Network
2621Bruce HornsbyWalk in the Sun4:58Hot House31995Rock 976Network
2622Bruce HornsbyWhat a Time4:04Harbor Lights91993Rock 927Network
2623Bruce HornsbyWhite-Wheeled Limousine5:28Hot House21995Rock 951Network
2624The Bruce Katz BandBeef Jerky4:19Three Feet Off The Ground12000Blues 856Network
2625The Bruce Katz BandIn The Shadow7:14Three Feet Off The Ground22000Blues 676Network
2626The Bruce Katz BandJet Lag5:17Three Feet Off The Ground82000Blues 729Network
2627The Bruce Katz BandKey To The City5:00Three Feet Off The Ground102000Blues 727Network
2628The Bruce Katz BandSwitchin'4:37Three Feet Off The Ground112000Blues 797Network
2629The Bruce Katz BandThe Hook4:49Three Feet Off The Ground92000Blues 713Network
2630The Bruce Katz BandThree Feet Off The Ground4:14Three Feet Off The Ground52000Blues 753Network
2631The Bruce Katz BandWalk With Me6:25Three Feet Off The Ground62000Blues 700Network
2632The Bruce Katz BandWay Down Time6:33Three Feet Off The Ground42000Blues 697Network
2633The Bruce Katz BandWrecking Ball4:27Three Feet Off The Ground32000Blues 833Network
2634The Bruce Katz BandYou're It4:22Three Feet Off The Ground72000Blues 819Network
2635Bruce SpringsteenAin't Got You2:11Tunnel of Love11987Rock 780Network
2636Bruce SpringsteenAll That Heaven Will Allow2:39Tunnel of Love31987Rock 861Network
2637Bruce SpringsteenBrilliant Disguise4:17Tunnel of Love91987Rock 899Network
2638Bruce SpringsteenCautious Man3:58Tunnel of Love51987Rock 684Network
2639Bruce SpringsteenOne Step Up4:22Tunnel of Love101987Rock 830Network
2640Bruce SpringsteenSpare Parts3:44Tunnel of Love41987Rock 959Network
2641Bruce SpringsteenTougher Than the Rest4:35Tunnel of Love21987Rock 871Network
2642Bruce SpringsteenTunnel of Love5:12Tunnel of Love71987Rock 896Network
2643Bruce SpringsteenTwo Faces3:03Tunnel of Love81987Rock 817Network
2644Bruce SpringsteenValentine's Day5:11Tunnel of Love121987Rock 775Network
2645Bruce SpringsteenWalk Like a Man3:45Tunnel of Love61987Rock 795Network
2646Bruce SpringsteenWhen You're Alone3:24Tunnel of Love111987Rock 810Network
2647Bruce SpringstoneTake Me Out to the Ball Game2:43Baseball's Greatest Hits111989R&B 907Network
2648Buckwheat ZydecoI'm Gonna Love You Anyway4:50Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert102005Jazz 934Network
2649Buddy Guy(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man5:42Last Time Around -- Live at Legends41998Blues 690Network
2650Buddy Guy116:09Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (1)1 Boot-Blues 973Network
2651Buddy Guy113:26Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (2)1 Boot-Blues 742Network
2652Buddy Guy19:16Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)1 Boot-Blues 926Network
2653Buddy Guy25:46Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (1)2 Boot-Blues 852Network
2654Buddy Guy216:34Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (2)2 Boot-Blues 947Network
2655Buddy Guy29:28Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)2 Boot-Blues 868Network
2656Buddy Guy24 Hours of the Day2:53As Good as It Gets51998Blues 915Network
2657Buddy Guy24 Hours of the Day2:53This Is Buddy Guy [Live]61968Blues 883Network
2658Buddy Guy38:20Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (1)3 Boot-Blues 983Network
2659Buddy Guy315:07Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)3 Boot-Blues 809Network
2660Buddy Guy413:08Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (1)4 Boot-Blues 901Network
2661Buddy Guy46:49Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)4 Boot-Blues 757Network
2662Buddy Guy514:41Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (1)5 Boot-Blues 738Network
2663Buddy Guy52:05Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)5 Boot-Blues 612Network
2664Buddy Guy612:51Buddy Guy Live at Legends 01-10-2004 (1)6 Boot-Blues 1005Network
2665Buddy Guy610:38Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)6 Boot-Blues 744Network
2666Buddy Guy710:49Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (1)7 Boot-Blues 888Network
2667Buddy Guy7-116:59Slippin' In31994Blues 914Network
2668Buddy GuyAin't No Sunshine3:24Bring 'Em In72005Blues 806Network
2669Buddy GuyAin't That Loving You2:36Live: The Real Deal81996Blues 899Network
2670Buddy GuyAIN'T THAT PECULIAR5:12Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)7 Boot-Blues 754Network
2671Buddy GuyAll You Love5:10DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]82004Blues 880Network
2672Buddy GuyAnna Lee4:14Blues Singer112003Blues 752Network
2673Buddy GuyAnyway You Look At It10:22Live at Legends 01-28-04 (1)1 Boot-Blues 855Network
2674Buddy GuyAre You Lonely for Me, Baby?3:55Heavy Love71998Blues 977Network
2675Buddy GuyAre You Losing Your Mind?6:37Stone Crazy! [Alligator]21981Blues 780Network
2676Buddy GuyBaby Please Don't Leave Me7:24Sweet Tea22001Blues 971Network
2677Buddy GuyBad Life Blues3:44Blues Singer92003Blues 668Network
2678Buddy GuyBest Damn Fool4:57Skin Deep12008Blues 941Network
2679Buddy GuyBlack Cat Blues4:29Blues Singer82003Blues 659Network
2680Buddy GuyBlack Night7:46Damn Right, I've Got the Blues81991Blues 716Network
2681Buddy GuyBlues at My Baby's House []7:03DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]42004Blues 894Network
2682Buddy GuyBoom Boom2:04Estival Jazz Lugano52002Blues-Boot 747Network
2683Buddy GuyBoom Boom1:04Live at Buddy Guy's Legends 01/29/2004 Disc 23 Boot-Blues 824Network
2684Buddy GuyBroken-Hearted Blues3:19I Was Walking Through the Woods101974Blues 729Network
2685Buddy GuyBuddy guy6:25Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (2)1 Boot-Blues 939Network
2686Buddy Guybuddy guy17:31Buddy Guy live at legends 01-31-2004 (2)2 Boot-Blues 828Network
2687Buddy GuyBuddy Talking0:51Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)1 Boot-Blues 701Network
2688Buddy GuyBuddy Talks and Sings2:26Live At Legends 01 28 04 (2)1 Boot-Blues 648Network
2689Buddy GuyBuddy's Groove3:47I Left My Blues in San Francisco51967Blues 752Network
2690Buddy GuyCan't Get Close To You4:38Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (2)1 Boot-Blues 777Network
2691Buddy GuyCan't See Baby4:05Blues Singer42003Blues 662Network
2692Buddy GuyChange in the Weather4:38Feels Like Rain71993Blues 928Network
2693Buddy GuyCheaper to Keep Her/Blues in the Night6:17Bring 'Em In102005Blues 968Network
2694Buddy GuyCities Need Help5:32Slippin' In111994Blues 849Network
2695Buddy GuyC-Mon Little School Girl3:49Sound Opinions - 01/06/200722007Blues 534Network
2696Buddy GuyCold Shot6:33Live At Legends 01 28 04 (2)5 Boot-Blues 959Network
2697Buddy GuyCome See About Me8:40As Good as It Gets131998Blues 791Network
2698Buddy GuyCome See About Me8:00Live at Buddy Gut's Legends 1/29/20044 Boot-Blues 986Network
2699Buddy GuyComin' On []3:10DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]112004Blues 1028Network
2700Buddy GuyCountry Man6:17Feels Like Rain111993Blues 922Network
2701Buddy GuyCrawlin' Kingsnake5:17Blues Singer22003Blues 865Network
2702Buddy GuyCrazy Love (Crazy Music)2:25I Left My Blues in San Francisco21967Blues 830Network
2703Buddy GuyCut You Loose7:38Bring 'Em In112005Blues 978Network
2704Buddy GuyD J Play My Blues []5:21DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]62004Blues 782Network
2705Buddy GuyDamn Right Got The Blues10:49Live at Buddy Guy's Legends 01/29/2004 Disc 21 Boot-Blues 925Network
2706Buddy Guydamn right i got the blues3:49Live At Legends 1/16/20004 disc 22 Boot-Blues 694Network
2707Buddy GuyDamn Right I've Got the Blues6:40Estival Jazz Lugano32002Blues-Boot 783Network
2708Buddy GuyDamn Right I've Got The Blues7:20Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (2)3 Boot-Blues 940Network
2709Buddy GuyDamn Right I've Got The Blues7:09Live At Legends 01 28 04 (2)2 Boot-Blues 902Network
2710Buddy GuyDamn Right, I've Got the Blues4:31Damn Right, I've Got the Blues11991Blues 847Network
2711Buddy GuyDamn Right, I've Got the Blues7:41Live: The Real Deal61996Blues 938Network
2712Buddy GuyDedication to the Late T-Bone Walker []6:57DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]22004Blues 824Network
2713Buddy GuyDid Somebody Make a Fool Out of You7:50Heavy Love91998Blues 802Network
2714Buddy GuyDo Your Thing4:07Bring 'Em In132005R&B 843Network
2715Buddy GuyDone Got Old6:51Estival Jazz Lugano92002Blues-Boot 748Network
2716Buddy GuyDONE GOT OLD3:12Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)6 Boot-Blues 728Network
2717Buddy GuyDone Got Old4:18Sound Opinions - 01/06/200732007Blues 513Network
2718Buddy GuyDone Got Old3:23Sweet Tea12001Blues 590Network
2719Buddy GuyDon't Tell Me About the Blues6:18Slippin' In101994Blues 923Network
2720Buddy GuyDown Down Down, Nose in the Sand16:47Live at Legends-January 14, 2004 Disc 21 Boot-Blues 861Network
2721Buddy GuyDrowning on Dry Land7:44Estival Jazz Lugano62002Blues-Boot 672Network
2722Buddy Guydrowning on dry land7:27Live At Legends 1/16/20004 disc 23 Boot-Blues 943Network
2723Buddy GuyEarly in the Morning3:11Damn Right, I've Got the Blues61991Blues 922Network
2724Buddy GuyEvery Girl I See3:41I Left My Blues in San Francisco111967Blues 783Network
2725Buddy GuyEvery Time I Sing The Blues (featuring Eric Clapton)7:37Skin Deep52008Blues 944Network
2726Buddy GuyEVERYDAY I HAVE THE BLUES5:49Live at Legends 01-09-2004 (1)1 Boot-Blues 949Network
2727Buddy GuyEverything Going To Be Alright16:55Live at Legends 01-28-04 (1)4 Boot-Blues 812Network
2728Buddy GuyFeelin' Good/What I'd Say4:03Last Time Around -- Live at Legends81998Blues 787Network
2729Buddy GuyFeels Like Rain5:19Estival Jazz Lugano72002Blues-Boot 560Network
2730Buddy GuyFeels Like Rain4:38Feels Like Rain31993Blues 769Network
2731Buddy GuyFeels Like Rain11:45Live at Buddy Gut's Legends 1/29/20045 Boot-Blues 709Network
2732Buddy GuyFeels Like Rain12:05Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (1)5 Boot-Blues 744Network
2733Buddy GuyFeels Like Rain6:54Live At Legends 01 28 04 (2)4 Boot-Blues 637Network
2734Buddy GuyFEELS LIKE RAIN13:45Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)1 Boot-Blues 763Network
2735Buddy GuyFeels Like Rain15:22Live at Legends 01-16-2004 (1)5 Boot-Blues 779Network
2736Buddy GuyFever6:21As Good as It Gets41998Blues 826Network
2737Buddy GuyFever5:05Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (1)2 Boot-Blues 767Network
2738Buddy GuyFever11:07Live at Legends 01-16-2004 (1)4 Boot-Blues 815Network
2739Buddy GuyFever6:41This Is Buddy Guy [Live]31968Blues 769Network
2740Buddy GuyFirst Time I Met the Blues2:19Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)21997Blues 671Network
2741Buddy GuyFirst Time I Met the Blues2:20Chess Blues Disc 411992Blues 785Network
2742Buddy GuyFirst Time I Met the Blues2:21I Was Walking Through the Woods41974Blues 836Network
2743Buddy GuyFirst Time I Met the Blues6:58Live: The Real Deal71996Blues 810Network
2744Buddy GuyFive Long Years8:26Damn Right, I've Got the Blues31991Blues 777Network
2745Buddy GuyFive Long Years8:38Estival Jazz Lugano22002Blues-Boot 769Network
2746Buddy GuyFive Long Years/It's My Own Fault14:02Live at Buddy Gut's Legends 1/29/20042 Boot-Blues 773Network
2747Buddy GuyGirl You're Nice and Clean []4:57DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]12004Blues 1029Network
2748Buddy GuyGirl You're Nice and Clean [Alternative]4:39DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]122004Blues 1013Network
2749Buddy GuyGoin' Home2:42I Left My Blues in San Francisco61967Blues 761Network
2750Buddy GuyGoing Down5:29Live at Buddy Guy's Legends 01/29/2004 Disc 24 Boot-Blues 709Network
2751Buddy GuyGOING DOWN17:30Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)8 Boot-Blues 981Network
2752Buddy GuyGoing Down (reprise) w/ Matt Skoler7:45Live at Buddy Guy's Legends 01/29/2004 Disc 26 Boot-Blues 894Network
2753Buddy GuyGood News4:41DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]32004Blues 926Network
2754Buddy GuyGot to Use Your Head2:13Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)101997Blues 841Network
2755Buddy GuyHad a Bad Night4:44Heavy Love61998Blues 1028Network
2756Buddy GuyHammer And A Nail2:57Skin Deep72008Blues 954Network
2757Buddy GuyHard Time Killing Floor2:49Blues Singer12003Blues 630Network
2758Buddy GuyHeavy Love5:40Heavy Love11998Blues 987Network
2759Buddy GuyHooche Coochie Man6:38Estival Jazz Lugano42002Blues-Boot 673Network
2760Buddy GuyHoochie Coochie Man18:11Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (1)3 Boot-Blues 810Network
2761Buddy GuyHoochie Coochie Man18:25Live at Legends 01-28-04 (1)5 Boot-Blues 727Network
2762Buddy GuyHOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN/LOVE HER WITH A FEELING10:48Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)4 Boot-Blues 793Network
2763Buddy GuyHoodoo Man Blues6:33Last Time Around -- Live at Legends101998Blues 801Network
2764Buddy GuyI Could Cry5:08Feels Like Rain81993Blues 887Network
2765Buddy GuyI Cry and Sing the Blues3:15Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)111997Blues 757Network
2766Buddy GuyI Found a True Love6:18Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)41997Blues 779Network
2767Buddy GuyI Found a True Love6:19I Was Walking Through the Woods31974Blues 824Network
2768Buddy GuyI Found Happiness5:39Skin Deep122008Blues 917Network
2769Buddy GuyI Go Crazy2:26Feels Like Rain21993Blues 923Network
2770Buddy GuyI Got a Problem5:17Heavy Love31998Blues 963Network
2771Buddy GuyI GOT A PROBLEM5:33Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)3 Boot-Blues 860Network
2772Buddy GuyI Got a Strange Feeling3:08I Was Walking Through the Woods71974Blues 787Network
2773Buddy GuyI Got My Eyes on You4:00This Is Buddy Guy [Live]11968Blues 794Network
2774Buddy GuyI Gotta Try You Girl12:09Sweet Tea72001Blues 941Network
2775Buddy GuyI Had a Dream Last Night6:14This Is Buddy Guy [Live]51968Blues 825Network
2776Buddy GuyI Just Want to Make Love to You3:26Heavy Love81998Blues 977Network
2777Buddy GuyI Just Want To Make Love To You13:01Live at Legends 01-16-2004 (1)1 Boot-Blues 900Network
2778Buddy GuyI Love the Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love2:47Blues Singer52003Blues 765Network
2779Buddy GuyI Need You Tonight5:17Heavy Love41998Blues 863Network
2780Buddy GuyI Put a Spell on You4:04Bring 'Em In52005Blues 999Network
2781Buddy GuyI Smell a Rat9:13Stone Crazy! [Alligator]11981Blues 821Network
2782Buddy GuyI Smell Trouble3:15Slippin' In11994Blues 934Network
2783Buddy GuyI Suffer With the Blues2:48I Left My Blues in San Francisco31967Blues 775Network
2784Buddy GuyI'm Drowning1:16Live at Buddy Guy's Legends 01/29/2004 Disc 25 Boot-Blues 785Network
2785Buddy GuyI'm Going Down To Louisiana/Roll Me Baby14:04Live at Buddy Gut's Legends 1/29/20043 Boot-Blues 902Network
2786Buddy GuyI'm Not the Best7:05This Is Buddy Guy [Live]81968Blues 896Network
2787Buddy GuyI'm Ready5:05As Good as It Gets111998Blues 774Network
2788Buddy GuyI'm Ready7:19Live at Legends 01-28-04 (1)2 Boot-Blues 849Network
2789Buddy GuyIt's a Jungle Out There5:37Sweet Tea92001Blues 886Network
2790Buddy GuyI've Been There8:41Last Time Around -- Live at Legends71998Blues 720Network
2791Buddy GuyI've Got Dreams to Remember4:56Bring 'Em In82005R&B 842Network
2792Buddy GuyI've Got My Eyes on You4:11Live: The Real Deal11996Blues 993Network
2793Buddy GuyI've Got My Mojo Workin4:34Estival Jazz Lugano12002Blues-Boot 883Network
2794Buddy GuyI've Got News for You13:02Live: The Real Deal51996Blues 845Network
2795Buddy GuyJust Teasin' []4:42DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]72004Blues 1038Network
2796Buddy GuyKeep It to Myself2:46Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)81997Blues 854Network
2797Buddy GuyKeep It to Myself2:31Chess Blues Disc 4231992Blues 841Network
2798Buddy GuyKeep It to Myself2:36I Left My Blues in San Francisco11967Blues 781Network
2799Buddy GuyKey to the Highway4:35Last Time Around -- Live at Legends61998Blues 761Network
2800Buddy GuyKnock on Wood4:49This Is Buddy Guy [Live]41968Blues 912Network
2801Buddy GuyLay Lady Lay4:35Bring 'Em In92005R&B 852Network
2802Buddy GuyLeave My Girl Alone3:27Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)141997Blues 845Network
2803Buddy GuyLeave My Girl Alone3:29I Left My Blues in San Francisco81967Blues 805Network
2804Buddy GuyLet Me Love You Baby2:54Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)31997Blues 510Network
2805Buddy GuyLet Me Love You Baby3:58Damn Right, I've Got the Blues91991Blues 874Network
2806Buddy GuyLet Me Love You Baby2:56I Was Walking Through the Woods51974Blues 783Network
2807Buddy GuyLet me Love You Baby10:36Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (1)4 Boot-Blues 983Network
2808Buddy GuyLet Me Love You Baby5:48Live: The Real Deal91996Blues 1024Network
2809Buddy GuyLet Me Show You5:36Heavy Love111998Blues 787Network
2810Buddy GuyLittle-Dab-A-Doo5:12Slippin' In61994Blues 856Network
2811Buddy GuyLive five11:20Live at Legends-Jan 14,20045 Boot-Blues 772Network
2812Buddy GuyLive four11:56Live at Legends-Jan 14,20044 Boot-Blues 753Network
2813Buddy GuyLive six5:44Live at Legends-Jan 14,20046 Boot-Blues 955Network
2814Buddy GuyLive three10:28Live at Legends-Jan 14,20043 Boot-Blues 968Network
2815Buddy GuyLive two14:05Live at Legends-Jan 14,20042 Boot-Blues 858Network
2816Buddy GuyLonesome Home Blues4:59Blues Singer122003Blues 667Network
2817Buddy GuyLook What All You Got4:45Sweet Tea32001Blues 951Network
2818Buddy GuyLouis McGhee4:02Sound Opinions - 01/06/200712007Blues 576Network
2819Buddy GuyLouise McGhee5:24Blues Singer62003Blues 684Network
2820Buddy GuyLove Her With a Feeling4:27Slippin' In51994Blues 948Network
2821Buddy GuyLucy Mae Blues3:33Blues Singer32003Blues 839Network
2822Buddy GuyLUCY MAE BLUES5:05Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)5 Boot-Blues 760Network
2823Buddy GuyLyin' Like A Dog7:27Skin Deep32008Blues 952Network
2824Buddy GuyMan of Many Words3:02Slippin' In91994Blues 956Network
2825Buddy GuyMary Ann3:13Feels Like Rain91993Blues 882Network
2826Buddy GuyMellow Down5:55DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]102004Blues 1022Network
2827Buddy GuyMidnight Train5:21Heavy Love21998Blues 1024Network
2828Buddy GuyMoanin' and Groanin'3:30Blues Singer72003Blues 835Network
2829Buddy GuyMojo workin7:00Live at Legends-Jan 14,20041 Boot-Blues 923Network
2830Buddy GuyMother-In-Law Blues2:46I Left My Blues in San Francisco101967Blues 790Network
2831Buddy GuyMustang Sally4:39Damn Right, I've Got the Blues41991Blues 853Network
2832Buddy GuyMustang Sally9:00Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (1)1 Boot-Blues 978Network
2833Buddy GuyMy Baby's Gone4:04Blues Jam in Chicago, Vol. 292004Rock 803Network
2834Buddy GuyMy Love Is Real2:39Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)131997Blues 513Network
2835Buddy GuyMy Time After Awhile4:17As Good as It Gets121998Blues 777Network
2836Buddy GuyMy Time After Awhile3:02I Was Walking Through the Woods81974Blues 799Network
2837Buddy GuyMy Time After Awhile7:40Live: The Real Deal41996Blues 863Network
2838Buddy GuyMy Time After Awhile [Alternate Take]3:20Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)61997Blues 831Network
2839Buddy GuyNinety Nine and One Half3:47Bring 'Em In22005Blues 930Network
2840Buddy GuyNo Lie2:31I Was Walking Through the Woods61974Blues 788Network
2841Buddy GuyNow You're Gone5:03Bring 'Em In12005Blues 944Network
2842Buddy GuyOh Baby/You Better Watch Yourself3:13Last Time Around -- Live at Legends91998Blues 856Network
2843Buddy GuyOn a Saturday Night3:17Bring 'Em In62005Blues 954Network
2844Buddy GuyOne Room Country Shack5:38As Good as It Gets21998Blues 654Network
2845Buddy GuyOne Room Country Shack14:26Live at Legends 01-16-2004 (1)2 Boot-Blues 826Network
2846Buddy GuyOut In The Woods (featuring Robert Randolph)5:43Skin Deep62008Blues 823Network
2847Buddy GuyOutskirts of Town8:09Stone Crazy! [Alligator]51981Blues 766Network
2848Buddy GuyPlease Don't Drive Me Away3:54Slippin' In21994Blues 959Network
2849Buddy GuyPoison Ivy [#]3:25As Good as It Gets11998Blues 754Network
2850Buddy GuyPretty Baby4:04Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)51997Blues 813Network
2851Buddy GuyRememberin' Stevie6:57Damn Right, I've Got the Blues101991Blues 776Network
2852Buddy GuySally Mae4:28Blues Singer102003Blues 659Network
2853Buddy GuySaturday Night Fish Fry5:29Heavy Love51998Blues 1005Network
2854Buddy GuySeeds of Reed Medley: Big Boss Man/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/I'm the M4:25Last Time Around -- Live at Legends11998Blues 768Network
2855Buddy GuyShame, Shame, Shame3:32Slippin' In41994Blues 949Network
2856Buddy GuyShe Got the Devil in Her5:10Sweet Tea62001Blues 927Network
2857Buddy GuyShe Suits Me to a T2:16Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)121997Blues 516Network
2858Buddy GuyShe Suits Me to a T2:17I Left My Blues in San Francisco71967Blues 801Network
2859Buddy GuyShe Suits Me to a T []4:30DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]52004Blues 1034Network
2860Buddy GuyShe's a Superstar5:03Feels Like Rain11993Blues 902Network
2861Buddy GuyShe's All Right/Still a Fool5:41Last Time Around -- Live at Legends31998Blues 713Network
2862Buddy GuyShe's Nineteen Years Old5:43Feels Like Rain41993Blues 863Network
2863Buddy GuyShe's Out There Somewhere4:33Stone Crazy! [Alligator]41981Blues 854Network
2864Buddy GuyShow Me The Money3:09Skin Deep42008Blues 998Network
2865Buddy GuySkin Deep (featuring Derek Trucks)4:29Skin Deep92008Blues 903Network
2866Buddy GuySLIPPIN IN7:05Live At Legends 01-09-2004 (2)2 Boot-Blues 946Network
2867Buddy GuySlippin' In8:36Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)1 Boot-Blues 923Network
2868Buddy GuySlow Blues [#][Instrumental]6:48As Good as It Gets91998Blues 804Network
2869Buddy GuySmell The Funk4:46Skin Deep112008Blues 926Network
2870Buddy GuySome Kind of Wonderful3:29Feels Like Rain51993Blues 970Network
2871Buddy GuySomebody's Sleeping in My Bed6:24Bring 'Em In42005Blues 978Network
2872Buddy GuySomeone Else Is Steppin' in (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In)4:23Slippin' In71994Blues 931Network
2873Buddy GuyStay all Night4:10Sweet Tea42001Blues 968Network
2874Buddy GuyStone Crazy7:11Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)71997Blues 806Network
2875Buddy GuyStone Crazy7:14I Was Walking Through the Woods21974Blues 817Network
2876Buddy GuyStormy Monday Blues4:21As Good as It Gets141998Blues 778Network
2877Buddy GuySufferin' Mind3:33Feels Like Rain61993Blues 829Network
2878Buddy GuySweet Little Angel5:39As Good as It Gets71998Blues 732Network
2879Buddy GuySweet Little Angel7:49Live: The Real Deal21996Blues 828Network
2880Buddy GuyTalk to Me Baby3:57Live: The Real Deal31996Blues 969Network
2881Buddy GuyTen Years Ago2:39Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)91997Blues 768Network
2882Buddy GuyTen Years Ago2:40I Was Walking Through the Woods91974Blues 745Network
2883Buddy GuyThat's All Right3:50Last Time Around -- Live at Legends21998Blues 746Network
2884Buddy GuyThat's My Home (featuring Robert Randolph)2:52Skin Deep82008Blues 982Network
2885Buddy GuyThe Dream [#]5:18As Good as It Gets101998Blues 805Network
2886Buddy GuyThe Garbage Man Blues []7:09DJ Play My Blues [Hybrid Bonus Tracks]92004Blues 957Network
2887Buddy GuyThe Price You Gotta Pay3:40Bring 'Em In122005Blues 893Network
2888Buddy GuyThe Sky Is Crying10:51Live at Legends 01-28-04 (1)3 Boot-Blues 813Network
2889Buddy GuyThe Thing That I Want To Do5:31Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (2)2 Boot-Blues 845Network
2890Buddy GuyThe Things I Used to Do3:43As Good as It Gets31998Blues 870Network
2891Buddy GuyThe Things I Used to Do3:32This Is Buddy Guy [Live]21968Blues 771Network
2892Buddy GuyThere Is Something on Your Mind4:47Damn Right, I've Got the Blues51991Blues 756Network
2893Buddy GuyTired of Being Alone14:38Live at Buddy Gut's Legends 1/29/20041 Boot-Blues 901Network
2894Buddy GuyToo Broke to Spend the Night5:03Damn Right, I've Got the Blues71991Blues 889Network
2895Buddy GuyToo Many Tears (featuring Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi)4:25Skin Deep22008Blues 945Network
2896Buddy GuyToo Many Ways2:17I Left My Blues in San Francisco91967Blues 778Network
2897Buddy GuyTrack 29:29Live at Legends 01-09-2004 (1)2 Boot-Blues 857Network
2898Buddy GuyTrack 210:09Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)2 Boot-Blues 752Network
2899Buddy GuyTrack 22:02Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)2 Boot-Blues 651Network
2900Buddy GuyTrack 39:30Live at Legends 01-09-2004 (1)3 Boot-Blues 850Network
2901Buddy GuyTrack 315:13Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)3 Boot-Blues 780Network
2902Buddy GuyTrack 38:43Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)3 Boot-Blues 704Network
2903Buddy GuyTrack 416:39Live at Legends 01-09-2004 (1)4 Boot-Blues 813Network
2904Buddy GuyTrack 43:04Live At Legends 1/16/20004 disc 24 Boot-Blues 881Network
2905Buddy GuyTrack 412:24Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)4 Boot-Blues 879Network
2906Buddy GuyTrack 41:27Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)4 Boot-Blues 889Network
2907Buddy GuyTrack 55:34Live at Legends 01-09-2004 (1)5 Boot-Blues 918Network
2908Buddy GuyTrack 59:50Live At Legends 1/16/20004 disc 25 Boot-Blues 849Network
2909Buddy GuyTrack 56:16Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)5 Boot-Blues 848Network
2910Buddy GuyTrack 54:52Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)5 Boot-Blues 951Network
2911Buddy GuyTrack 615:21Live at Legends 01-09-2004 (1)6 Boot-Blues 923Network
2912Buddy GuyTrack 65:28Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)6 Boot-Blues 723Network
2913Buddy GuyTrack 63:45Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)6 Boot-Blues 691Network
2914Buddy GuyTrack 77:03Live at Legends 1/30/2004 (1)7 Boot-Blues 757Network
2915Buddy GuyTrack 76:27Live At Legends 1-30-04 (2)7 Boot-Blues 941Network
2916Buddy GuyTramp12:17Estival Jazz Lugano82002Blues-Boot 783Network
2917Buddy GuyTramp6:47Sweet Tea52001Blues 947Network
2918Buddy GuyTrouble Blues3:09Slippin' In81994Blues 880Network
2919Buddy GuyTrouble Man4:07Feels Like Rain101993Blues 901Network
2920Buddy GuyUse Me13:10Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (1)6 Boot-Blues 913Network
2921Buddy Guyuse me15:23Live At Legends 1/16/20004 disc 21 Boot-Blues 869Network
2922Buddy GuyVoodoo Chile8:04Live At Buddy Guy's Legends 01-17-2004 (2)4 Boot-Blues 945Network
2923Buddy GuyVoodoo Chile/Boom Boom/Strange Brew4:31Live At Legends 01 28 04 (2)3 Boot-Blues 700Network
2924Buddy GuyWalking Cane8:06Live at Legends 01-16-2004 (1)3 Boot-Blues 992Network
2925Buddy GuyWatch Yourself4:05I Was Walking Through the Woods11974Blues 832Network
2926Buddy GuyWatch Yourself2:17Live at Buddy Guy's Legends 01/29/2004 Disc 22 Boot-Blues 938Network
2927Buddy GuyWhat I'd Say (It's All Right)6:17Last Time Around -- Live at Legends51998Blues 796Network
2928Buddy GuyWhat Kind of Woman Is This5:17Bring 'Em In32005Blues 844Network
2929Buddy GuyWhen I Left Home8:21Stone Crazy! [Alligator]61981Blues 673Network
2930Buddy GuyWhen My Left Eye Jumps3:52Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)151997Blues 833Network
2931Buddy GuyWhen My Left Eye Jumps3:57I Left My Blues in San Francisco41967Blues 762Network
2932Buddy GuyWhen the Time Is Right4:32Heavy Love101998Blues 951Network
2933Buddy GuyWhere Is the Next One Coming From?4:37Damn Right, I've Got the Blues21991Blues 852Network
2934Buddy GuyWho's Been Foolin' You4:55Sweet Tea82001Blues 1033Network
2935Buddy GuyWho's Gonna Fill Those Shoes4:08Skin Deep102008Blues 1000Network
2936Buddy GuyWorried Mind3:58Buddy's Blues (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)11997Blues 532Network
2937Buddy GuyYou Got a Hole in Your Soul [#]3:56As Good as It Gets81998Blues 765Network
2938Buddy GuyYou Were Wong4:46This Is Buddy Guy [Live]71968Blues 874Network
2939Buddy GuyYou Were Wrong4:51As Good as It Gets61998Blues 892Network
2940Buddy GuyYou've Been Gone Too Long5:41Stone Crazy! [Alligator]31981Blues 834Network
2941Buena Vista Social ClubAmor de Loca Juventud3:23Buena Vista Social Club101997Latin 845Network
2942Buena Vista Social ClubBuena Vista Social Club4:52Buena Vista Social Club131997Latin 755Network
2943Buena Vista Social ClubCandela5:29Buena Vista Social Club91997Latin 909Network
2944Buena Vista Social ClubChan Chan4:17Buena Vista Social Club11997Latin 841Network
2945Buena Vista Social ClubDe Camino a la Vereda5:04Buena Vista Social Club21997Latin 880Network
2946Buena Vista Social ClubDos Gardenias3:04Buena Vista Social Club51997Latin 782Network
2947Buena Vista Social ClubEl Carretero3:30Buena Vista Social Club81997Latin 818Network
2948Buena Vista Social ClubEl Cuarto de Tula7:25Buena Vista Social Club31997Latin 913Network
2949Buena Vista Social ClubLa Bayamesa2:54Buena Vista Social Club141997Latin 766Network
2950Buena Vista Social ClubMurmullo3:51Buena Vista Social Club121997Latin 751Network
2951Buena Vista Social ClubOrgullecida3:19Buena Vista Social Club111997Latin 820Network
2952Buena Vista Social ClubPueblo Nuevo6:06Buena Vista Social Club41997Latin 731Network
2953Buena Vista Social ClubVeinte Años3:31Buena Vista Social Club71997Latin 783Network
2954Buena Vista Social ClubY Tú Qué Has Hecho?3:14Buena Vista Social Club61997Latin 774Network
2955Bulgarian Women's ChoirTransformation2:28Brother Bear52003Soundtrack 913Network
2956Butterfield Blues BandBorn Under a Bad Sign4:08The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw41967Blues 903Network
2957Butterfield Blues BandDouble Trouble5:38The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw61967Blues 903Network
2958Butterfield Blues BandDriftin' and Driftin'9:06The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw21967Blues 910Network
2959Butterfield Blues BandDrunk Again6:08In My Own Dream61968Blues 789Network
2960Butterfield Blues BandJust to Be With You6:12In My Own Dream41968Blues 860Network
2961Butterfield Blues BandLast Hope's Gone4:52In My Own Dream11968Blues 811Network
2962Butterfield Blues BandMine to Love4:21In My Own Dream21968Blues 849Network
2963Butterfield Blues BandTollin' Bells5:22The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw91967Blues 828Network
2964C.I. WilliamsAvalon2:37When Alto Was King101997Jazz 695Network
2965C.I. WilliamsBecause of You3:29When Alto Was King71997Jazz 853Network
2966C.I. WilliamsCatfish Sammich4:57When Alto Was King41997Jazz 975Network
2967C.I. WilliamsI'll Close My Eyes5:03When Alto Was King91997Jazz 770Network
2968C.I. WilliamsJeep's Blues6:55When Alto Was King81997Jazz 1004Network
2969C.I. WilliamsLover Man6:32When Alto Was King61997Jazz 867Network
2970C.I. WilliamsMisty5:57When Alto Was King51997Jazz 657Network
2971C.I. WilliamsPrecious Lord2:07When Alto Was King111997Jazz 751Network
2972C.I. WilliamsPunkin Juice5:45When Alto Was King21997Jazz 890Network
2973C.I. Williams'Round Midnight8:08When Alto Was King31997Jazz3769Network
2974C.I. WilliamsYou'd Be So Nice to Come Home To3:27When Alto Was King1 Jazz31055Network
2975Cal TjaderBill B.6:56Jazz at the Blackhawk11957Jazz 770Network
2976Cal TjaderBlues in the Night4:42Jazz at the Blackhawk41957Jazz 756Network
2977Cal TjaderCuchy Frito Man2:23Soul Burst11966Jazz 863Network
2978Cal TjaderCuracao6:15Soul Burst101966Jazz 826Network
2979Cal TjaderDescarga Cubana2:58Soul Burst21966Jazz 754Network
2980Cal TjaderI'll Remember April6:15Jazz at the Blackhawk31957Jazz 834Network
2981Cal TjaderIt Didn't End (Noa Se Acabou)3:57Soul Burst61966Jazz 798Network
2982Cal TjaderI've Never Been in Love Before3:39Jazz at the Blackhawk61957Jazz 737Network
2983Cal TjaderLand's End4:06Jazz at the Blackhawk21957Jazz 752Network
2984Cal TjaderLover, Come Back to Me4:29Jazz at the Blackhawk91957Jazz 793Network
2985Cal TjaderManteca6:36Soul Burst51966Jazz 845Network
2986Cal TjaderMorning2:58Soul Burst81966Jazz 779Network
2987Cal TjaderMy Ship3:01Soul Burst71966Jazz 720Network
2988Cal TjaderOran4:00Soul Burst91966Jazz 816Network
2989Cal TjaderSoul Burst (Guajera)4:40Soul Burst31966Jazz 802Network
2990Cal TjaderThe Bilbao Song2:18Soul Burst41966Jazz 680Network
2991Cal TjaderThinking of You, MJQ3:43Jazz at the Blackhawk51957Jazz 749Network
2992Cal TjaderTwo for Blues Suite5:15Jazz at the Blackhawk71957Jazz 697Network
2993Cal TjaderWhen the Sun Comes Out4:55Jazz at the Blackhawk81957Jazz 724Network
2994Caludia MartinezRanchu Gubiña3:19Putumayo Presents: Mexico22001Latin 752Network
2995Candy DulferDonja5:18Saxuality71991Jazz-Funk 826Network
2996Candy DulferI Can't Make You Love Me4:35Sax-A-Go-Go71993Jazz-Funk 875Network
2997Candy DulferJazzid4:21Saxuality51991Jazz-Funk 931Network
2998Candy DulferLily Was Here4:20Saxuality11991Jazz-Funk 831Network
2999Candy DulferLily Was Here (DNA Remix)4:27Saxuality121991Jazz-Funk 838Network
3000Candy DulferMr. Lee4:57Saxuality91991Jazz-Funk 874Network
3001Candy DulferPee Wee3:50Saxuality21991Jazz-Funk 1002Network
3002Candy DulferSo What5:00Saxuality41991Jazz-Funk 913Network
3003Candy DulferSunday Afternoon8:07Sax-A-Go-Go91993Jazz-Funk 833Network
3004Cannonball AdderleyAlison's Uncle [#][*]5:05Somethin' Else61958Jazz 943Network
3005Cannonball AdderleyArriving Soon8:11The Quintet Plus11961Jazz 853Network
3006Cannonball AdderleyAu Privave3:54Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners41999Jazz 890Network
3007Cannonball AdderleyAu Privave [Alternate Take]4:25Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners71999Jazz 892Network
3008Cannonball AdderleyAutumn Leaves11:01Somethin' Else11958Jazz 856Network
3009Cannonball AdderleyAzule Serape6:29Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners31999Jazz 914Network
3010Cannonball AdderleyBarefoot Sunday Blues7:03Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]52002Jazz 870Network
3011Cannonball AdderleyBarefoot Sunday Blues [Alternate Take]7:48Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]82002Jazz 929Network
3012Cannonball AdderleyBohemia After Dark [Aka Birdland After Dark]8:06The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco51959Jazz 853Network
3013Cannonball AdderleyDancing in the Dark4:07Somethin' Else51958Jazz 765Network
3014Cannonball AdderleyDat Dere5:28Them Dirty Blues51960Jazz 815Network
3015Cannonball AdderleyDat Dere [Alternate Take]5:30Them Dirty Blues91960Jazz 839Network
3016Cannonball AdderleyDel Sasser4:40Them Dirty Blues61960Jazz 759Network
3017Cannonball AdderleyEasy Living4:20Them Dirty Blues31960Jazz 807Network
3018Cannonball AdderleyElsa5:52Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]71961Jazz 679Network
3019Cannonball AdderleyFun8:26Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'11966Jazz 959Network
3020Cannonball AdderleyGames7:19Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'21966Jazz 942Network
3021Cannonball AdderleyHeads Up! Feet Down!7:00Why Am I Treated So Bad!91967Jazz 948Network
3022Cannonball AdderleyHi-Fly11:09The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco31959Jazz 783Network
3023Cannonball AdderleyHippodelphia5:49Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'51966Jazz 926Network
3024Cannonball AdderleyI Guess I'll Hang My Tears out to Dry5:34Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]22002Jazz 847Network
3025Cannonball AdderleyI Remember You6:55Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]72002Jazz 867Network
3026Cannonball AdderleyI Remember You [Alternate Take]6:52Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]92002Jazz 1009Network
3027Cannonball AdderleyIf This Isn't Love5:32Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]12002Jazz 998Network
3028Cannonball AdderleyI'm On My Way7:49Why Am I Treated So Bad!31967Jazz 909Network
3029Cannonball AdderleyIntroduction0:13Why Am I Treated So Bad!11967Jazz 746Network
3030Cannonball AdderleyI've Told Ev'ry Little Star3:39Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]42002Jazz 944Network
3031Cannonball AdderleyJeannine7:15Them Dirty Blues21960Jazz 944Network
3032Cannonball AdderleyKnow What I Mean? [Take 4]4:54Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]91961Jazz 695Network
3033Cannonball AdderleyLisa [Take 3][*]7:00The Quintet Plus71961Jazz 878Network
3034Cannonball AdderleyLisa [Take 8]6:41The Quintet Plus61961Jazz 870Network
3035Cannonball AdderleyLolita8:06Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners21999Jazz 906Network
3036Cannonball AdderleyLove for Sale7:06Somethin' Else21958Jazz 872Network
3037Cannonball AdderleyMercy, Mercy, Mercy5:10Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'31966Jazz 815Network
3038Cannonball AdderleyMini Mama6:41Why Am I Treated So Bad!21967Jazz 922Network
3039Cannonball AdderleyNancy (With the Laughing Face) [Re-Take 7]4:08Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]81961Jazz 649Network
3040Cannonball AdderleyNever Will I Marry8:32Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners61999Jazz 939Network
3041Cannonball AdderleyNew Delhi6:58The Quintet Plus31961Jazz 797Network
3042Cannonball AdderleyO.P. [*]5:12The Quintet Plus81961Jazz 806Network
3043Cannonball AdderleyOne for Daddy-O8:26Somethin' Else41958Jazz 958Network
3044Cannonball AdderleyOne For Newk5:15Why Am I Treated So Bad!51967Jazz 894Network
3045Cannonball AdderleyPoor Butterfly5:10Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]62002Jazz 939Network
3046Cannonball AdderleySack O' Woe10:29Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'61966Jazz 920Network
3047Cannonball AdderleySerenata4:16Cannonball Takes Charge [Expanded]32002Jazz 814Network
3048Cannonball AdderleySomethin' Else8:15Somethin' Else31958Jazz 990Network
3049Cannonball AdderleySoon5:34Them Dirty Blues71960Jazz 835Network
3050Cannonball AdderleySpontaneous Combustion11:55The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco21959Jazz 836Network
3051Cannonball AdderleyStar Eyes7:06The Quintet Plus51961Jazz 830Network
3052Cannonball AdderleySticks3:54Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'41966Jazz 973Network
3053Cannonball AdderleyStraight, No Chaser [*]11:43The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco61959Jazz 826Network
3054Cannonball AdderleyThe Chant6:36Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners11999Jazz 890Network
3055Cannonball AdderleyThe Girl Next Door12:07Why Am I Treated So Bad!101967Jazz 822Network
3056Cannonball AdderleyThe Other Side9:04Why Am I Treated So Bad!71967Jazz 930Network
3057Cannonball AdderleyThe Scene2:39Why Am I Treated So Bad!81967Jazz 872Network
3058Cannonball AdderleyThem Dirty Blues7:10Them Dirty Blues41960Jazz 868Network
3059Cannonball AdderleyThis Here12:29The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco11959Jazz 852Network
3060Cannonball AdderleyToy5:09Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]61961Jazz 814Network
3061Cannonball AdderleyVenice2:55Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]51961Jazz 639Network
3062Cannonball AdderleyWell, You Needn't6:27The Quintet Plus21961Jazz 868Network
3063Cannonball AdderleyWho Cares? [Take 4][*]5:55Know What I Mean? [OJC/Riverside/Milestone]41961Jazz 889Network
3064Cannonball AdderleyWhy Am I Treated So Bad7:47Why Am I Treated So Bad!41967Jazz 867Network
3065Cannonball AdderleyWinetone6:58The Quintet Plus41961Jazz 861Network
3066Cannonball AdderleyWork Song5:05Them Dirty Blues11960Jazz 888Network
3067Cannonball AdderleyWork Song [Alternate Version]5:49Them Dirty Blues81960Jazz 840Network
3068Cannonball AdderleyYou Got It!5:09The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco41959Jazz 860Network
3069Cannonball AdderleyYours Is My Heart Alone6:04Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners51999Jazz 825Network
3070Cannonball AdderleyYvette2:21Why Am I Treated So Bad!61967Jazz 835Network
3071Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonBlues Oriental5:03Things Are Getting Better1   829Network
3072Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonGroovin' High5:23Things Are Getting Better5   878Network
3073Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonJust One of Those Things6:45Things Are Getting Better9   936Network
3074Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonServes Me Right (Take 4)4:38Things Are Getting Better4   768Network
3075Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonServes Me Right (Take 5)4:48Things Are Getting Better3   787Network
3076Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonSounds for Sid6:27Things Are Getting Better8   823Network
3077Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonThe Sidewalks of New York (Take 4)5:15Things Are Getting Better7   799Network
3078Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonThe Sidewalks of New York (Take 5)7:00Things Are Getting Better6   919Network
3079Cannonball Adderley with Milt JacksonThings Are Getting Better7:13Things Are Getting Better2   904Network
3080Captain Bogg & SaltyAge of Buccaneers1:46Pegleg Tango1 Children 729Network
3081Captain Bogg & SaltyBilly Bones (Tale & Tune)6:11Bedtime Stories for Pirates7 Children 611Network
3082Captain Bogg & SaltyCat O'Nine Tales2:41Bedtime Stories for Pirates4 Children 848Network
3083Captain Bogg & SaltyDeedle Dee Toe (Tale & Tune)3:28Bedtime Stories for Pirates3 Children 681Network
3084Captain Bogg & SaltyHappy Birthday Chucklehead0:52Pegleg Tango5 Children 644Network
3085Captain Bogg & SaltyI'm a Pirate3:37Pegleg Tango3 Children 959Network
3086Captain Bogg & SaltyI'm A Singin' Pirate3:13Bedtime Storie